1The term “hair extensions” is not a new one in the hair beauty area in some recent years. Hair extensions become popular hair beauty tool which are used by many women in the world. They are considered as ultimate hair accessories as they add more beauty, style and a new look to your overall persona.

However, even though you are very experienced in wearing hair extensions, do you know clearly where they are from, how they are made, etc. If you do not know the answer, this post will help you.


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Hair extensions in the history

Hair extensions are used widely nowadays; however, they actually have been used for centuries. Through the documented evidence of their use, it can be said that they date from ancient Egypt period. Moreover, people also believe that Cleopatra used hair extensions.

How hair extensions are made

To make hair extensions, miniature tufts of hair are glued onto an individual’s scalp or woven into real pieces of hair close to the scalp. Therefore, they can make your hair fuller and longer. In addition, human hair extensions are made from human hair collected mostly in India, Vietnam, Cambodia and so on.

100% human hair extensions are the best

It is always suggested to use human hair extensions to have natural look. Human hair extensions are made from 100% human hair by hand. They are heat resistant and not easy to be tangled.

On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are not like human hair extensions. They are fibers. Their heat resistance is not as good as human hair extensions’ one and they are easy to be tangled.

Many people using hair extensions still wonder whether applying hair extensions damage natural strands. It is the fact that all hair extensions methods are safe; however, it can be said that clip-ins are the absolutely safest method in existence.

Do you wonder why? The reason is simple because it is the only method that doesn’t require the use of glue, tape, heat, rings, or anything like that.

Clip-in hair extensions existed for 100 years

It is said that clip-in hair extensions have a long history and were applied in the 1900s. 100 years ago, women knew how to boost their hair look with extensions. They, of course, were not as nearly as good and modern ones.

Everything in our life has its own stories and deep knowledge. No matter what your job is, you should know these interesting facts to know more about your hair extensions. As a hair extensions user, it is necessary that you know these deep knowledge to not only use them but also take care of them well.

As mentioned above, human hair extensions is the best, you can use Apohair extensions to experience their advantage. Apohair is a Vietnamese hair extensions brand that supplies human hair extensions with many hair types and hair lengths. Clip in hair, tape hair, keratin hair, etc. are always available in Apohair.