The ultimate guide to wig styles: How to style a wig

Applying a new wig is cool. This helps women achieve a completely new look without going to a hair salon to have their hair cut. However, it’s not enough. In addition to wearing a new human hair wig, you need to learn how to style a wig. Read our blog and APOHAIR will let you find out the answer.

The important of wig styling

The ultimate guide to wig styles How to style a wig

Wig styling is necessary to keep your wig look at its best and wig styles require as much care and attention as your natural hair. How to style your wig depends on your own preference and what makes you look great and feel comfortable.

Don’t forget some wig styling accessories in the wig styling process. When trying new wig styles, always use wig brushes and wig combs instead of regular brushes designed for natural hair. In general, wig combs and wig brushes are designed with softer ‘rounded’ bristles and prongs to ensure that the fibers are not dragged when detangling your wig. If your wig styling requires cutting, we recommend visiting a hairdresser to have your wig shaped, styled and cut to your personal preference. Wigs can be shortened, layered and thinned, a customized cut can make a world of difference.

How to Style Human Hair Wigs

The ultimate guide to wig styles How to style a wig

If you’re wondering how to style human hair wig then we recommend that purchasing wig care set designed specifically for human hair wigs is a great place to start. By caring for your wig and keeping it in quality condition, it’s ready for a variety of wig styles. Using a set offers optimal care for your wig as the deep, penetrating and intensive care shampoo and balsam will make the hair smooth, soft and give it a silky gloss. Follow this care routine with a wig conditioner to protect and repair any stressed hair.

Once the wig is washed and left to dry, comb the wig with a wig detangling comb whilst your wig is placed on a wig stand. Alternatively, make an upright fist with your hand and place your wig on the fist as you comb the wig with your other hand. Don’t comb the mesh at the base of the wig as this could cause damage to the wig construction. Use a wig brush or comb and brush gently through the human hair from base to the ends of the hair. Remove tangles first, starting at the bottom and working your way up to prevent breakage. You may use heat appliances such as rollers, curling or straightening irons to give your human hair wig a personal style however try not to use these regularly when creating new wig styles.

How to style synthetic wig?

The ultimate guide to wig styles How to style a wig

You should not use a curling or straightening irons too much when styling your synthetic wig. It’s important to know that heat from these appliances can damage the synthetic fibers of your wig. It can also lessen its condition and quality. If you really want to set your wig style and ensure it will stay in place all day, we suggest that you should use hair spray. Using wig gel spray is a great way to achieve this without creating stickiness or heaviness.

Our Favourite Wig Styles

For a quick and easy personal touch, a hair accessory will definitely help you add a creative twist to your wig style. Adding a headband, hair clip or scarf can also good ways to transform your style. Or course, you can mix and match accessories for different appearances every day. If you would like a subtle style change, with natural beauty at its heart then we suppose you can think about a style that is close to your natural color and cut. A familiar style will make you more confident and it also helps you make a smoother transition into wearing a wig.

Just like natural hair, you can create different wig styles with the use of hair bobbles and slides. If your wig length is shoulder length or longer, a half-down style is highly recommended. For longer length wigs, a messy updo or a loose ponytail for on-trend style will create a difference. You need to keep it messy and let stands of your wig fall naturally around the face to make these looks appear as natural as possible.

Whatever wig style you choose, wearing it with confidence is the key to pulling off any look. Just tell us if you still wonder about how to style a wig. And what’s more, we are having the best quality human hair bundles deals for you. You can learn to create your own wig and style it in your way. Great? Right? Finally, thanks for reading!

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