How To Buy Hair From Vietnam: Your Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re in the market for high-quality hair extensions or wigs, you must definitely try Vietnamese hair.. Renowned for its luxurious and versatile hair, Vietnam has become a prime destination for hair buyers worldwide. But how to buy hair from Vietnam exactly? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the steps, reasons why Vietnamese hair is sought after, key differences in purchasing between wholesale and retail buyers, and the top reliable sources for buying hair in Vietnam. Let’s check!

How To Buy Hair From Vietnam Your Step-By-Step Guide

5 Steps On How To Buy Hair From Vietnam

Below is a guide on how to buy Vietnamese hair online for all types of customers and important notes.

Step 1: Research Suppliers And Listings

The first step in how to buy Vietnamese hair is to do research to choose a trustworthy hair production facility based in Vietnam. Make sure you have an idea of what you are looking for before you start looking, the more detailed the better. Virgin hair, Remy hair or non-Remy hair? When you know what you want, it will be easier to find a supplier for the type of hair you are looking for.

First step on how to buy hair from vietnam Researching
First step on how to buy hair from vietnam Researching

You should choose Vietnamese hair studios that have their own websites by searching on Google. Prioritize websites at the top of searches because it will increase authenticity. A professional website will contain detailed information about the company, its products, and its policies.

In addition, you can consider reviews from old customers, friends or recommended by many major newspapers.


  • You should list at least 10 reputable hair suppliers.
  • Look for companies with positive reviews, transparent supplies, and a wide variety of hair options.

Step 2: Contact The Supplier And Request A Quote

Hair is an item that can be expensive for many people, and at the same time running a hair business can be quite expensive, so it is important to consider your budget before starting how to order hair from Vietnam.

Contact the supplier and request a quote including hair price, shipping costs and all other related fees in many different forms such as texting via website, Whatsapp, voice call, video,…

Contact with suppliers
Contact with suppliers

You should get quotes from multiple suppliers and compare prices to get the best deal. Reliable suppliers often offer competitive prices while still ensuring quality.

Once you’ve compiled a list of reputable hair suppliers, make a list based on their prices that best suit your needs and budget.


  • Quality should be prioritized over quantity.
  • Be wary of prices that are too low as they may indicate a compromise in hair quality.

Step 3: Check Everything Before Ordering

Not just the price list, you need to find out everything they provide information on the website and everything related in the clearest way, especially the customer policy. This is an important step in the how to buy hair from Vietnam process.

Carefully review payment terms such as shipping fees, return fees and the supplier’s warranty conditions. Prioritize choosing a supplier with a clear return policy, such as return and refund in the worst case (wrong goods, wrong goods, missing goods, etc.), you still know how to handle it.

Check everything carefully before ordering
Check everything carefully before ordering

Step 4: Make The Order

  • Picking up goods: Coordinate more closely with sales staff or sales representatives to confirm design, color, length, weight, quantity,…
  • Invoice confirmation: After confirming the order, you will be sent an invoice by the sales staff for review, which will include price, shipping fees, discounts, etc.
  • Make deposit: After you confirm via invoice, the hair supplier will require a deposit of a portion of the total value of the goods, from 50 to 70% of the total value, before starting production. The factory produces in about 7-10 days if there is no stock.
  • Confirmation and shipping: After confirming you are satisfied with the product and receiving full payment, the Vietnamese hair supplier will send your order to the carrier.

After production is completed, the seller will request 100% payment of the order value, then pay shipping fees.

Apohair’s feather weft
Apohair’s feather weft

Step 5: Receive Goods And Check

This is the final step in how to buy hair from Vietnam. You will receive your purchase within 5-7 days after shipping depending on order status and natural conditions.

Please note that if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the product, please promptly request the supplier to resolve the issue as soon as possible. After completing the checking process, they will take a few days to edit your order if it meets the policy conditions.

Receive and check the goods
Receive and check the goods

Tips: When receiving the goods, it is best to go back to the unpacking process and the product condition upon receipt in case there are any complaints.

Why Should You Buy Vietnamese Hair?

Vietnamese hair is highly prized for several reasons:

  • Quality: Vietnamese hair is recognized by customers around the world as one of the best quality and affordable hair types in the world. They meet the standards of softness, shine, strength, elasticity and natural thickness.
  • Durability: Thanks to the natural, chemical-free hair care habits and healthy lifestyle of Vietnamese people, Vietnamese hair retains its natural texture and shine and can last a long time if properly cared for. The hair is strong, able to withstand heat styling and dyeing.
Apohair’s Vietnamese hair extensions
Apohair’s Vietnamese hair extensions
  • Ethical Sourcing: In Vietnam, the supply of raw hair materials is very abundant. Many Vietnamese hair suppliers prioritize ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that the hair is obtained ethically and sustainably. This includes sourcing hair from donors who are compensated fairly, from hair salons, and temples.
  • Flexibility: In Vietnam, there are many hair factories with modern technology that meet the best quality of Vietnamese hair products. All textures, lengths, colors, whether straight, wavy or curly, dark to light, Vietnamese hair studios have it covered.
  • Convenience: With the rapid development of the transportation system, directly importing Vietnamese hair to many countries around the world is completely simple by air. There are even many Vietnamese hair warehouses located in other countries such as the US, Brazil,… to make the distribution process more convenient for customers.
Apohair’s machine weft
Apohair’s machine weft

Differences In How To Buy Hair From Vietnam Between Wholesale And Retail Customers

Yes, there are differences in the purchasing steps between wholesale customers and retail buyers when buying hair from Vietnam. Here’s a breakdown of the key distinctions:

Differences Wholesale Customers Retail Buyers 
Seclect suppliers At least 10 reputable hair suppliers and rate them Just choose 3-4 top suppliers to search and see feedback
Contact suppliers Request a video chat with your hair provider, or even meet directly Aways chat on website or social networking sites
Quantity Big quantity, big deals Small quantity, higher price
Sample evaluation Samples were requested or given as gifts Usually will buy if necessary
Customization More flexibility More limited or pay higher prices
Shipping You can arrange your own shipping or ask the manufacturer Shipped from the manufacturer

Buying guide for retail Vietnamese hair extensions and buying wholesale, the general steps are still the same, just for the purpose of use, there will be a little note at each step, do not hesitate to contact the supplier to receive advice. The best guide on how to buy hair from Vietnam.

Big order from Apohair
Big order from Apohair

Some Tips On How To Buy Hair From Vietnam

  • Every supplier wants customers to work only with them. However, in business, it is more beneficial to cooperate with many partners, especially for those who are just starting to check the quality of the parties.
  • Wholesale buyers engage in negotiations with suppliers to discuss pricing, minimum order quantity (MOQ), customization options, and terms of the agreement.
  • So how to buy hair directly from Vietnam? Many wholesale customers also make appointments to meet suppliers directly to negotiate and verify all supplier information. All purchasing processes remain normal, minimizing the risk of scams.
  • State the purpose and quantity right before negotiating the price because there will be special policies for each customer.
  • It is recommended to use test samples to evaluate quality before ordering large quantities.

Top 3 Reliable Vietnamese Hair Suppliers

Top 1: Apohair

With 15 years of experience, Apohair is a top hair extension exporter in Vietnam, with a broad market share spanning countries like Brazil, Canada, USA, and UK. Their Vietnam-based factory provides a strategic advantage, ensuring a steady supply of diverse hair extension designs. Additionally, they offer customization options to meet the unique requirements of wholesale and retail customers globally.

Apohair- top 1 Vietnamese hair factory
Apohair- top 1 Vietnamese hair factory

Top 2: Luxshine Hair

Luxshine sets itself apart with cutting-edge facilities and modern techniques, ensuring top-notch quality in every product. Beyond offerings readily available in the market, Luxshine caters to custom orders, tailoring designs and colors to meet diverse customer needs. With a remarkable monthly production capacity exceeding 10 tons of hair products, Luxshine adeptly satisfies the varied demands of customers worldwide.

Luxshine Hair factory
Luxshine Hair factory

Top 3: Macsara Hair

Macsara Hair exclusively utilizes 100% Remy hair, known for its softness, strength, and durability. Their hair extension products consistently achieve high customer satisfaction due to their premium quality and the professionalism of the care team. With a focus on excellence, Macsara has earned the trust of wholesalers and hair salons globally, solidifying its reputation as a reliable and esteemed partner in the industry.

Mascara Hair factory
Mascara Hair factory


Buying hair from Vietnam can be a great option to save money while still ensuring high-quality hair extension products. Above is how to buy hair from Vietnam that I have compiled, do you understand the whole process? By following these steps and exploring reliable sources, you can find the perfect Vietnamese hair for your needs. Remember to take the time to research and choose a reputable supplier to ensure a positive experience during your business, and Apohair – one of the best wholesale hair vendors today, is the ideal choice for those looking for high-quality hair sources.

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