International Children’s Day at APOHAIR


”Children are a gift from the lord”- every single life, every single child, is a reward and blessing. Children, the future of mankind,  completely deserve to receive love, attention, and protection from the people around them. To respond to International Children’s Day, APOHAIR  celebrated a children’s party. This is an opportunity to connect APO members and their children, create a meaningful playing field for little angels as well as send adults a reminder about taking better care and protection towards their beloved kids. 

All of the APO member and children
APO members and their children


Prepare for International Children’s Day- festival of children

To get a perfect party for children, the APO office has decorated full of balloons in various colors for one day before the event started. Fruits, desserts, and soft drinks are also prepared well. A video is created by collecting photos of children and their daily activities with parents to play on-screen during the party. Especially, the meaningful gifts are chosen carefully for each child to be suitable with their age, hobby, and sex such as dolls for girl children or jigsaw puzzles for boy children, etc. All of them aim to bring a successful and meaningful party for the children-little angels.



Hang balloons before the event started
Fruit is prepared for party

International Children’s Party- Time for fun

To begin the children’s party, a funny video about the children is played on the screen. and then children sing and dance to the most adorable and beautiful music. All of them are very happy. There is a variety of gaming that the children can join such as throwing dart, lucky numbers, hangman,… They are excited when playing games together.  The children are given gifts that make them very highly enthusiastic.


The children very enjoy gaming activities


At the end of the party, everyone takes some time to take pictures to keep the good moments and memories together. They look very happy. 

It would say that the office atmosphere totally changes after the arrival of the children, they bring joy and bustle to the whole room. The joy of children is also the happiness of parents. Hope that the children will always be happy and when they are happy, their parents – APO staff are also glad and have the greatest energy to work harder!

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