How Long To Leave Bleach In Your Hair: A Guide for Developer Volumes

Bleaching your hair can give you a lighter and brighter color, but it’s crucial to do it right to avoid damage. The key factor is the developer volume, ranging from 10 to 40, indicating hydrogen peroxide percentage. Higher volumes provide more lift but can cause more damage. The ideal bleach duration depends on your hair type, texture, color, and condition. In this blog, we’ll guide you on how long to leave bleach in your hair and how to bleach your hair safely with different developer volumes.

How Long to Leave Bleach in Your Hair

How Long To Leave Bleach In Your Hair? Different Vol, different time

How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair 10 Vol

The lowest available concentration is 10 volumes of hydrogen peroxide developer. It works best with no-loft dyes and is ideal for novices. Because of its low concentrations and softness, it has a maximum stay of 45 minutes. This should allow all of the bleaching to occur. Furthermore, your hair will remain safe and will sustain little to no harm.

How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair 20 Vol

A 20 volume hair developer is quite normal. It’s relatively safe, and you could stay for longer. It can lighten your hair by two to three shades in 20 to 40 minutes. It’s not fully powerful and could benefit from another application, so don’t leave the hair in for too long and anticipate greater results. This also applies to the next book.

How long to leave bleach in hai
How long to leave bleach in hair?

How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair 30 Vol

Even at a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, it is still potent and may cause burns on the scalp, as well as sensitivity and irritation. The optimal time to leave the bleach in is 15 to 30 minutes.

How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair 40 Volume

It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. An at least 40 volume hair developer is highly concentrated with 12% hydrogen peroxide, requiring little touch with your hair. After about 20 minutes, or less, your scalp and face will feel scorched. That’s your cue.

Note: If you want to bleach your hair, Apohair recommends that you do it with 30 volume bleach, which is less damaging to your hair fiber.

Factors That Will Determine The Duration

Based on the time for each vol that we have discussed above, here are some typical factors that affect how long to leave bleach in your hair, depending on the developer volume that you use. However, this is only a rough estimate, and you should always do a strand test and check your hair regularly to determine the exact bleaching time for your hair.

1. Your Hair Type

The length of time we leave the bleach on our hair is heavily influenced by the hair. For example, persons with virgin hair should avoid leaving bleach on their hair for too long. Because the hair has never been chemically treated previously, it can lighten quickly.

2. Your Starting Color

To determine how long it will take to lighten your hair, you must first assess its current hue. For example, persons who are just starting to bleach their dark hair should leave the bleach on for a longer period of time to get the required lightness.

Your starting color
Your starting color

Those with light brown or golden hair, on the other hand, should keep the bleach on for a shorter period of time. AAD recommends using a bleaching hue that is no more than three shades lighter than their original hair color.

When someone bleaches their hair to a tint more than three shades lighter, the large volume of peroxide employed causes serious damage.

3. Your Desired Color

The preferred color varies from individual to person. It specifies how long they should keep the bleach on their hair. For example, those who wish to lighten their hair just one shade lighter than their original color should leave the bleach on for a shorter period of time.

Many individuals are unaware that bleach will not lighten the hair further once it has dried. As a result, they leave the bleach on their hair for an extended period of time, yielding no lighter hair color.

4. Type of Developer

Most bleaching packages provide recommendations on how long to leave the bleach on. However, if you go to a salon, it depends on the developer they use to bleach. A developer can arrive with a lower volume. In such a case, they will keep the bleach on your hair for an extended duration.

Type of developer
Type of developer

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How Do I Know When It’s Time to Remove Bleach?

Beside you should know how long to leave bleach in your hair, the time to remove bleach is also important. Most individuals are unaware of how long bleach should be left in their hair (30 vol). Thus, it is advisable to set timers based on the time specified in the bleaching kit’s instructions. Alternatively, one can determine how long they need by checking the change in hair color on a periodic basis.

For those who have never bleached before with the same kit, take a test strand and compare the results. This is the greatest method to see how the color changes before applying it to your entire head. For the test, apply bleach to the hidden strands and see how long it takes to lighten.

What Happens If You Leave Bleach On Too Long?

Most people believe that keeping the bleach on their hair will yield better results. However, leaving bleach on the hair for more than 30 minutes can cause significant damage rather than lightening the color. It can cause some potential damages for your hair. Here are the dangers of bleaching your hair:

1. Hair Can Turn White

If someone bleaches their hair for an extended period of time, the oxidation process can cause the hair to lose all of its pigment and turn white. If people are unsure about how long to leave bleach in hair 30 vol, they should read the directions in the package.

Hair can turn while
Hair can turn while

2. The Ability To Retain Moisture Could Be Lost

After how long to leave bleach in your hair, several people reported that after bleaching, their hair had turned fragile. Furthermore, most bleaching hair colors do not suit the skin and can cause a serious reaction.

Bleach can make your hair incredibly porous. Hair’s ability to retain moisture decreases over time. Bleaching might damage the hair shaft if done repeatedly.

3. Hair Starts Losing Keratin

Several persons experienced the most extreme bleaching side effect: keratin loss. Keratin is a protein that allows you to create different hairstyles. Keratin loss causes hair to become brittle and difficult to manage. Keratin loss is an inherent side effect of bleaching the hair.

Hair starts losing keratin
Hair starts losing keratin

Precautions Before Bleaching

1. Complete A Patch Test Beforehand

If you’re using a bleaching kit for the first time, perform a patch test before applying it to your complete head of hair. Most people have an allergy to some substances.

The chemicals in bleach may not fit everyone and can cause skin issues. Furthermore, the test will help you determine how long it will take to lighten your hair color.

2. Read The Directions Carefully

Hairstylists recommend that you should wear gloves and protective eyewear before applying bleach to your hair. You should set multiple timers to monitor the color change.

3. Consider Your Hair Type

Girls who have previously straightened their hair should avoid bleaching because the hair has already been treated, which can cause significant harm. Those with curly hair should use bleach that is not too harsh. Furthermore, people should be cautious with their hair when applying it.

Consider your hair type
You should test your hair


So, you have known how long to leave bleach in your hair through our blog post today. Bleaching hair is a good choice for coloring your hair but it also contains potential risks for your hair health. Thus, there is a method to replace bleaching hair which is using human hair extensions or wigs.

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