They’re pretty, they’re versatile, and they’re nowhere near as complicated as many of you’d think. It’s high time you rethought weaves.                  

If you look at those hair tutorials online and wondering how one can get her lock so beautiful, well, the truth is the beautiful lock you’re seeing might not actually theirs. And that is what we mean when talking about weaves – the secret weapon for women’s gorgeous locks. However, knowing that weaves bring us a lustrous glamour, choosing the wrong length and style for weaves can counter the effect. To help you get away from the overwhelming world of hair weaves, we’re giving you some of the most iconic, in this article, hairstyles for 12-inch straight weaves

  1. What’s a Weave?

Generally, there are 2 types of hair for weaves – synthetic and human hair. Synthetic hair extensions are also known as artificial hair, yet it is not as a desirable option as the other one. With much better quality and a more natural-looking appearance, it goes without saying that human hair extensions are of people’s liking.

Weaves are wefts that are sewn onto braided hair. It was back to a great time ago when people started to use beeswax to attach human hair and sometimes wool to their heads that the hair weaves appeared. Instead of covering all over your scalp, a weave is directly put on to your natural tresses to accentuate them. Unlike its famous counterpart – the clip-ins – which are meant to be taken off every day, you can have your weaves in a course of several weeks without having to remove it daily.

Hair weaves, up to this point, still of women’s favor as it brings stunning locks to them. Being the ideal option for mimicking the hairlines, weaves started to receive the fame it deserves for giving out such well-blended realistic looks.

  1. 12-inch Straight Weaves

The 12-inch weave is one of the most common lengths to go for, as it is not only flattering on all shapes of faces but also gives off a youthful and energetic vibe. As the 12-inch straight hair can reach the chin or longer or sometimes shoulder-length hair, we call the perfect compromise for any girl.

It’s safe to say that straight hair goes well with medium length styles. Rather than to add length to your lock, 12-inch straight weave offers a fuller, thicker-looking hair without creating fusses. This is not to mention this shoulder-length weave could buy you some extra times as you won’t need to either have regular cuts as for short hair or spend hours to do hair care like you have to for a long lock. The 12-inch straight weave is the ideal pick that will lead your busy life.

  1. Hairstyles for 12-inch Straight Weaves

#1 Long Bob

If you’re considering a hairstyle for the 12-inch straight weave, there’s no reason that you ditch this long bob hairdo. Just for your information, the long bobs have been in trend for ages, and it is not likely they’ll go out of the map any time soon. Hollywood stars such as our Disney Princess Selena Gomez are all having the big bob chop this year.

The long bobs are not only versatile and eye-pleasing, but they are also protective for your natural lock as the sun beats down with such high intensity. Moreover, there’s nothing as low-maintenance as the long bob, so why not just give it a try and see how it goes?

#2 Colored Blends

Another trendy hairstyle for 12-inch straight weaves is the colored hair extensions. Chemical processes have always of the most concerned but seem like the problem will no longer exist as soon as we have our weaves with us. Thanks to weaves, we can now have any hairstyles without worrying about the damage might be caused to our actual tresses.

Now that we have the weaves to protect, you can feel free to dye your hair into any color you’ve been dying to try. As for me, I’ve always dreamed of a pastel, unicorn-like blends hairdo. The absolutely amazing mixture of pastel colors with the sleek, silky straight strands will bring you back on the time when you’re still dreaming of becoming a princess living in the wonderland.

As for those fashionista who love the basics, try the high contrast black and blonde hair. It’d be mind-blowing seeing how these colors work so well together. Just some blonde hues added randomly on the black tresses, you’ll get an extra-dimensional balayage hairstyle for your weaves.

#3 Layered Cuts

In fact, you can have this hairstyle at any hair length according to your fancy. Note that you should have the first layer hits at the jaw before flowing down softly. By doing this, the hair will complement your face line as well as draw attention away from other “faint” features. After having your hair cut, you should grab your loop brush and hairdryer and heat-drying the layers until they completely frame your face line. You can also opt for extra texture using the curling wand or leave it straight as your natural hair.

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At APO Hair, we sell 100% Vietnamese Remy Human Hair 12 inch extension in packages – 100 grams each. Two packs of our 12 inch straight weaves are already enough for you to get a drastic appearance change. Opting for a set of APO Hair’s 12-inch straight weaves, you may rest assured that we have the finest quality hair in the market. We guarantee that our 12-inch weaves can:

  • Perfectly blends in your natural lock without causing a rash.
  • Works with shorter customers.
  • Adds volumes and thickness to shoulder-length hair.
  • Adds subtle length for daily hairstyles.
  • Double drawn for thick and healthy tips.

And for our weaves’ color options, it can be denied that black or brown is always the most suitable color for almost all events. However, you would as well, sometimes, need to stand out in events – your night prom, for example. For that reason, the blonde would be the ideal color for you. There are many shades in the blonde color for you to choose: #5Q, #6C, #9C, #12C, #18C, #8H.

If you’re experiencing thinning hair, or have you accidentally had your blunt cut went wrong, then the 12-inch straight weaves are the one for you. What’s more, if you get the hair extensions from APO Hair, you’ll be able to custom your own size and color for your extensions that can flexibly adjust to match your fit.