How to make clip in hair extensions at home?

How to make clip in hair extensions

If you’ve once used clip-in hair extensions, we are sure that you know how convenient they are to change your look. Clip-ins are available on so many commercial sites, making it really easy to get a set. However, if you want to make your own clip-in hair from weft hair, it’s not too difficult to do. Below is our tutorial on how to make clip in hair extensions.

Gather your tools

You need to collect the following things before starting to make your own clip-in hair extensions:

  • Human hair wefts: 1-2 bundles
  • Wig clips: 15-20 clips
  • Curved needle and thread
  • Hair scissors
  • Measuring tape

How to make clip in hair extensions?

How to make clip in hair extensions
How to make clip in hair extensions

Step 1: Prep the hair

  • Firstly, unwrap the bundles. If you use old weft hair, make sure it is clean and detangled.
  • Double the wefts by sewing two pieces of weft hair together. This will give you a fuller look with your clip-in hair extensions. Make sure to stitch the ends well to keep them flat.

Step 2: Measure and make the pieces

Normally, a clip-in set includes 4 wide pieces at the back and 4-6 smaller pieces for the sides. To get the best fit for your hair extensions, you need to start by measuring your head first.

First, measure the nape of your neck and stop just within the hairline. Then, measure from ear to ear. You can use the measuring tape to make these measurements, or place the wefts on your head and cut the wefts into pieces.

 Step 3: Sew the clips

Now it’s time to sew the clips onto the wefts. You can sew as many clips as you want to secure the clip-in to your hair. Normally, a large piece will need 4-5 clips, and a small one needs 2-3 clips.

Make sure to stitch the hole on the clips twice while you sew for a stronger hold.

Don’t sew the clips on the backward since the combs will then open in the wrong direction. To make sure you sew the clips correctly, you can open the clips before starting sewing.

Finally, trim the hair to make it well blend into your natural hair. And now, you can attach your new clip-in set to see how it looks on your head.

So, above is the guide on how to make clip in hair extensions at home. It’s simple, easy, and cost-saving. Yet, if you want a set of clip-in hair extensions without putting your time into the sewing process, let’s take a look at our clip-in hair extensions with various lengths, colors, and textures.

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