Do you have a dream of wearing different hairstyles with texture, color, and length every day? I guess yes. And so do I. However, there is a problem is that human hair cannot suffer from too much styling in a very short time. Do not worry as we have a wig that can instantly change one’s appearance and give you a chance to experience a great deal of hairstyle, color, and length. Wigs nowadays become one of the indispensable beauty tools of women. If it is the first time you have used a wig, Apohair will provide you basic steps to put on an Apohair’s wig effectively.

Things you need

Before going into some steps to put on a wig, it is important to know what you need for the whole process. To do well, you need something named flesh-colored wig cap, human hair wig, scissors, scalp protector, wig adhesive, small adhesive brush, and blow dryer. Be ready with these things and we move to the next part: How to put on a wig effectively.

How to put on a wig effectively

Step 1: Protect your skin

Before putting on a wig, you need to make some preparation. It is necessary to clean the skin by your hairline. You can use a cotton ball dampened with isopropyl alcohol to remove body oils. This will prevent the wig adhesive from sticking properly. Then, apply the scalp protector to avoid your scalp directly contact with the adhesive.

Step 2: Apply Adhesive

To put on a wig effectively, the adhesive glue is necessary. With a small makeup brush, you apply a thin layer to the entire hairline. Do not apply the wig immediately, you should wait for it dry by using a blow dryer.

Step 3: Attach the Wig

It is vital to divide the wig into some small parts. First, you attach the wig at the hairline in the front middle of the forehead. Then, press firmly the edge of the wig for 1 minute. Do the same with other parts until you finish the entire hairline.

Step 4: Style your wig

Now, you can style the wig in whatever style you want. You can smooth the hair with flat ironing. Besides, you can style it in some waves or even some braids. However, remember to be careful with the hairline. Press on it to ensure the adhesive stick to your skin.

In Apohair, there are many types of wigs that help you enhance your look in the quickest time. We supply 100% natural human hair extensions and wigs. You can rest your mind with Apohair’s quality. Apohair is always ready to support your hair beauty.

Wigs straight light brown hair from Apohair

Above are some steps to help you put on a wig effectively. A wig can boost your hair look considerably, but it also can be a disaster if you do not know how to put it on naturally. We hope that this post’s information can provide you with a useful way to enhance your hair.