How to bleach a black hair wig into blonde without damaging it?


Are you searching for a way to transform your black hair wig? Then, changing the black hair strands into the shiny blonde locks is not a bad idea. You can always do it at home with the following tutorial. Let’s get started. 

Can we dye a black hair wig? 

One of the greatest things that human hair wigs bring us is that it allows chemical exposure. That means you can re-color the hair strands to the hue you want. Just make sure you master the tricks on how to dye a wig well if you want to do the dying process yourself. 

If you intend to add highlights or dye your wig in a vibrant color, you may need to bleach it first. Bleaching is also safe to your black human hair wig. To have a successful bleaching, we recommend you use a 20-volume crème developer. 

As you know, the hydrogen peroxide formula of a developer will open up the cuticle of your hair. This is why the strands become lighter after exposing to the creamy mixture. The higher the percentage of the developer you use, the lighter your hair will be. Therefore, starting at a 20-volume developer will help you to pace yourself and avoid over-processing your wig. A 30 or 40 volume-developer opens the cuticle faster, making your hair more damaging. 

How to bleach black hair wig into blonde?

What you need?

A black human hair wig 

20 volume-developer 

Blonde powder lightener

Wig mannequin

Plastic bowl and brushes 

Clips and T-pins

Neutralizing shampoo

Color-safe conditioner 

Leave-in conditioner


How to do?

If you are about to do the coloring at home, you need to have the essential tools and the right technique. The first thing you need to do is to create the bleaching mixture using a 20 volume developer blonde powder lightener.  Then, place your black hair wig into the mannequin head. You should detangle the hair before you start coating it with the bleaching mixture. It’s best to use some T-pins to secure the wig to the mannequin head, but be careful not to rip the lace. 

After that, use some clips to section your wig from the back and apply the bleaching mixture into each layer of hair. Make sure that you keep the color at least half an inch away from the root for the most natural-looking results. In this way, you can also ensure that the lace won’t become patchy after the bleaching procedure. 

After you finish coating the color into the hair, let your hair process for about 22 minutes or more, depending on your purpose. When you see the hair strands changing the color the way you want to obtain, it’s time to rinse out the


developer. It’s important to rinse the hair thoroughly. If not, the excess bleach will damage the hair and impact the durability of your wig. 

To shampoo your black hair wig, we recommend using a neutralizing shampoo so that it won’t make the hair strands become too dry. You can opt for a color-safe conditioner to protect the color on the hair. Once you’ve thoroughly rinsed all conditioner and color from your hair, apply some leave-in conditioner to the wig before styling, especially if you have a curly wig. It will help detangle your wig, enhance any curl or wave it should have, and add some luscious shine.

Some side notes

  • Bleaching your black hair wig into the blonde color is often considered as a step to apply vibrant colors to your wig. After you complete the bleaching process, you can start applying the hair dye you want. If you want to save time and get the best result, it’s better to start dying with a blonde wig
  • With a curly wig, you should pat dry it using clean towels after rinsing instead of hanging it on a mannequin head. This means to avoid hair stretching and losing pattern.
  • If you have a curly or wavy wig, make sure you restore the original pattern before the hair strands are completely dry. 
  • Bleaching and dying your huan hair wig will weaken the hair. Hence, don’t overuse it to keep it longer. 
  • It’s better to deep conditioning the wig regularly to maintain its optimal condition, especially after you have colored any apply chemical to the hair.  We suggest doing it at least twice a month.

Bleaching your black hair wig to get a new blonde hairstyle will be an effective way to change your look. If you have any ideas with the bleaching process, let share them with us. Thank you for reading.