How to secure a wig: 5 practical ways to keep your wig stay in place

how to secure a wig

It cannot be denied that a woman wearing a wig is afraid her wig will fall off. That’s why, to all wig wearers, learning how to secure a wig correctly is extremely important. Making your nice wig secure will let you be more confident when wearing it. Nowadays, there is more than one way to secure a wig. However, not all methods work for every woman. This blog will walk you through 5 ways to secure your wig and how to figure out the best for you.

Method 1: Use a wig cap

use wig cap

The first thing you need to do before applying a wig is to get your natural hair as flat as possible or the wigs can look unnatural. One effective way to get that unit lying is by wearing a wig cap.

A lot of women wonder why they still have to wear a wig cap while some wigs naturally have a cap that the hair is attached to. However, wearing an additional cap will help you answer the question of how to secure a wig and make it more natural. There are two typical types of wig caps these days:

Mesh cap: this type of cap is good for long hair, preventing slippage, and aerating the scalp for sensitive skin.

Nylon cap: this cap helps secure the hair, also prevents slippage and keeps the wigs cleaner.

Both types of wig caps can be found in various colors to match your hair and keep your human hair wig look natural.

Method 2: Double-sided tape

APOHAIR highly recommends that you should use double-sided tape in areas you don’t have hair. Use tape to secure your wig if you have the feeling that it is moving around you and you have no hair. You can place the tape anywhere inside the wig or cut a piece in half if you don’t need a full piece.

In general, people who use wig tape prefer it because the wig tape is as close to a guarantee that your wig won’t fall off. This also explains why a lot of performers and Hollywood stars prefer it to any other application method.

Just always keep in mind that you should never use double-sided tape when wearing a wig on top of your natural hair. Wig tap can easily rip out hairs when you remove it. Although wig tape is considered one of the most effective methods of securing a wig, it’s not worth damaging any existing hair you have.

Method 3: Wig glue

secure a wig with wig glue

Answering the question “How to secure a wig”, we have one more popular method – wig glue. Wig glue is a good way to secure your wig. However, just like double-sided tape, only people without hair should use wig glue.

Wig glue is a roll-on adhesive that is easily removed with water. Besides your wig, you can buy wig glue to secure other things such as socks, nylons, shoulder straps, etc.

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Method 4: Wig Grip Band

Wig grip band is also a good way to secure a wig. The grip band is designed to protect your edges and help you keep your wig on without sliding back. Secure the hair without combs or adhesive. You should opt for a band that is made of comfortable materials such as velvet. One side of this stuff will grip your skin, the other will adhere to your wig or wig cap. Wig grip band has Velcro, so it is easy to attach on your head.

wig grip band

Method 5: Bobby pins

Please keep in mind that you must have hair of your own to use these. And if are you looking for a quick way to secure a wig, choose bobby pins. To use bobby pins, try lifting up some of the hair and stick a few bobby pins straight through the wefts of the wig and into your own hair. Wig wearers can also pin around the outsides of the wig and at your temples. This securing method is time-saving as you can completely do it yourself.

Invest in plenty of bobby pins that are close to your natural hair color. You can use them to pin braid, flat twists, or loose hair close to your head. In the current market, bobby pins are among the items sold at reasonable prices. After placing the unit on your head, use bobby pins to secure your wig.

Wig clips and combs are options for a longer-term to keep a wig on. If you pay more attention to wig structure, you will see that there are many units with clip pre-installed. However, if there is not, you can add your own. For pre-installed clips, you just need to place the unit on your head and slide the clip or comb into your hair. The ultimate goal is to get a firm grip on the hair so the wig will not move.

You can apply any way above to secure a wig from APOHAIR. Just tell us if you have any problems installing our wig. Especially, visit our Galaxy Collection to buy bundles deals and create a wig on your own. Thanks so much for your attention!