How to get a great hairstyle for your naturally curly hair?

With your naturally curly hair, you may have likely suffered through frizzy days and a few bad haircuts. You may have tried to straighten your hair with a flat iron or attempted to go short and wished you hadn’t done it. Curly hair is tricky, but with the right tips, products, and style, any woman can follow to embrace their curls.

There are several tricks to have a great hairstyle for your naturally curly hairstyle. You can just wear your hair short if you want, or get a few bangs cut in and you absolutely don’t have to go to a curl specialist. All secrets for a great haircut are listed below.

How to get a great hairstyle for your naturally curly hair

Pick a Good Stylist for your naturally curly hair

For years, we have advised women with curly hair to find a stylist specializing in cutting curly hair. A former hairstylist once whispered to us her little secret: if a stylist has curly hair, she’s going to know better than a stylist with the straight hair how to cut curly hair.

How to get a great hairstyle for your naturally curly hair

That’s simply not true according to our New York City stylist and author, Eva Scrivo. She writes in her book “Eva Scrivo on Beauty” that a good stylist is going to be adept at cutting all types of textures and hair. “The best way to find a good stylist is to approach someone whose hair you admire and is similar in texture to yours,” Scrivo indicated.

Long Trumps Short

Although we all know that there are few true rules in beauty, curly hair almost universally tends to behave better if it is allowed to grow longer. That’s the reason why longer hair weighs down the curls resulting in less pouf.

And yet, there is a point where your long hair may be too much weight on your curls. Regular trimmings can keep your length in the perfect range to find the balance between too much pouf and not enough volume.

But You Can Go Short

How to get a great hairstyle for your naturally curly hair

Curly hair can actually look amazing short, provided you apply the right cut. The trick is cutting or razoring in lots of your layers and thinning out the hair so it doesn’t become a huge fluff ball. If you want your hair to go shorter, you can. In fact, you can find plenty of inspiration from women who have beautiful short, curly hair.

Don’t Fear the Razor

razor cut

The razor can strike fear into the hearts of any woman, no matter what her hair type is. There’s something about the way it works on our hair that seems unhealthy, so it can be a little nerve-wracking. Yet, Scrivo insists that in the hands of an adept expert, a razor could give you “the best haircut for your life.” It is actually quite brilliant at reducing the heaviness of your curly hair and can do wonders for bringing down the fluff.

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How to get a great hairstyle for your naturally curly hair

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How to Style Curly Hair

With the right cut, styling curly hair can be easier than you expect. If you blow dry your hair, remember to use a diffuser. However, the most important thing you should do is to let those curls air dry. Keep in mind to simply cup and squeeze curls in the palm of your hand every 15 minutes until your hair has dried.

Also, don’t forget that all curly hair needs intense moisturizing. Be aware of products containing alcohol, which can dry out your curls, and deep condition once a week. If you pay attention to these little things, you’ll get a good result and see big improvements and won’t be bothered by the extra fuss (or frizz).

Some Styles Look Better on You

Women with their curly hair can revel in the fact that some hairstyles simply look better with curls than they do on anyone else. Try the romantic updo, for example. The image that comes to mind with those two words is a pile of curls that is pulled back and up. Add a few tendrils (without going too far into the 80s), and it looks so stunning.

half up half down curly hairstyle

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is also very romantic and looks great with the curly hair. You can feel free to enjoy big, bouncy curls, though you may still need a large-barreled curling iron to pull it off.

Curly Greaser Hairstyles

Greaser hairstyles became more and more popular among the working class of USA youngsters in the 1950s. This style was created under the influence of such music stars like Elvis Presley and Eddie Cochran. Two main figures of that movement were Marlon Brando and James Dean. It was often popular among lower-class teenagers from poor neighborhoods. The “greasers” came back to the scene in the beginning of the 1970’s and one more time became popular thanks to the American musical “Grease”. Since then the greaser hairstyles have been appearing in high schools, colleges and universities. Nowadays it becomes very popular among young men and even women.

To get a curly greaser hairstyle, you will need to apply a strong gel before styling. The hair is styled into a high crest and looks greater when you add more gel to hold it in shape. It is a greaser and rock-ability hairstyle.

This post mentioned some ways to get a suitable hairstyle for your naturally curly hair and also introduced the curly greaser hairstyle. Hope the article will be useful for you. If you need curly hair extensions, Apohair always welcomes you to contact us. Don’t forget to follow our website for more beauty tips, news and how-to guides. Thank for spending time with us!

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