Is it necessary for washing weave before install?

Many girls who are excited about a new nice set of hair extensions would rather choose to use it immediately instead of washing weave before install. Well, it’s not a serious problem as we can understand that you can’t help trying the gorgeous hairstyle. However, it’s important for you to know that washing your weave before installation is necessary. Why and how? All the answers will be revealed right here.

  washing weave

Why should you wash weave before installing?

For clean

Do you usually wash your new clothes before wearing them? If yes, there is no doubt that the same principle is also applied with human hair weave. Washing weave before install is highly recommended in almost all situations.

After we pay for the order, human hair weave bundle will be packed and shipped out. It will take about 3 days for you to receive the real human hair weave bundles. Once you have received your required hair extensions, the first thing you need to do is checking to ensure that it is the right human hair you order. So what is the next step? Now you can easily guess that the second thing to do is to wash the weave before installing it to your head. The reason is that we can’t know exactly what happened to our weave during transportation.

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During the shipment, we just can’t know if the hair has to be opened to meet customs inspection or not. If yes, this procedure may bring dust to our hair bundle. That’s why we need to wash the hair as soon as receiving it. No matter what to say, wearing dirty human hair is a really bad experience.

washing weave before install

For healthy hairstyle

Almost all types of remy hair are directly collected and produced without any harmful chemicals. This process of production makes sure that you are getting hair extensions with the best quality. However, there are sometimes workers who need to spray some moisturizing essence to their hair products to keep them in good condition. This contains no bad smell and causes no hard. The only to do is washing the hair to make sure it is in the most natural and healthy status.

For better installation

Although the item you choose is just a small set of human hair weave or some human hair bundles with closure to sew in a wig, washing them before installing can make your installation procedure more easily and smoothly. Have you ever heard that hair weave will appear its best effects and condition after washing? Now, you can install the best remy hair effective for your brand new look. That’s why besides knowing how to sew in a weave properly, it’s also important for you to know clearly the process to wash the weave before installing it.

How to wash human hair before installing?

wash a weave before install

Here, we are providing some basic steps that you can follow for washing weave before install.

Step 1: Choose good quality shampoo, get a sufficient amount of it, mix it with moderate water and then, slightly stir the water with your hands until the shampoo melts with water. We highly recommend that you should choose a shampoo with moisturizing as moisturizing effects will be better for the hair.

Step 2: Now you use your finger or a wide teeth comb to detangle the human hair weave if you realize there are tangles in the hair bundle. This process is necessary as it will keep the human hair away from tangle when you put them into water.

Step 3: Place the hair weave into the water, make sure you are doing this gently. Rubbing the remy hair too rudely in this step may cause negative effects, leading to hair tangle or shedding. Keep washing the human hair to make it clean for about 2 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse your remy human hair weave with clean water, making sure all the froth washed clean.

Step 5: squeeze out any excess water remaining in your hair extensions. Next, lay your best human hair flat on a clean dry towel. Don’t forget to apply some leave-in conditioner or hair care essential oil to your hair, wrap the hair with a towel and leave them for about one hour. After that, rinse the hair weave until it is clean.

Step 6: Dry your hair, using a dry clean towel. The best way is to let it naturally dry. A hairdryer can also be applied, however, don’t use it at too high temperatures. You can use hair extensions hanger to dry your hair as well.

washing a weave

Do I need to wash APO’s hair weave before installing it?

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APO hair makes sure we are supplying the best hair extensions in the market. You may wonder if our hair is clean enough or not. Let us tell you that before producing different types of hair extensions, we have washed them carefully with a suitable shampoo. This process also helps remove all possible bad smell, lice or insect contained in our hair.

hanging the weave

You can choose to wash the hair or not. However, for the best result, we suggest that you should still wash the extension before using it. Washing the hair ensures you are having the best hair extensions, making you more confident and comfortable when using them.

What are the prices of hair weave in APO’s store?

There are many types of weave hair extensions in APO’s collection. Our weave products are made in various textures including wavy, curly and straight hair. There are also many colors and lengths available in the stock. All you need to do is just picking up your favorite items.

Don’t worry about our hair quality as all the hair extensions we provide are from 100% Vietnamese human remy hair which is collected from Vietnamese donors. This means all hair cuticle remain and face the same direction, preventing the hair from tangling or shedding. So, how about the prices of the hair? It is clear that human hair will be at higher prices in comparison with synthetic fibers. However, the special thing at APO hair is that we always try our best to supply you hair products at the most reasonable and flexible prices.

Do you think it is necessary for washing weave before install? If yes, add this step to your hair care routine. We hope that you could do your best to enhance your weave’s quality and lifespan.