How to make clip-in hair extensions from weft hair extensions?

Flexible and super easy to use are what make clip-in hair extensions become more and more popular in modern society. You can use it on a daily basis without worrying about the complicated application. And together with the popularity of clip in hair extensions, there are now numerous clip in hair extensions suppliers all over the world. However, many users choose to create their own hairpieces so that they can fit them perfectly with the exact length and volume they want. If you are one of them, let check our guide below on how to make clip in hair extensions from wefts before you start.

Structure of clip in hair extensions

APO’s human hair clip-in hair extensions are made from human weft hair extensions. We use A+ weft hair to prevent shedding in the hair wefts and ensure the perfect volume for users. Our clip-in hair extensions include the lace lining into which the silicone clips are sewn.

Apohair clip in hair extensions

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How to make clip in hair extensions?

What you need

  • Weft hair extensions: You will need to measure your head and consider the thickness you want for your hair extensions before deciding how many weft hair extensions you should buy. Besides, make sure the color and texture of the hair extensions match your natural hair. The color of your hair extensions should be as close as possible to your own hair to have a beautiful blending. For the texture of the hair, if you buy straight weft hair, you should use a flat iron to straighten your hair since hair extensions generally don’t welcome heat styling. And if you opt for curly hair ones, a curling iron should be on your list to curl your own hair.
  • 15-20 wig clips: Depending on the number of hairpieces you intend to make, you can determine the number of clips to buy. But it will be better to buy extra than less since you will need more clips to secure the hair extensions firmly on your head.
  • Sharp scissors: To have a clean cutting for your weft hair extensions
  • Curved needle and strong invisible thread: To sew the wefts and clips
  • Measuring tape: to measure the width of each piece so that you can have the best clip in hair extensions fitting your head.

Things to prepare

Side notes

You can also prepare a sewing machine to sew the wefts together and glue to strengthen the bonds between the wefts and the clips, but it’s optional.

In case you have a sewing machine, you can buy bulk hair to make weft hair extensions to save the cost. However, the making process will be a bit complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, we recommend using ready-to-use weft hair extensions.

Instruction on how to make clip in hair extensions

Sew the wefts

Firstly, thread your needle and start sewing from one end to the other. If you use two wefts to sew, it can increase the density of your hair extensions. When you reach each end, don’t forget to tie knots on the ends to strengthen the stitches.

Sew the wefts

Measure and make the hairpieces

To decide the length of your clip-ins, you will need to measure your hair first. You should start from the hair along the back, above your nape and then an inch above that, then half an inch behind one ear to the other, and lastly an inch above that. After that, you will cut the wefts in those lengths. If you want to add length to your hair, you can double or triple those lengths.

Normally, a full set of clip-in hair extensions include 4 wide back hairpieces and 4-6 small side hairpieces. So, after you finish cutting the wefts, you should have these numbers of pieces to proceed to the next step.

Sew the clips

And now you will use the curved needle to sew the clips into the wefts. The wig clips come with holes to ease the sewing process.

Sew the clips

The wide back hairpieces need 3 clips, one in the center and the others at two ends, and the small pieces should have one clip each. If you intend to make some mid-size pieces to fill the gaps, you will need to sew 2 clips at the two ends for each piece. Make sure that you attach enough clips so that the hair won’t be loose. Also, we suggest you play with the clips and try opening and closing the clips before sewing them into the wefts. In this way, you can avoid sewing the wrong side out.

This is our guide on how to make clip in hair extensions. With the materials you have, you can easily make your own hairpieces. But if you want to save time, APOHAIR’s clip-in hair extensions with diverse lengths, textures, and colors are always available to help you restyle your hair. Thank you for reading!

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