How to prevent your weave hair from shedding?

Being one of the most basic selections in the hair industry, hair weft is an awesome item to add length to natural hair within a short time. It is easy to apply and brings great change to one’s look, but there is a big problem that users of hair wefts have to confront through years, that is hair shedding. Knowing the customers’ concerns, many hair manufactures have tried to prevent the issue by making the wefts two times thicker. Double wefts, of course, do cause less hair shedding than the single ones, but the state seems to be unstoppable. And that encouraged hair extension lovers and experts came up with another way to dramatically reduce the shedding: sealing wefts.

What causes weave hair shed?

Like your natural hair, shedding is also an unavoidable occurrence with weft hair. The most common reason for this issue is the wefts being tangled and matted. This may be due to the dryness and the lack of frequent brushing. During the day, your weave hair extension will become a combo of sweat, heat, and friction, resulted in tangling and matting. Also, if your wefts are dry, they will be more vulnerable to shed.


The texture of your wefts is another factor that determines the amount of hair shed each time you use. Straight weave hair is less likely to shed and easier to manage than the textures like deep wavy, curly, and kinky curly. These textures are prone to tangle and need special care while using.

Shedding can also be the result of the poor quality of your weave hair. There is some weft hair available in the market under the cover of virgin hair. But in fact, the manufacturers have mixed Remy, virgin, and fallen hair and used chemicals to coat the exposed cuticles and sold it as virgin hair. The poor quality of hair will make the hair easy to shed after being applied in one’s head.

How to seal your wefts to prevent shedding?

Co-washing your weft hair

Co-washing your wefts means washing and rinsing the wefts hair with high-quality conditioner only. In this way, you can add moisture to the wefts, prevent damaging, and giving it a healthy look. Even if you don’t intend to seal your wefts, washing weave before install is still better for your hair and look.

After you finish washing, let the wefts dry naturally. In case you want to change the color of your wefts, you will need to dye them before you start co-washing and then sealing.


Choosing the sealant for sealing wefts

Selecting a good type of sealant that is specially designed for sealing wefts is a must step. They create a tight bond without leaving residue or white crust on the wefts, so no one can recognize its existence. In case you can’t find one, you can try to use fabric glues instead. But remember to check the bottle to see if it dries clear before applying. If the glue does not dry clear, it will leave a white or gray film on your wefts once drying.


Sealing hair wefts

First, place a cloth (or some pieces of newspaper) on a flat surface and lay the wefts on the cloth. Anchor the ends the wefts by pinning it down the surface so that it won’t bunch up later. It’s better to use a sealant with a nozzle or applicator brush to ease the sealing wefts process.

You will apply the glue directly into the stitches of the wefts. If you have double weft hair, you should turn the weft upward and apply the glue into the top covering both stitches to make the seal tighter. Please be careful so as not to stain the glue into the hair, which will leave clumps and damage your wefts right away. After that, let the weft dry and you can do the same thing to the remaining bundles.

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Some tricks to prevent shedding in weft hair

For a sew-in weave, please don’t try to cut the wefts. Alternatively, you need to fold over the track to make another braid or row. It’s also important to avoid sewing the needle straight through the track since it will make your wefts shedding and shorten its lifespan. The right way to do is to sew around the track, and then the stitches won’t break down over time.

If you are using curly or deep wavy weave hair, let braid the hair before you go to sleep to reduce tangling, and thereby lowering the rate of shedding.


Besides, you should limit the styling, especially with flat irons on the extensions since the pushing and pulling will surely lead to shedding. It will also be better to let your weave hair fall down rather than put it into a ponytail.

And finally, choosing a double weft hair with good quality and better thickness will be a smart move to prevent shedding in your weave hair extensions. The better your weave hair is, the less shedding it will have. Hence, do purchase human hair bundles for the best experience with hair extension.

Let follow our tips on sealing wefts and hair shedding prevention to rock your look with a stunning hairstyle day by day. Thank you for reading.