How to Choose the Best Curly Hair Toppers

So, you’re having your curly hair being too fine on the top? Well, we’re totally related, but have you ever tried to reach out for help regarding problems like these? If not, then you this post about choosing the best hair toppers for curly hair is definitely made for you. Let’s come with us and see if you could get at least some ideas to deal with your lifeless hair and bring that lustrous lock back to you.

  1. What’re Curly Hair Toppers?

Toppers are made especially for thinning crowns. Some claim that the hair toppers are the middle ground between wigs and extensions. The reason for this is that while hair extensions are to add length and volume to your entire lock, hair toppers are for covering areas that are mostly on the top, or on the sides of your head, hence the name. Yet, the curly hair toppers are superior to the wigs for its ability to blend seamlessly to your personal hair, therefore, they are perfect for thinning curly crowns. But when would you want to have a curly hair topper? Why do we need toppers?

Hair loss comes in as a result of stress, trichotillomania… thousands of other – both external and internal – conditions. If you feel like you’re suffering from any of those, high chances that you will come across hair loss at some points of your life. Not only ones with hair loss, thin and fine hair texture owners also desire a topper for their full volume curly locks. Apart from these, there’re cases that one wears the curly hair topper only because she wanted to balance out her overdone extensions.

Curly hair toppers come in a variety of sizes with different aims. There can be toppers for your tops, for the sides, or even for the back of the head. Others are used to add volumes to fine hair textures or progressing hair loss. Therefore, bear in mind that as there is no size to solve all thinning crown matters, you’ll have to determine the hair type, size, length, and color before actually going for a set of curly hair topper.

  1. Why Use Curly Hair Toppers?

Toppers, or top pieces, are helpful solutions for beginning to mid progressive stages of hair loss or for those ladies who just want to add fullness to the crown/top area of their head. Here Curly hair toppers on the market are available in a variety of length, from short, medium to long. They come in either synthetic or Remy human virgin hair. Apart from hair toppers, there’re several alternatives for you to choose from, namely the hair extensions and the volumizers. Be that as it may, crown toppers for thinning hair should always be the primary choice thanks to its prioritize-for-thinning-hair property. With a hair topper, you won’t have to worry about getting your hair damaged from coloring as with your own hair. Find the color you love, and just match your hair to the piece.

We have mentioned that toppers are the ideal solution to improve not only your hair length but also your hair texture, but how to determine hair textures? Our hair textures closely relate to human hair diameters. Human hairs are often measured with a specific measurement unit called micrometer (µm). Normally, a person’s hair ranges from 17- 181 µm if left out other factors affecting our hair texture and density. Having said that, this measurement can only be counted as a general observation.

The most influential factor that affects the hair diameter is genetic inherit factors. They play vital roles in deciding the thickness of our tresses. Generally, African has coarser hair with the hair diameter of 1/450-1/140 of an inch each strand. On the other hand, in Europe, hairs are loads thinner when 0.04-0.06 mm thick, at average size when 0.06-0.08mm and thicker when having the human hair diameter of 0.08-0.1 mm. In comparison to Europeans and Africans, Asian hair is considered the thickest with the typical human hair diameter between 0.08 to 0.12mm.

  1. How to Choose Your Own Curly Hair Topper?

True curly hair in toppers is actually hard to find. In fact, you should be the one who knows it best if you have curly hair yourself. Of course, with the instant development of the hair industry, there are several companies established just for matching your particular curl patterns through custom orders., for example, is an online company that expertizes in matching your own hair texture.

Having said that, I strongly believe that how the piece works relies on how you’d come up with your order, and it would always be to the spec you designed with your so-called “designer”. As for me, this is quite an interesting concept.

Another company you may want to try is Uniwigs, as they do custom orders and offers curly hair toppers also. Hair from Uniwigs is permed, and as the company has claimed, the hair they used to make curly hair toppers are 100% Remy human hair.

When ordering curly hair toppers from a wholesaler or a retailer, be sure that you double-check if your piece has the finished length, or was it pulled straight. And note that because curly hair will spring up, the hair in 13-14 inches at best unless it’s pulled taut. Some other reliable retailers to go for when buying curly hair toppers are Freetress, Vivica Fox, and Paula Young. And of course, that are just some to name, we believe that there are hundreds of other companies that will be able to meet your demands.

Whether you’re to have loose curly, kinky curly, or any type of curly hair toppers, make sure that you’re being extremely careful when it comes to choosing the right one for you. Check if your curly hairpiece is made from steam machines with no chemicals usage, or are they made of synthetic hair with high-temperature hair curling iron rollers.

Normally, Remy human hair from toppers curly hair stays healthy and all hair cuticles are intact and running the same direction. As a result, human hair-made curly toppers are tangle-free, smooth and natural-looking. Though better to have your topper made from steamrollers, it is important that you avoid harsh washing, since the texture of curly toppers can be loosed afterward. And if you are, unfortunately, have your curls lose out, just curl it again or squeeze it until it gets to the curl level as you wish. In fact, you won’t have to worry as much as to the synthetic hair.

Curly hair toppers are all the rage this summer. They’re all over the place! So what are you waiting for not picking up your wallet and get yourself a nice set of curly hair topper? And of course, if hair toppers are too much or not yet enough for you, don’t be hesitate but change your attention to other hair products such as the famous lace wigs or the convenient clip-in extensions.

Should you’re looking for qualified toppers or hair extensions at reasonable prices, visit APO Hair’s website to find out what we have for you. Lastly, make sure to share your stories as well as your opinions on this post in the comment section below. We expect to be able to read and learn from you. 


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