A Comprehensive Guide: How to Buy and Care for Bulk Hair Extensions

Are you in the market for bulk hair extensions? Whether you’re a professional stylist or an individual looking to enhance your natural beauty, bulk extensions offer a versatile and cost-effective solution. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about buying, caring for, and enjoying bulk hair. Plus, we’ll explore the benefits of purchasing them wholesale from Apohair, a trusted brand in the industry.

How to Buy and Care for Bulk Hair Extensions

Buying Bulk Extensions

Where to Buy Bulk Hair Extensions?

When it comes to purchasing bulk hair extensions or mentioning to bulk hair extensions wholesale or retail, you have several options. You can buy them from online retailers, wholesalers, or local suppliers. Apohair, as a leading supplier, offers a convenient online platform for purchasing high-quality bulk hair extension. Shopping online provides you with a wide variety of options and the convenience of doorstep delivery.

Furthermore, at Apohair, we have the largest hair factory in Vietnam. With more than 800 skilled workers and modern facilities and machines, Apohair is committed to meet all demands of our customers related to products such as: colors, lengths, diversity shade of extensions. We also offer both standard hair extensions and luxury hair extensions. Here are some differences between them:

Where to Buy Bulk Hair Extensions
Differences between standard hair and luxury hair

Benefits of Buying Hair Extensions in Bulk

Buying hair extensions in bulk comes with several advantages. First and foremost, it can save you a significant amount of money compared to buying individual pieces. This is especially beneficial for salon owners and hairstylists who require a consistent supply of extensions for their clients. Additionally, buying in bulk allows for customization options, ensuring you get the length, color, and texture that best suits your needs.

Choosing the Right Bulk Hair Extension Type

Bulk hair extension comes in various types, including weave, clip-in, tape-in, and more. The choice of extension type depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Weaves are a popular choice for their longevity and natural look, while clip-in extensions offer quick and temporary transformations. Apohair offers a wide range of bulk hair extension types to cater to every individual’s unique requirements.

Choosing the Right Bulk Hair Extension Type
Choosing the Right Bulk Hair Extension Type

How to Take Care of Bulk Hair Extensions

How to look after bulk hair Proper Care Routine for Bulk Hair 

Taking care of your bulk extensions is crucial to ensure they maintain their beauty and durability. Here’s a simple care routine to follow:

  • Brush gently: Detangle your extensions with a soft-bristle brush, beginning at the tips and working your way up.
  • Wash with caution: Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and avoid excessive scrubbing. Allow them to air dry to avoid heat damage.
  • Avoid using too much heat: To extend the life of your extensions, avoid using hot styling equipment.
  • Properly store: When not in use, store your bulk extensions in a cool, dry area. To avoid tangling, use a hanger or a dedicated storage bag.
How to Take Care of Bulk Hair Extensions
Brush gently your bulk hair

Cleaning and Maintenance Suggestions

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to ensure your bulk extensions stay in tip-top condition. You can wash them every 7-10 wears or when they start to feel heavy or oily. Always use lukewarm water and gentle products. For tape-in extensions, avoid applying conditioner near the tape to prevent slipping.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

To extend the lifespan of your bulk extensions, avoid common mistakes such as:

  • Sleeping with wet hair extensions: Wet hair extensions are more prone to breakage and tangling when sleeping. Before going to bed, make sure they are totally dry.
  • Ignoring the root area: When washing and conditioning, pay close attention to the root area to avoid accumulation and pain.
  • Skipping maintenance: Check for loose extensions on a regular basis and fix them as soon as possible to avoid damage to your natural hair.
Avoiding Common Mistakes
Avoid sleeping with your wet hair

Bulk Hair Extensions Wholesale

Benefits of Buying Bulk Extensions Wholesale

If you’re considering buying bulk extensions for resale or salon use, purchasing wholesale can be a game-changer. Here are some advantages:

  • Cost Savings: Purchasing in bulk from a reputable provider such as Apohair usually leads in significant cost savings per unit.
  • Variety: To meet the different needs of its customers, wholesale providers offer a wide choice of designs, lengths, and colors.
  • Reliability: Reputable wholesalers, such as Apohair, offer continuous quality and supply, guaranteeing that you have a steady supply of extensions for your clientele.

Read more: https://apohair.com/bulk-hair-extensions-wholesale

Finding Reliable Wholesale Suppliers

When looking for a wholesale supplier for bulk extensions, it’s crucial to do your research. Look for suppliers with a proven track record, positive customer reviews, and transparent pricing. At Apohair, we are known for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, making it a reliable choice for wholesale purchases.

Finding Reliable Wholesale Suppliers
Apohair company – A reliable supplier


To summarize, bulk hair extensions are a diverse and cost-effective option to change your style or expand your salon’s offers. You can enjoy the beauty and convenience of bulk extensions for a long time by following suitable maintenance routines and contemplating wholesale purchases from trustworthy providers like Apohair.

Are you ready to dive into the world of bulk extensions? Visit Apohair‘s website today to browse our comprehensive range of high-quality extensions and discover the benefits of dealing with a reputable brand. Apohair has the appropriate bulk extensions for you, whether you’re a hairdresser, salon owner, or an individual looking for a striking new style. Also, if you are buying hair extensions in bulk, please feel free to contact us now!

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