Hair is considered one of the most important parts enhancing women’s beauty. Therefore, hair maintenance is very important. However, do you know that your hair can be ruined by one factor although you are very serious in taking care of them? Yes, your hair still can be ruined by a bad nightly routine. Have you ever got up and realized a terrible hair in the morning? It is due to your hair is affected at night. Your hair is pressed by the weight of your head. If you do not prepare a good nightly routine, this can make your hair dry, tangling and so on. As a result, to help you protect your hair well, Apohair introduces some tips to prepare a suitable nightly regimen.


To keep your hair always beautiful, it is important to bring to it a silky look. In addition, your hair dries out easily overnight; therefore, you should moisturize it frequently. Before going to bed, apply moisture over your hair.

Apply the suitable hairstyle

During your sleep, hair can be damaged because it moves around and makes friction, which is a reason for dry and frizzy status. Therefore, it is highly suggested to put your hair in a suitable hairstyle to avoid this problem. You can apply braids hairstyle for your hair. This will limit the friction between your hair and pillowcase and reduce damage.

Choose comfortable pillowcase

If you are finding a kind of pillowcase that good for your nightly routine, a silk pillowcase is an ideal choice. Silky pillowcase does not only improve your sleep’s quality but also contributes to reducing damage to your hair. It is slick and creates very little friction. Sleeping with a pillowcase made of silk, your hair will be less frizzy in the next morning. Moreover, silk is known to absorb less moisture from your hair than other fabrics, your hair will not be dry.

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Use a scarf or bonnet

Scarf and bonnet do not only keep your hair from moving around at night but also protect it from being absorbed moisture. Therefore, it is vital to use a scarf or bonnet to protect your hair overnight. More importantly, it is how to choose the good kind of scarf and bonnet. Choosing the right one is necessary because it can affect your hair. It is highly recommended to use a satin or silk one because these materials are slick and good at reducing friction.

Above are some tips for you to protect your hair while you sleep. Everyone wants to start a new day with glamorous hair and a gorgeous look; therefore, taking care of your hair at night is extremely important. Consider these tips and apply them to get beautiful hair. Moreover, you also can boost your hair look with hair extensions. Add some hair extensions from Apohair to look more beautiful. With Apohair, you can be spoilt for choice as a variety of hair types and lengths are available to promote your hair beauty.

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