The Ultimate Guide: How To Fix Hole In Lace Wig

Lace wigs have become an extremely popular hairpiece option for many people in recent years. Unlike traditional wigs, lace wigs feature a thin, sheer lace base that blends seamlessly with your scalp and allows you to part and style the hair in any direction. The versatile styling options and natural look of lace wigs make them a go-to choice for achieving various hairstyles without the damage of constant styling and dyeing your real hair.

How to Fix Hole in Lace Wig

However, lace wigs are delicate and prone to developing small holes or tears in the lace over time. This can occur from improper care, putting on/taking off the wig, or friction against clothing or hair accessories. Getting a hole in your lace wig can seem like a disaster, but don’t panic! There are a few simple and effective methods to repair holes at home so you can extend the life of your lace wig and avoid having to buy a replacement. Thus, in this blog, Apohair will help you find ways to answer the question “How to fix hole in lace wig?” Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need To Repair Lace Wig Holes

  • Lace wig with hole(s)
  • Tweezers
  • Lace wig adhesive (Got2b glued spiking glue, wig glue, etc.)
  • Small pieces of extra lace or mesh fabric
  • Scissors
  • Clean cotton pad
  • Rubbing alcohol to clean area

How To Fix Hole in Lace Wig? Step-by-step To Fix 

Step 1: Inspect the Lace for Holes

Put on a wig cap first, then gently fit your lace wig on your head. Carefully inspect the inside and outside of the lace base, checking for any small holes, tears, or openings. Check near the edges, parting space, ear tabs, and back of the wig. Use the pointed tweezers to gently move hairs out of the way so you can see the lace clearly. Locate all problem areas.

Inspect the Lace for Holes
Inspect the Lace for Holes

Step 2: Clean Around the Hole

Use tweezers to gently remove any debris, buildup, or residue surrounding the hole. You want the lace base to be completely clean before applying any adhesive. Dip the cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and gently wipe the area around the hole. Allow it to fully air dry so no moisture remains on the lace.

Step 3: Apply Adhesive Around & Over Hole

Take your lace wig adhesive and squeeze out a thin layer over the hole, extending slightly beyond the edges. Let the adhesive become tacky and semi-dry; this creates a barrier to prevent the hole from expanding. Once ready, use scissors to cut a small patch of extra lace or mesh that is just slightly larger than the hole. Place the patch directly over the hole and surrounding glue. Press down around the edges.

Apply Adhesive Around & Over Hole
Apply Adhesive Around & Over Hole

Step 4: Seal the Patch with More Adhesive

In the step 4 of the blog “How to fix hole in lace wig?”, we will learn on sealing the patch with more adhesive. Apply another thin layer of lace adhesive directly over the top of the patch, sealing the edges down fully. Make sure the patch is smoothed out and that none of the hole is still visible. Allow the wig adhesive to dry completely, which can take 10-15 minutes.

Step 5: Style & Wear Lace Wig As Usual

Once the glue is totally dry, you can style the lace wig as normal. The patch should now be seamlessly secured into the lace base. Be very gentle around that area when brushing hair over it. Avoid tugging, friction, or activities that could loosen the patch. So, you have completed to know how to fix a ripped lace front wig.

Style and Wear Lace Wig As Usual
Style and Wear Lace Wig As Usual

Tips To Fix Your Lace Wig

Tip 1: Inspect Frequently

You know how to fix a hole in lace wig, now, in the first tip you should know to fix your lace wig that is inspecting frequently. Check the lace base before each wear for any small holes, tears or loosening stitches. Catching damage early makes repairs easier.

Tip 2: Clean Gently

Use a soft-bristle brush and low, warm setting when brushing hair. Avoid harsh tugging or pulling which can enlarge holes.

Tip 3: Avoid Oils

Limit products with oils near the lace as they can break down adhesives over time. Use a clarifying shampoo regularly.

Tip 4: Secure Properly

Adjust wig caps, combs and elastic bands properly each wear so the lace lays flat. Uneven tension can cause tears.

Secure Properly
Secure Properly

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Tip 5: Store Safely

Keep wigs on a styrofoam head or laid flat in a zippered case. Don’t hang wigs or place heavy objects on top.

Tip 6: Wash Carefully

Support and detangle hair while washing. Use a wig-safe cleanser and cool water. It’s not really difficult to know how to wash a wig. And remember let air dry thoroughly before storing.

Tip 7: Carry Extrasig

Keep extra adhesive, mesh patches and scissors on hand for quick repairs. Preparedness prevents wig disasters!

Tip 8: Avoid Hairspray

Heavy sprays and gels near the lace can dry out and damage adhesive. Opt for light hold products. Additionally, ensure proper care to prevent any damage, including knowing how to fix hole in lace wig.

Tip 9: Don’t Over-Brush

Excessive brushing at the hairline breaks down lace adhesives. Finger-comb instead for a softer touch for lace front wig repair.

Don't Over-Brush
Don’t Over-Brush

Tip 10: Patience is Key

Take time with wig application and repairs for best results. Rushing increases chances of damage.

By being gentle, thorough and prepared, you can keep your lace wigs looking fabulous and avoid costly replacements as well as you have known how to fix a ripped lace wig! Proper care and timely repairs will maximize their lifespan.


  1. Make sure the needle is relatively tiny. After all, a large needle indicates a larger hole. A little needle, as opposed to a large needle, will pass through your frontal, causing no further damage.
  2. If feasible, please select the invisible thread as your saving grace. Because it is comprised of polyester, it is not similar to linen or other types of fabric threads. And the thread does not break and is elastic, so it will not snap your HD lace wig human hair or cause any further harm.
  3. When sewing the lace frontal, start a little further back from the damaged region to ensure that the holes do not expand or get larger. And the initial knot can be repeated several times to ensure that the thread is securely tied into place.
Tips To Fix Your Lace Wig
Note to fix a hole

Are these steps easier than you think? However, the simplest approach to repair your lace wig is to not have to fix it at all. For wig wearers, the most important thing is to properly care for their lace wigs. For example, using appropriate shampoo and conditioner to frequently wash and deep-condition human hair wigs, avoiding sleeping with your wig at night, and so on.


In conclusion, repairing a hole in your lace wig is a manageable task that can be achieved with the right tools and techniques. And how to fix hole in lace wig? By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this resource, you can restore the integrity of your wig and prolong its lifespan. Remember to exercise patience and precision throughout the process for the best results.

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