How To Cut Wavy Hair Bangs Properly 

If you notice that your wavy hair bangs have grown fairly long and require attention, consider reducing them. While many people find it easy to trim straight hair, dealing with wavy hair provides its own set of obstacles. Wavy hair is known for its distinct beauty and versatility, but it can be difficult to achieve the right look while cutting it. However, there is no reason to be concerned. This detailed blog, titled How to cut wavy hair bangs properly,  will guide you through the procedure like a pro. You can naturally preserve your wavy hair and improve your entire appearance if you have the correct techniques and advice. . If you’re ready to journey, fasten your seat bell and take off!

How to cut wavy hair bangs properly


Before you begin ‘’how to cut bangs on wavy hair’’, grab the tools and prepare both the hair and the cutting area to ensure the process goes smoothly.

  • Thinning shears: to ensure clean and accurate cuts, you should invest in a high-quality set of hair cutting shears.
  • Comb: For detangling and sectioning the hair, use a wide-tooth comb.
  • Water spray: use it to wet your cutting hair area
  • Hair clips: Use them to hold back areas of hair that you aren’t currently working on.
  • A well-lit area: Good lighting is required to easily view the hair and for even trimming.
  • Mirror: to see and cutting accuracy if you have complete task by yourself
Grab the tools to preparing for cutting hair

How to cut wavy hair properly step-by-step 

Now, let’s get to the key part of this post: how to cut wavy hair bangs step by step:

Step 1: Clean, and dry your hair

It’s easier to cut hair or wavy hair when they’re completely clean and dry. To begin, shampoo and condition your hair as usual, and then air dry or use a blow dryer on a low heat setting. Hair that is free of excess moisture or product accumulation yields more precise results.

Clean, and dry your hair
Clean, and dry your hair before cutting

Step 2: Determine Your Desired Style

When strim wavy hair bangs, deciding on the style you want to achieve before you start cutting is important. Do you want a trim to remove split ends, or do you want to make a more noticeable alteration in length or layers? Understanding your aim can assist you in determining where and how to make cutting.

Step 3: Make a section in your hair

Sectioning your hair makes the cutting procedure more controllable and accurate. Divide your hair in the center, then divide it into further parts on either side and secure them with clips. The number of divisions you make will be determined by the thickness of your hair and the complexity of your chosen style.

Make a section in your hair
Section in your hair

Step 4: Start by cutting

  • Using a little part of the hair from one of the divided places, make a small braid.
  • Position your fingers at the ideal length for the cut while holding the hair between your thumbs and middle fingers.
  • Make a clean, straight cut with your sharp shears. Avoid cutting too much at once; it’s usually best to trim cautiously and make further cuts as needed.
  • Repeat for each piece of hair, working your way around your head.
Start by cutting
How to cut bangs on wavy hair

You might apply several cutting techniques during the cutting process:

  • Point cutting: as opposed to straight across cuts, entails cutting into the hair at a little angle. This method gives the ends smoothness and texture.
  • Slide cutting: entails holding the hair at an angle and cutting with a sliding motion. It generates smooth layers and eliminates sharp lines.
  • Thinning shears: If your wavy hair is thick, thinning shears can be used to reduce unwanted bulk and produce a more manageable look.

Throughout the cutting process, compare both sides of your hair for balance and symmetry. Make sure the lengths and layers are as near as feasible.

Step 5: Tweak and polish

After you’ve finished the initial trimming, take a step back and evaluate the overall look. Address any uneven parts or spots that require extra pruning. Take your time and make little tweaks until you’re happy with the outcome.

Step 6: Styling

When you’re satisfied with your wavy hairstyle, it’s time to style it to perfection. Apply your chosen style products, such as a volumizing mousse, a curl-enhancing serum, or a smoothing cream. To highlight your natural waves, put an oil diffuser attachment on your blow dryer or let your hair air dry for a more relaxed look. You might curl your bangs to make them more bouncy and appealing.

Styling your hair

Tips & Tricks

We have some ideas and tricks to help you avoid making mistakes when cutting wavy hair bangs!

Work in small sections

In gardening, tending to your plants in sections ensures each one receives the care it deserves. So when you cut hair, remember to just work in small sections at a time.You can always take off more if needed but fixing a mistake from cutting too much is more challenging.

Cut at an angle

When shaping wavy hair, cut at an angle. Instead of cutting straight across, gently slant your scissors. This method is essential for obtaining a trendy and balanced look that highlights the natural beauty of wavy hair.

Avoid over-thinning

Over-thinning your wavy hair can result in unsightly frizz and an uneven texture. Thinning shears can be a useful tool, but they must be used with caution to preserve the integrity of your waves.

Seek professional help

When it comes to how to cut wavy hair bangs, it’s best to see a professional, especially if you lack confidence or experience in cutting and styling it. We strongly advise against cutting your own hair because it can be a tough task that can result in hair damage that is difficult to repair. Professional stylists have the know-how and abilities to create a one-of-a-kind appearance that is tailored to your wavy hair type. Investing in professional services not only guarantees amazing results, but also a more joyful experience when compared to the potential risks and annoyance of DIY hair cutting.

Tips & Tricks
See a professional if you lack confidence or experience in cutting and styling hair

In a word

Properly cutting wavy hair bangs demands time, precision, and attention to detail. You may obtain a wonderfully personalized wavy hairstyle that compliments your particular texture and personality by following the methods and techniques indicated in this blog on how to cut wavy hair bangs. Don’t be disappointed if your first try isn’t great; remember, practice makes perfect. With practice, you’ll become more competent at providing your wavy hair with the care and attention it deserves, ensuring that it always looks its best. However, you should see a hairstylist and require assistance from a hairstylist to make sure you don’t make any mistake. I hope you have beautiful wavy hair. If you need assistance or want to get hair extensions, please visit our website Apohair or call (+84) 902 190 509.

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