I tip Hair Extensions – What You Need to Know

Hair extensions are a great way to add length and fullness to hair. Yet, if you’re newcomers, chances are that you’ll be overwhelmed by thousands of kinds of hair extensions available on the hair market these days. Among those, weaves, clip-ins, and tip hairs are of most popular choices. So, in today’s post, we’re providing you with the basics of the I-tip hair extensions and some best wholesalers for this hair type.

  1. I-tip Hair Extensions

I-tip hair extensions – also known as stick-tip hair extensions – are actual human hair that is attached to your existing one. There are several methods of doing this. In APO Hair, we use the beaded method for our stick-tip hairs. In this method, the strands will be attached to the hair near the roots with a small bead. These beads are specially designed to secure both your natural hair and the tips of your extensions. You can rest assured that the beads are very small and soft so that it can be crimped down to keep the hair and the hair extension stay still without making it unnatural. In a full-head installation, rows of beads are installed on your scalp. We can also opt for only a few strands to add pops of color or highlights.

I-tip hair lasts for a long time – 3 to 6 months, particularly. However, as you wear I-tip extensions for a few weeks, your personal hair may grow longer, which causes the beads and hair extensions to go further away from the scalp. Thus, we strongly recommend that you go in for touch-ups every few weeks so that your stylist can adjust the beads by moving them closer to the scalp.

Scrolling down your social media for I-tip hair extensions reviews, you’ll probably be inundated with comments that claim only hair extensions which are made of virgin hairs are qualified enough to ensure the criteria we stated above. Many hair vendors declare to supply all types of hair extensions including virgin hair. Nevertheless, the truth is most of these extensions have already been mixed with synthetic hairs or have gone through chemical processes in order to keep the hair silkiness and remain shiny. For that reason, it’s vital that you differentiate between the real and fake ones.

So what’s virgin hair? Virgin hair extensions are collected from only a single donor each bulk and will not go through any chemical process. These hairs are ensured to be free from dyes, curls, bleaches, or hard washes. Virgin hair extensions are, under no circumstance, exposed to extreme agents. Thanks to that happened, the hair cuticles are all intact and running the same direction. Virgin hair is known to be one of the most precious and expensive types of hair due to it being smooth, untangled, and always in the ideal shape and quality. What’s even more, natural hair makes it way easier for you to style it however you like.

Apart from I-tip hair extensions, other types of tip hair are also very popular among the beauty community. At APO Hair, we also have:

  • Flat-tip hair: Flat-tip hair extensions are the hair that is attached by keratin. We don’t usually stick all then stick some hairpieces to a small roll.
  • V-tip hair: Different from the other hair extensions, it will be stuck by keratin. It will also be stuck into the small rolls. The hair is now available in many standards, types, and textures.
  • U-tip hair: U-tip hair, or nail-tip hair extensions, are just as well-known as the stick-tip ones. They are hair extensions that are pre-tipped with keratin and are applied to the client by use of a hot hair extension iron. Using keratin as a form of hair extension application has been around for many years, and is a very popular method of fitting. You can wear U tip hair extension day and night for several months, of course with proper care routine.
  1. Wholesale I-tip Hair Extensions:

Nowadays, not only women but also men take interest in hair products, either hair care products or hair extensions, adding to the driving force for the whole hair industry. The results are that the hair extensions market has also rapidly grown.

Most wholesale hairs are online. Since the hair can be delivered directly from the manufacturer without involvement from a third agency, the price for online wholesale hair is much lower than that of the offline one. One more bonus point for online wholesale I-tip hair distributors is that they offer a lot of discount rebates as well as help you save on taxes, not to mention that you can shop anytime during the day online.

#1 Alibaba/AliExpress

Considered to be one of the largest retailers across the globe where you can wholesale I-tip hair. The company was incorporated in China and has now grown to serve more than 250 countries. A great fact for you is that Alibaba’s total sales and profits have already those of all the US retailers combined. Hence, if you are searching for a reliable wholesale I-tip hair distributor, Alibaba could be an ideal site to go for.

#2 Chinabrands

It might be unfamiliar for those new to the field of hair extensions. Nonetheless, if you consult any beauty gurus or hair suppliers that have been around the extensions market for a while about the best wholesalers for I-tip virgin hair, high chances are that you’ll be inundated with the recommendations for Chinabrands. Chinabrands, just as its name, is a wholesale supplier based in China. The company provides different regions of hair such as Brazilian, Vietnamese, Peruvian, and Indian hair to distributors, business owners as well as wholesale vendors from all parts of the world. It’d be very convenient for those who’re seeking a reliable wholesale I-tip hair distributor.


APOHair is one of the best online wholesale I-tip hair distributors that supply 100% Vietnamese Real Remy Hair to the international market. With more than 25 years of experience in the hair industry, we have built a steady foundation as well as a group of two hundred excellent staff, including workers and office employees. We always get new challenges with three criteria:

  • Customer’s top concern: we always consider us as our customers. The first thing we implement is to examine the customer’s trend in particular areas and make them satisfy. It is also our spirit throughout the above criterion.
  • Continuous development: We learn and try ourselves continuously to make the best products and decrease price of the products, and to be a leading position in the global market.
  • High quality: We always sure that all of the goods gain the highest values and quality, and they are made from the best raw material. As a result, our products get international standards to comply with the “APO” brand.

For the I-tip products, we provide I-tip hair extensions in all forms and all textures – from the nano-tip hair extensions, straight I-tip hair extensions, wavy i-tip hair extensions to curly i-tip hair extensions. APO Hair’s i-tip hairs are also available in colors ranging from natural black to ombré i-tip hair extensions.

If you want to start your own hair business, these are some best distributors for wholesale I-tip Virgin hair that will fetch you maximum profits.


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