We all know that there are many kinds of hair such as straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair and so on which have each own feature and beauty. And what is in your mind when thinking of curly hair? Many people think it is hair full of root volume; however, it is not always the case. It is also painful for people with curly hair that has no volume at roots. However, do not worry, there is always a solution. Be with Apohair now and let us tell you how we can get root volume in curly hair in this post.

Change your part

When you tend to part your hair in a way, it automatically has a place that looks without volume. Therefore, to enhance your root volume instantly, you just need to change it to the other side of your head. However, if you do not like wearing your hair to the other side, there is another way. You just move your part a little bit from the regular place. After that, you will see the new result with volume.

Volume powders

Another way for you to get root volume in your curly hair is by applying volume powders. This is known as a magic trick for instant volume at the roots. It is said that these powders are used to solve the problem of flat hair. Now, with volume powders, you can have curly hair with root volume quickly and confidently.


There is a simple tip to enhance root volume in curly hair is backcombing. What a simple and easy way! Right? You do not need volume powders, just with a fine comb, you can transform your hair. To get root volume with a comb, you back comb at the roots of your hair. Do not worry, it will not damage your hair if you are gentle enough. Apply this and you will see volume lift exactly where you need it.


Use a diffuser

You also can dry volume into your hair by using a diffuser and holding your head upside down. This way will provide more volume at the root of your hair. However, if you do not want to apply too much heat in your hair, you just need a little heat after making it dry naturally. This heat is enough to lift your root volume.

Apply clip in hair extensions

Do you know that you also can get root volume in your curly hair by applying hair extensions? Applying this kind of extensions into your hair and you will have curly hairstyle which is full of volume and glamorous.

Above are 5 interesting tips that help you get root volume in your curly hair. To get beautiful curly hair catching people’s attention, it is important to apply these tips for full of volume hair. In addition, if you are looking for clip in hair extensions to boost your root volume, it is recommended to choose Apohair. We provide all products made of Vietnamese human Remy hair. With the vision of becoming the biggest hair companies in Vietnam, Apohair commits to supply completely virgin clip in hair extensions as well as many other types of hair extensions to enhance your hair look.