How do I find a hair vendor for my new business?

The increasing demand for hair extensions as a beauty item has made it a high-grossing industry. Starting a new business in the hair extensions industry can be a lucrative career, but it requires you to have the right business strategy. And one of the top things to do is to find a good hair vendor. If you are questioning: “How do I find a hair vendor for my new business?”, let check the answer below.

Outline a business plan

Before your start to search for a hair extensions vendor, you should outline a plan for your business first. You can locate human hair extensions wholesale, synthetic hair extensions one, or a combination of both, depending on the types of hair extensions you want to sell. You can try to work with more than a wholesaler if you want to sell a large range of products. However, it’s better to make sure the products and quality from different wholesalers are consistent with your brand.

How do I find a hair vendor: Step 1 - Plan your business
How do I find a hair vendor: Step 1 – Plan your business

Start searching

After you’ve gathered all of the information, let compile a list of wholesalers that you’re interested in. And now it’s time to start searching. Many people choose Amazon, Alibaba, or Aliexpress to search for a weave hair vendor. These B2B marketplaces are a popular address to buy hair extensions among users. That’s why you can see thousands of hair vendors out there.

Yet, is this easy to verify them?

With so many hair vendors in the search result, it will be hard to tell which one is trustworthy. So, we suggest you start searching in Google search first. You should also look for reviews from their partners. After that, bookmark your favorite hair vendors.

How do I find a hair vendor: Step 2 - Start your search
How do I find a hair vendor: Step 2 – Start your search

To get the best results, you should also specify your search. Some keywords like “hair vendors”, “hair suppliers”, “hair extensions vendors” are too general. You won’t want to swim in a pool of irrelevant results.

The best way to do is as followed:

  • Add detailed product names and material like human hair clip-in hair extensions suppliers, ethical weave hair vendors
  • Add specific location: Human hair extensions vendors in UK, USA, or European Remy hair extensions wholesale
  • Using targeted terms such as “Best hair extensions distributor in the UK” or “Best hair weft extensions wholesale”

By doing so, the search results will sort out to the professional vendors who know the industry terms.

How do I find a hair vendor: Step 3 - Specify your search
How do I find a hair vendor: Step 3 – Specify your search

Make your shortlist

While searching for a hair extensions vendor, you should also visit their websites to evaluate them. A website providing a lot of knowledge on hair extensions and clear images for each product page should be on your potential list. It indicates the seller has invested time and effort in their business. They think about the customers’ demands seriously. The best wholesalers are those who know what they’re talking about, not just the websites with celebrities to promote their hair.

How do I find a hair vendor: Step 4 - List your potential hair vendors
How do I find a hair vendor: Step 4 – List your potential hair vendors

Contact your potential hair vendors

The wholesalers’ contact information can be found on their websites. So, let make a phone call or send them an email. If they respond in English and are willing to communicate over Skype or Whatsapp, it’s a positive hint that you should go to the next step.

To gather more information from your potential hair vendors, you should ask them the right questions. Don’t talk about the push. It’s better to go directly and express what you want from them.

So, what are the best questions to ask your potential hair vendors?

How do I find a hair vendor: Step 5: Contact your hair vendors
How do I find a hair vendor: Step 5: Contact your hair vendors

1. What is the origin of your hair?

It’s critical to know the origin of the hair you’ll be selling. The origin of the hair determines the quality of the hair extensions. It also decides how much should the hair cost.

2. Which country/region do you supply?

Ask them this question to decide whether you can work with that distributor. If they don’t support your country or region, you will have to consider another hair vendor.

3. Can you send me some unphotoshopped photos/videos of your hair extensions?

There’s no hair vendor posting the real photos without photoshopping on their website. The images of silky and glossy weft hair will surely attract more customers. But that’s why you can’t tell if the hair is really of good quality. Asking the supplier to send you the unphotoshopped photos will help you have the initial evaluation of the hair. And if the distributor is confident with their hair quality, they are willing to accept your request.

Real photos will help you evaluate the hair extenions quality better
Real photos will help you evaluate the hair extensions quality better

4. Can you tour me around your factory/office via a video call?

So you can know their business scale and how they operate. By seeing their facility, you can also guest their hair quality and have more trust in them.

5. Do you offer sample orders?

Many hair vendors send free samples for new customers to check their hair quality. So, don’t forget to ask them if they offer samples and what type of hair sample they can send you.

6. What is your minimum order requirement?

If you just want to make small orders to start your business, it will be difficult to work with a supplier that requires high-volume orders. But, if they are willing to change the MOR for new businesses, it will be a great sign.

7. What price point do you set for your human hair extensions?

The price that the supplier offer to you will determine whether you can work with them. After contacting various vendors to compare the prices, you can summarize them in a price table. After that, select the one with the best price for your business. However, be wary of those who offer strangely low pricing. They may sell low-quality hair extensions or it can be a sign of a business scam.

8. What are your shipping channel and payment method?

You should ask the distributors this question to see if they require payment at once or if they allow multiple payments. Also, you will need to know if the shipping and payment methods they are using are available in your country.

9. Do you offer any discount for large orders?

It is always great to make a good deal. If your potential hair supplier is willing to give you a special discount for your large order, it will be a good foundation for your cooperation.

Getting discounts on large order will help you increase the profit
Getting discounts on large orders will help you increase the profit

Check the hair quality

The fastest way to check the hair quality from a hair vendor is to make a real order. If you feel that the sample order is not enough to verify the hair quality, you can make another one. Your second order from a supplier should be another type of hair extensions or one with different color and texture. But make sure this order just meets the minimum requirement.

And once you receive the package, let try it on your hair, or your friend’s hair. You can try heat styling, dye it and wash it to test the quality. If the hair quality in both orders is the same, you can trust this hair extensions vendor and make further orders.

And now, you can skip the question “How do I find a hair vendor” and just go straight and find one with these above tips. But if you are still not sure which hair vendor to choose, let come to APOHAIR to experience the best human hair extensions and customer service.

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