How to Deal With Thinning Front Hair for Women at Their 20s

It sure happens more often than you’d ever thought, and it’s completely normal if you find yourself searching the Internet looking for the way to deal with thinning front hair for women. Both women and men suffer from thinning hair. However, it would be a whole different situation if you have a receding hairline in your 20s because chances are that you’re undergoing serious illness. Just as concerned as you are, we’ve done some research and list out some ways that can help deal with thinning front hair for women in their 20s.

01 Deal With Thinning Front Hair

Why You Have Thinning Front Hair That Early?

Female pattern baldness usually happens sparsely all over the scalp, whereas cases of hair thinning out at the front are rather rare. Age is the most common reason for thinning front hair. As we grow older, the scalps start producing fewer strands, and the hair itself becomes fragile and thinner. Having said that, there are a lot of cases where the youngers also experience hair loss, so what are the reasons? Usually, women in their 20s suffer from this problem as they’re affected by menopause, perimenopause hair loss, scalp infections, trichotillomania, etc. These factors can be caused by some bad habits you are having. Thus, it is very important to identify what bad habits you’re committing to finding out the ways to deal with thinning front hair for women in their 20s.

02 Deal With Thinning Front Hair

How to Deal with Thinning Front Hair for Women at Their 20s?

Instead of spending hours staring at your scalp in the mirror, spare some time brainstorming a hair care scheme and make a list of the products you’ll need to deal with thinning front hair. In order to save your time, we’ve listed out some effective ways to deal with thinning front hair for women in their 20s that you can try out.

Hair extensions for thinning front hair

03 Deal With Thinning Front Hair

While you can deal with thinning front hair with products with osmotic power, there’re other options for you to embrace. Hair extensions, hair toppers, or wigs are some of the top picks to deal with thinning front hair for women in their 20s. Hair extensions are the most natural way to extend as well as add texture to your hair without harming your scalp by chemical usages.

Furthermore, they are very easy to use and easy to style. You can spice up your look anytime you want with endless options from simple braids to a fancy intricate ponytail. You can even incorporate a hair topper with our APOHAIR hair extensions to create a super voluminous hairstyle just like those famous models you watched on the TV. We recommend you check out our website’s blog to get the best quality hair extensions with proper instructions on how to blend APO’s with thinning hairlines.

Root Concealers

04 Deal With Thinning Front Hair

If you have an early thinning hair at the front, have yourself a bottle root concealer. Roots concealers play the role of touching up roots and doubling them up as you want them to look thicker. It is best to opt for one with a strong fix and a long-lasting effect. Thanks to these concealers, your hair will look thick, defined and healthy as its original form. The benefit of using root concealers is that this way you won’t have to put too much effort to have a perfect lock. However, the concealer won’t be able to repair your hairline or it is not a great choice when it comes to getting rid of the thinning front hair problem.

Hair Fibers 

05 Deal With Thinning Front Hair

This might sound new to some of you as the hair fiber is quite a fresh face in the world of hair loss solutions. Hair fibers are available in plenty of presentations, from powder to mousse, or spray form, they’re made of vegetable fibers which have a similar texture as hairs’ keratinized structure. Applying hair fibers on your scalp will make it fuller and more defined as they can instantly vanish roots while being gentle to all types of hair. Unlike root concealers, hair fibers are made with a mineral pigment formula, avoiding the product from wearing off in sweat or water. Most hair fibers brands offer a variety of hair shades with a hair protecting property, so it is preferable for you to have a hair fiber to deal with thinning front hair.

Trim the thinning front hair

One of the best ways to deal with thinning front hair for women in their 20s is haircuts. Once you have your hair thins out at the front, just chop it off. Just some layers and a few inches off, and you’ll have your thick and voluminous hair back.

06 Deal With Thinning Front Hair

That’s for layered cuts, but if you don’t want to go extreme, go for bangs instead. Long, choppy bangs can completely hide your thinning front hair as it covers up your forehead while creates extra volumes at the front. Besides, bangs work well with 20s girls who prefer youthful, sophisticated styles.

07 Deal With Thinning Front Hair

Another great option for a receding hairline is the asymmetrical bob with a deep side part. In case you have too little hair to grow into bangs, then you can consider this asymmetrical bob as well. Also, try to incorporate some waves to add texture to the hair, giving the illusion of thicker and healthier hair.

08 Deal With Thinning Front Hair

Hair Care Routine

A fun fact is that if you get fret when having thinning hair, there’re high chances that your hair condition will get worse. Therefore, instead of wasting time on worrying or feeling insecure, use your time effectively by carefully taking care of your hair.

09 Deal With Thinning Front Hair

One of the most useful natural treatments for thinning hair is castor oils. Being rich in vitamin E, minerals and anti-bacterial properties, castor oil is the best pick for nurturing hair as well as stimulating hair growth. All you have to do is to apply the oil on your scalp after showering and leave it overnight, your healthy tresses will be back in a matter of weeks.

10 Deal With Thinning Front Hair

Apart from castor oils, it is important that you pay attention to your hair wash routine. As the texture is the key to deal with thinning front hair for women in their 20s, choosing products that promote hair volumes is the prerequisite for the bulkier lock. For that reason, it is best that you invest in a volumizing shampoo to help combat limpness. Stay away from products containing alcohol, sulfate or any other ingredients that may contribute to hair loss. You can also add a small amount of the volumizing mousse after each wash, but do not overuse it as the product can weigh the hair down.

Side Note: It is vital that you repeat the routine as a long-term treatment for your thinning hairline. Try to keep it at least 4-5 months to receive the best results.

The Bottom Line

Now that we have given you some tips on how to deal with thinning front hair for women in their 20s, it’s your turn to change your habits to get your precious lock back. As long as you are patient and careful enough, your tresses will soon be revitalized and brought back to life. Make sure to share your experience of dealing with thinning front hair in the comment section below. For more articles like this, be sure to visit our website where posts all the tips and tricks for hair care and gives the best advice for hairstyles.

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