How to choose your first lace frontal wig?


In recent years, lace frontal wig is not only an item for women with thinning edges, hair loss, and scalp problems. It has become a fashion accessory of girls and women all over the world. And it’s not a coincidence that many new wearers opt for lace frontal wigs for their first time of use. So today, let find out how to choose a lace frontal wig for a perfect look.

Construction of a lace frontal wig

Before we get to know with the tips on choosing a lacefront topper, let learn how it’s constructed to suit every user.

Lace front wig includes a sheer lace attachment at the front of the wig where human hair or synthetic hair strands are hand-tied. This is one of the reasons why lace front wigs are extremely popular because the lace base makes the hair look like growing out from your own scalp. It’s hard to tell if you are wearing a wig.

Another great benefit of the lace is that it provides enough ventilation all over the wig construction. The thin and delicate lace base falls right over the forehead, creating almost no space between the wig and your skin. The lace encourages the air to flow through, so your scalp can feel breathable underneath.

With the lace frontal piece, the wearers can style and change the part while remaining the natural hairline.


How to choose your first lace frontal wigs?

To make a good decision for your first lace front wig, it’s best to consider the following points:

Hair quality (synthetic or human hair)

Synthetic lace front wig comes with wider ranges of colors and styles for users to choose and it often costs less than a human hair one. Yet, human hair lace front wig brings out a more natural look, shades, and feel to touch. The human hair strands are also more durable than synthetic fibers. It depends on your upkeep with the hair, but in general, a synthetic wig can last up to one year while a human hair wig can stay with you up to 3 years, with proper care.


Style and texture of the wig

The next thing you should think about is what texture and color you like. Stylish short bob, sleek straight style, various curly and wavy hairstyles, … there are so many styles you can have with your frontal wigs. The tip is choosing the texture according to your face shape. The right wig style will not just complement your face but also appear more natural in front of the naked eyes.

And the same things goes for the color of your lace front wig. It’s important to have a wig with the lace base matching your skin tone so that the lace can blend well into your scalp. Also, go for a suitable shade of the hair based on your skin tone.



Most of the wigs sold in the market come with the three fixed sizes, namely: small, medium, and large. Among these sizes, medium is the most common one since it fits most people. But as a matter of fact, no one can fit in the same certain size. Therefore, you will need to prepare some wig accessory items like a grip band, wig cap, wig combs to tighten the wig on your head in case it’s larger than your head size. Today, wig suppliers also include an elastic band inside the wig to help the users adjust the wig properly.

But what if your head is a little bigger than the normal size? The best way is to invest in a customized wig. You can ask your wig maker to create a lace front wig from bundles with lace frontal with your exact head measurements.


Wear and tear factor

Before you buy a lace frontal wig, it’s better to visualize how often you will use the wig. Apart from the hair quality and maintenance process, the frequency of use is another element that determines the lifespan of your wig.

It will be great to have two or more lace front wigs to reduce the wear and tear that happens after a certain time of use. Wearing only one wig all the time will damage it faster. Therefore, if you have more than one, you can use one of them as your backup if you wash the other or send it back to the producer for repair.

Having more than one wig will also help you to refresh your look with a diverse style. For example, you can set one to go with you at formal events, meetings, or special occasions, and the other one for your daily life or parties and dates. Making proper planning on using your wigs will bring you a stunning look, secure your wigs with longer life, and get ready to deal with any unexpected circumstances with a valuable backup.

In short, choosing your first lace frontal will require you to take into consideration some factors. However, it’s not difficult as you may think. Just follow our above tips and send us your question whenever you need a hand. Thank you for reading.