Everyone wants to be gorgeous with not only a beautiful face but also outstanding hair. To some women, short hairstyles may unique. On the other hand, many others love their long and smooth hairstyles. However, it is not easy to have long and smooth hair if you do not take care of your hair well. If you are having short hair for many reasons such as having a bad haircut or something like that, do not worry! You will find some useful tips to grow your healthy hair in this post. Helping you on the way to find the best hairstyle is one of the leading missions that Apohair always wants to comply with.

Keep a healthy diet

It is said that hair is a part of your body; therefore, a way to maintain it scientifically is keeping a healthy diet. It is important to have a well-balanced diet with lots of protein which is good for your hair.

Shampoo and condition regularly

Although these are basic steps in each hair care routine, they are very important. Shampooing and conditioning correctly and regularly will help your hair grow healthily. However, it does not mean that washing every day, which is too regularly and damages your hair. It is advised to wash every other day.

Limit heat appliances

Styling hair is many women’s hobby; however, it also can damage your hair. To lengthen your hair healthily and smoothly, it is necessary to limit applying heat appliances. I know it is quite difficult but do not use any hot tools such as straightening irons, curling wands, etc. if you want your hair is long, shiny and smooth.

Limit hair color

Hairstyles with many different colors are very interesting. That is why many women love changing their hair color. Nonetheless, this is also the reason they do not have long hair. Applying many chemicals is extremely bad. It damages your cuticles, strands and makes you difficult to get long healthy hair. Therefore, it is better if you keep your hair naturally and color it as little as possible.

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Treat your scalp

The scalp is the root of your hair; therefore, it is vital to care for it well to have long healthy hair. It is recommended that you have regular head massages to treat your scalp and promote hair growth. It is said that massaging scalp will help improve blood flow, which creates healthier hair follicles. As a result, your hair will be lengthened.

Apply hair extensions

While waiting for your own hair to grow healthily, it may be boring and tiring. Do not worry! Hair extensions will not let you down. While waiting, you can apply some hair extensions to have glamorous long hairstyles. Just fake it until you make it!

Above are 6 helpful tips for you to grow and maintain your healthy hair. To make your long hair dream come true, consider and apply these tips to have long, shiny and smooth hair to be outstanding. Moreover, if you have the intention of applying hair extensions, Apohair can help you. After all, we are Apohair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand commits to supply 100% high quality and natural hair extensions. Your hair look will be boosted beautifully with Apohair extensions!