Juggling motherhood with a fast-paced career she may be, the nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole is still looking better than ever with her lovely hair. After her first week appearing on national TV with her fellow X-Factor judges, Cheryl Cole’s popularity has skyrocketed, and she has as well shaken up the beauty industry with her incredibly natural-looking hair extensions. Following the trend, our company APO hair has also been receiving thousands of calls asking for the secrets behind Mrs. Cole gorgeous hair. We received requests for making instructions on how to get Cheryl Cole look. So this week, we decide to fulfill your wishes by giving the guide to Cheryl’s hair look. Check this out!

  1. Choosing the hair extensions

Cheryl changes her hair shade regularly. However, it always comes back to the Dark Chocolate shade in the end. So to get the same luscious tone, go for APO hair extensions Dark Brown shade. Usually, Cheryl Cole will wear a full head set of extensions. This might be a little too much for those having thick hair. In that case, you may want to add only one or two strips (if you really want to). For a perfect Cheryl Cole’s look, you should opt for 16 to 22 inches hair extensions as the L’Oréal’s model likes wearing her hair extensions very long. Additionally, it seems that Cheryl prefers to add shape or curl to her hair as well. For that reason, you should choose extensions that are in an appropriate length.

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  1. Styling hair extensions

It is best to style your extensions before actually fit it on your head. Here are some steps you should follow to style your hair extensions:

  • First and foremost, wash and blow-dry your hair before you start to style your extensions. Brush them with a large loop brush in order to get your hair in volumes. It is important to use a heat protectant to protect your hair from hairdryer’s heat.
  • It is recommended that you do the same to your natural hair to shape and volumize your hair before adding extensions.
  • To achieve Cheryl Cole’s hair extensions look, you need to use a curling tong (you can buy it online or find it at hair accessories stores). After spraying the heat protectant, separate your hair extensions into small strips. Wrap a weft around the barrel and roll it all the way to the top then leave it for about a minute before removing the weft. Do not unravel the curl right away or else you could mess up right away. Do the same with the other wefts.
  • After finished curling all the wefts, brush the curls out with loop brush to have the bouncy and undefined shape.
  • The last step is to spray your extensions with hairspray for the soft touch and smoothness. And your hair extensions are ready to be used.
  1. Fitting hair extensions

Now that your hair extensions are ready to be in use, you can begin to fit them on your head. Before adding the extensions, brush your actual hair roots one more time and use hairspray on them. Spray it lightly on your full head to make sure your hair extensions will be secured when you clip it on. You will want to wear more extensions in the front to show the fullness and thickness of your hair. For the glossy and silky look, maybe a bit of shine spray would be perfect.

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  1. Taking care of your hair extensions

We have already got you covered on which extensions to choose for your Cheryl Cole-like hair look, so now it’s time we talked proper care. It is crucial that you take great care of your hair extensions so that you can ensure a long-lived look. So here are some advice we have for you and your hair care routine. As at APO hair we only study and trade real human hair extensions, we would like to skip the synthetic hair care method.

For what we have researched, it is critical to wash hair extensions with sulfate-free or paraben-free shampoo, especially on the roots. To help your hair soften and reduce tangle, spare your time investigate and perhaps ask for experts’ advice on what shampoo would be suitable for your hair.

Stay away from salt or chlorinated water or else your extensions might be adversely damaged! However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to swim with your weave in summer. Knowing how to care for your sew-in before and after swimming in chlorine is very important. It is quite simple that you only need to get your extensions wet with clean water before diving in the pool as it will soak up far less chlorine. Never let the chlorine remain in your hair overnight. You should rinse the chlorine out of your extensions right after swimming then wash it with shampoo. Once you have washed your hair, towel-dry them and brush them with a large tooth comb.

One more thing to take note, avoid leaving your head wet when you go to sleep. Maybe you should put your hair into braids or pigtails when it dry.

Now that we have provided you everything you need to know for the Cheryl Cole’s hair extensions look, it is time for you to make this hairstyle alive and make it your own’s. Get ready and comment your picture to show who will have the best Cheryl Cole look under our comment section at apohair.