How Many Keratin Extensions for a Full Head? Guide from Apohair!

Are you considering keratin extensions to achieve your dream hair length and volume? Wondering, “How many keratin extensions for a full head?” We understand that determining the right quantity of keratin extensions for a full head installation can be a confusing process. Fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about keratin extensions and how to choose the perfect amount for your desired look. Plus, we’ll introduce you to Apohair, a trusted hair extension provider known for their top-notch keratin standard and luxury hair extensions.
How Many Keratin Extensions for a Full Head

Understanding Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin tip hair extensions are a popular choice for hair extensions due to their natural appearance and long-lasting durability. These extensions are made from high-quality, natural keratin protein, which seamlessly blends with your own hair. Unlike other methods, keratin extensions provide a comfortable, secure fit and a flawless finish.
Keratin Extensions
Understanding Keratin Extensions

How Many Keratin Extensions for a Full Head? 

The number of keratin extensions required for a full head will vary depending on several factors, including the thickness of your natural hair, the desired volume and length, and the method of application. Generally, a full head of keratin extensions typically requires around 100 to 150 individual extensions.

Keep in mind that each extension strand will be attached to a small section of your natural hair using keratin bonds or fusion. The extensions are distributed evenly throughout the head to achieve a natural and seamless look.

Keratin Tips Hair for a Full Head
How Many Keratin Tips Hair for a Full Head?
For a more accurate estimate, it’s best to consult with a professional hair stylist who specializes in extensions. They can assess your hair and discuss your desired results to determine the appropriate number of keratin extensions needed for your unique hair type and style goals. Now, let’s move to the next part to learn about some factors affect the number of keratin extensions for a full head.

Factors Affecting the Number of Keratin Extensions Needed

When considering keratin extensions for a full head installation, several factors come into play, influencing the quantity required to achieve your desired look, such as “How many keratin extensions for a full head?” Understanding these factors is essential to ensure a seamless and natural blend between your natural hair and the extensions. Here are the key aspects that will impact the number of keratin extensions needed.

  • Hair Type and Density: The thickness and density of your natural hair play a significant role in determining the quantity of extensions required. If you have fine hair, you may need fewer extensions to achieve volume. Conversely, individuals with thick hair may require more extensions to achieve a balanced and natural appearance.
  • Extension Thickness: Keratin extensions come in different thicknesses, ranging from thin to thick. The thickness of the extensions you select will influence the overall volume and fullness of your hairstyle.
Client's Natural Hair Length
Client’s Natural Hair Length need to concern before deciding the length of keratin extensions
  • Hairstyle Customization: If you desire a specific hairstyle, such as layers or bangs, additional extensions may be necessary to achieve the desired effect.
  • Client’s Natural Hair Length: The length of your natural hair is a crucial factor in determining the quantity of extensions needed. Based on the hair length chart, those with shorter hair will likely need more extensions to create a smooth transition between their natural hair and the added length.
  • Budget and Investment: How many keratin hair extensions for a full head? The answer is your budget and willingness to invest in high-quality extensions will also impact the number you choose. Investing in premium-quality keratin extensions may require fewer pieces due to their natural appearance and longevity.

So, how many pre bonded hair extensions do I need? By considering these factors and consulting with a professional stylist, you can confidently determine the ideal number of keratin extensions for a full head installation. Apohair, a reputable hair extension provider, offers expert guidance and top-notch keratin standard and luxury hair extensions, ensuring you achieve the perfect blend for your dream hairstyle.

Apohair’s Keratin Standard and Luxury Hair Extensions

At Apohair, we take pride in offering two exceptional types of keratin extensions:

  • Keratin Standard Hair Extensions: Made from standard bulk hair of Apohair, these extensions are renowned for their high-quality and natural appearance. With proper installation and maintenance, they can seamlessly blend with your own hair, giving you the look you desire. In addition, our standard extensions can be dyed with dark colors without tangling.
  • Keratin Luxury Hair Extensions: Made from luxury bulk hair, if you crave the ultimate in luxury and quality, our keratin luxury hair extensions are perfect for you. These extensions are crafted from the finest hair, delivering a luxurious feel and a stunning finish. Furthermore, with our luxury extensions, you can bleached or dyed with light colors (such as color 613) without shedding or hair damaging.

Here is an image to demonstrate the quality:

Apohair's Keratin Standard and Luxury Hair Extensions
Apohair’s Keratin Standard and Luxury Hair Extensions

FAQs About Using Keratin Hair Extensions

1. How long do keratin extensions last?

The lifespan varies, but they typically last between 3 to 6 months, depending on care and maintenance.

2. Are keratin extensions suitable for all hair types?

Yes, keratin extensions work well with various hair types, but it’s essential to consult with a professional for personalized advice.

3. Can I style my hair with heat tools while wearing keratin extensions?

Yes, you can use heat tools, but it’s recommended to use a heat protectant to prevent damage and maintain longevity.

4. How should I care for my hair with keratin extensions?

Use sulfate-free shampoos, avoid excessive heat, and brush gently from the tips to prevent tangling near the bonds.

FAQs about keratin hair extensions
FAQs about keratin hair extensions

5. Are keratin extensions damaging to natural hair?

When applied and removed correctly by a professional, keratin extensions shouldn’t cause significant damage. Proper care is crucial.

6. How often should I get maintenance for keratin extensions?

Maintenance varies, but a touch-up every 6-8 weeks is common to address any loosening bonds.

7. Can I swim with keratin extensions?

While swimming is possible, it’s advised to tie hair up to prevent tangling, and chlorine/salt exposure may affect the extensions.

8. Should I reuse keratin hair extensions?

Reusing extensions depends on their condition and quality. Consult with your stylist to assess if reusing is a viable option for your specific set.


Choosing the right quantity of keratin extensions for a full head installation doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Wondering, “How many keratin extensions for a full head?“, Apohair has answered with details. With Apohair’s top-notch keratin standard and luxury hair extensions, you can achieve the hair of your dreams effortlessly. Our team of skilled stylists is ready to guide you through the process, so you can confidently rock your new look! Don’t wait any longer – get in touch with Apohair today and transform your hair with the magic of keratin extensions!

Apohair is happy to be a reliable Vietnamese hair supplier for salons and enterprises, as well as a provider of high-quality extensions. We understand how vital it is to build your own salon brand and beauty business, therefore we provide additional resources to help you. We aspire to assist our clients in building their salon’s identity through personalized packaging and branding. Apohair offers excellent service and limitless potential for your company and clientele.

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