Invisible lace wig – the perfect wig for a seamless appearance

APOHAIR has a question for you: Which factors affect your buying decision for a new lace wig? We believe that some of you may quickly tell us about hair quality, hair color, or hair standard. Ladies, although there are sometimes you forget it, we cannot deny that the lace material is important. Do you want to achieve a perfect look with a gorgeous invisible lace wig? If yes, let’s get ready to follow us right now!

How well do you know about invisible lace wig?

In general, an invisible lace wig is created when different single pieces of hair are tied into the lace. One special thing you should understand is that these invisible knots are not done with a machine but by hand. It’s necessary to determine that an invisible lace wig usually comes in HD lace (sometimes known as Swiss lace).

Invisible lace wig - the perfect wig for a seamless appearance

There are many types of lace in the hair market today. It can be normal lace, transparent lace, or HD lace. Depending on your preference, you can choose the suitable lace material for your wig. However, if you are looking for the most invisible lace wig with the highest lace quality, we recommend the HD lace for your new wig.

Reasons to choose HD invisible lace wig

Invisible lace wig - the perfect wig for a seamless appearance

It’s necessary to know that HD stands for high definition. Exactly, HD lace is considered to be a royal lace material that used to be called Swiss lace. HD lace becomes popular thanks to its invisible color and material. The lace is undetectable when applied to the scalp, ensuring that the wig wearer can have an exposed hairline. Using invisible HD lace wig, you are going to get a very natural hairstyle and hairline. The HD lace renders the lace along the hairline highly undetectable.

Invisible lace wig draws a lot of attention from women worldwide because the lace is super thin and soft. It can be melted very easily with your hairline, creating a seamless look.

Because the invisible lace is of an HD transparent color, it can match many different skin tones and of course, it is very undetectable.

Invisible lace wig - the perfect wig for a seamless appearance

All the hairs of the invisible wig are tied with single knots. This means you don’t have to bleach the knots to achieve a natural look for your new hairstyle.

It would be a great thing if you purchase human remy hair invisible wig. That reveals that you are getting the best quality for both the lace and the hair. For Remy hair, all hair cuticles remain and face the same direction, ensuring smooth, soft and silky hair.

What is the difference between normal transparent lace and HD lace?

Invisible lace wig - the perfect wig for a seamless appearance

One of the keys to wearing a wig is to make it look as natural as possible. We can catch this point to make a comparison between normal transparent lace and invisible HD lace. HD lace (Swiss lace) is more see-through than normal lace. It can better melt into the scalp, making the hairline look more natural and less visible.

Despite we often recommend the transparent lace to women with light skin tones, sometimes, you may hear that the normal transparent lace is quite invisible. However, this only seems to be true when you bleach the hair knots and glue down the hairline. In that way, the normal transparent color can melt into any skin tone.

According to the features of the lace material itself, the invisible HD lace is still much thinner, more delicate and also more transparent than the normal transparent lace. Using HD lace helps you save time as you don’t have to bleach the hair knots for a more natural look of the hairline.

An invisible lace wig is the perfect option if you guys are looking for a really natural look for your new appearance. And APOHAIR is excited about informing you that we use invisible lace wig for all the types of wig in our hair collection. If you want to create your own wig, we are also happy to talk about our new Galaxy Collection with a lot of nice bundles deals. Contact us directly if you need any support. We are ready to supply you with the best human hair extensions.

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