How To Make Red Lace Front Wig: Beginners Step By Step Process

Human hair lace front wigs have become a lasting item in the hair business. Red lace front wig, with its outstanding look, is one of the trendiest hairstyles for a large number of women. Red hair wig allows us to change our hairstyle without actually changing our hair or spending hours in the salon.

How to make red lace front wig

In this blog post, we are talking about popular ways on how to make red lace front wig. Can you guess what they are? Follow us to explore the answers, are you ready?

Buy Available Red Lace Front Wig

This is one of the most effective ways you can opt to have a new red lace front wig. Anytime you are looking for a novel red wig, just surf the web and make orders! Different types of wigs are now available on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. Customers are free to select their desired hair extensions as options are limitless. It cannot be denied that red wig is the top choice of many celebs worldwide.

Buying available red lace front wig
Buying available red lace front wig

You can buy the wigs that have been available in the supplier’s stock. You can also tell them to make a new wig that meets some of your special requirements. If you’re in the market for a red lace front wig, consider exploring the options offered by Apohair. And now let’s go into the details of this method’s pros and cons.


  • You can save time

Yes! You can save your time and effort when ordering new red lace front wig human hair. Just stay at home and the delivery service will bring hair products to your house. So convenient! Especially, when you are in a hurry, a red hair wig is ready to help you change.

  • You can tell supplier your requirements

Good hair suppliers will always ready to meet their customers’ demands. They will try to do it quickly for you if possible. Apohair deeply understands that as we also produce and export many types of wigs in the international hair market. We always make every effort to meet all customer’s requirement and we are happy to do this.

Pros of buying available red lace front wig
Pros of buying available red lace front wig


  • You cannot completely make sure wig quality

If it’s your reliable hair supplier, then no worry. However, what if this order is from a new hair exporter? They may tell you their wig is Remy hair but only when you receive it can you determine the quality of that wig. Be careful and make sure you are working with a trustworthy hair address or you can get low quality hair. Red synthetic lace front wig is beautiful and maybe good. However, it’s meaningless when your choice is a human lace front wig.

  • Hair color may not reach your expectation

The red shade is hard to achieve as this is a quite complicated color. Sometimes you will receive a wig that doesn’t match what you’ve expected. Some will try to make an exchange policy. Some accept the hair as they consider the exchange policy may take time.

Cons of buying available red lace front wig
Cons of buying available red lace front wig

Make A Wig Yourself

Well if you are used to making a wig you will be addicted to it. However, if you are a beginner, don’t worry that the process is complicated. Creating your wig is easy, as long as you are patient to learn the right method. There are often some novices who don’t know how to make a wig, which is quite distressing. Let’s explore the pros, and cons of self-making wigs and step by step guide on how to dye lace front wig.

Pros and Cons of making a wig yourself
Make a wig yourself


  • You have a chance to be creative

Be happy, making your own red lace front wig is creativeness! Deciding to create a wig means you are creating an opportunity for yourself to research, find information, and the right method to do it.

  • You can dye the red shade you love

The dyeing process for a wig is yours. You can control all the steps and decide your favorite hair color for the new wig.


  • Quality is unknown

To make a wig, you also need to purchase hair extensions from hair suppliers. However, it is not until you receive the hair that you know its origin. Our advice is that, try to look for reliable human hair suppliers. You can ask your close friends who know a lot about the hair industry for more information and support.

  • It takes time

We cannot deny this. Creating a new wig can be a challenge, especially for newcomers. You have to be patient when trying this and never be angry if the first time of making a wig is not as successful as you wish. Witnessing your progress day by day is exciting, right?

How To Make Red Lace Front Wig

Are you ready to pick all the key steps of a do it yourself wig? Follow Apohair, below is a detailed tutorial on how to make red lace front wig human hair from start to finish. Here we focus on wig making with hair bundles and closure.

What You Need

What you need to make a red lace front wig
Things you need to make a red lace front wig
  • Virgin human hair wefts (2 or 3 bundles)
  • Lace closure
  • Stocking cap (elasticated wig cap)
  • Mannequin head
  • Headed pins (optional but helpful)
  • Red hair dye, dye bowl

Step 1: Preparation

If you want to learn how to make red lace front wigs human hair, there are some important things to remember. Firstly, choose the type of lace cap. Secondly, decide between real human hair and synthetic hair. Thirdly, invest time to sew the hair in place. Make sure that the size of the cap fits your head. Also, don’t forget to invest in high-quality hair dye.

Step 2: Dyeing The Hair Red

If you would like to color your lace front red hair wig, Apohair highly recommends doing that before constructing your wig. Now, prepare red hair dye and color the wig the way you want. Because our bundle deals with closures are 100% remy hair in natural black color, your dyeing process will be much easier. Wait until the hair is certainly in red before making step 3.

Dyeing the hair red
Dyeing the hair red

Step 3: Form The Wig Foundation

We suppose that lace closures are a good choice for regular wig making as they are more flexible and easy to work with when blending your scalp. You can find a cotton lace cap or another fine net cap that fits your head and place it over the wig block. Ensure your customer piece lands on your hair seamlessly like it’s sprouting out of your head.

Form the wig foundation
Form the wig foundation

Step 4: Creating A Wig

This step is made after you’ve well prepared all the necessary accessories. We suggest that 3 bundles of wefts and 1 closure are enough.

Hair lengths for wefts and closures are various. You can choose one length if you love the gradually layered look or several lengths to keep the overall length more consistent.

Creating a wig
Creating a wig

Once you’ve got all, bring out your wig cap and place it on your mannequin head. Secure on to the cap with pins the exact location you would like best. After finishing securing the closure, pin it down and sew it on to the cap.

Sew the wig under the edge of the cap for it to be worn in a high ponytail. Next, sew using the top and full method for secure wefts. Remember to secure the edge of your weft before flipping over.

Step 5: Putting On The Wig

As you reach the final step on how to make red lace front wig, don’t forget to test the fit of the wig. Trim the lace. Remove the wig and set it aside. Apply wig tape and then apply the wig.


Apohair has just shared with you the most basic steps on how to make a red lace front wig. With the right guidance from Apohair, you can embark on this exciting journey to transform your look.  Don’t hesitate to try as the result can go beyond your expectations. To find the best human hair wigs, visit Apohair – the leading Vietnam hair supplier, which offers an extensive selection of lengths and textures. Thanks for your attention!

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