Key differences between synthetic hair extensions vs human hair extensions

In the current hair market, there are two basic origins for hair products: synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions. As you might know, we are APO hair – a large human hair supplier in Vietnam. However, by analyzing the difference between these two types, we don’t mean to advise you to support any of them. Till the end, the decision is yours!

Synthetic hair and human hair: What are they?

Synthetic hair extensions

Key differences between synthetic hair extensions vs human hair extensions

As their own name, synthetic hair extensions are made of synthetic fiber that imitates human hair. If you pay attention to the hair market, you should update that there are synthetic extensions of different quality available today. When life changes, there has been a lot of enhancement when it comes to the production of synthetic strands.

Although synthetic extensions are improved day by day, many people still hesitate to choose them. In fact, there are still some limitations in this kind of hair extension.

Human hair extensions

Key differences between synthetic hair extensions vs human hair extensions

Human hair extensions are made of human hair. However, please note if it is human remy hair or human non-remy hair. Remy hair is directly collected from donors. This ensures that all hair cuticles remain and face the same direction. Using human remy hair means you don’t need to worry about hair tangles or hair shedding.

Although it is still one kind of human hair, non-remy hair is not a favorite item of women. It is easy to understand as non-remy hair is the hair collected from the floor of many different salons.

Similarities of synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions

Hair textures

Both types of hair extensions are designed in various textures, which brings customers many options for their new hairstyles. For example, human hair extensions have all from straight to wavy and curly hair products. This is the same with synthetic fiber extensions. You can also choose synthetic straight hair extensions, synthetic curly hair extensions and many others.

Key differences between synthetic hair extensions vs human hair extensions

Hair colors

Human hair can be in black, dark brown, light brown, blonde, red, highlight, or ombre shade. So why can’t synthetic hair get those? Nowadays, when the technology of producing synthetic hair develops, you can easily achieve a beautiful synthetic wig or extension. The color of them can be from simple to complicated shades.

Hair lengths

This is also a very important factor when customers choose their suitable hair products. And it is not difficult to know that both human hair and synthetic hair are sold now in the market at different hair lengths from short, medium to long locks. This is so great!

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Differences between synthetic hair and human hair

Hair manufacturing

Synthetic hair extensions

As you might know, the final goal of synthetic extensions is to resemble real hair. According to some research, synthetic hair ingredients include around 10-15 different chemicals. This number can be replaced, depending on the color and manufacturer.

Normally, the low quality of synthetic fiber will look very plastic and waxy. A higher quality one will resemble real human hair more.

Key differences between synthetic hair extensions vs human hair extensions

Human hair extensions

Highest quality extensions are made of 100% human hair which has never been chemically or mechanically processed. Sometimes, manufactures will check each batch to see if cuticles align.

The hair strand collected from donors can be made into any extension type. Workers then wash, treat and start to make hairpieces. Because of this meticulous process, human hair is more expensive, but in higher quality and longevity.

Price of hair

Synthetic hair extensions

Price is one of the main reasons explaining why women choose synthetic hair over remy hair. However, just imagine how low-quality this hair must be when you can buy it at such low prices.

Surely, synthetic hair extensions at higher prices must mean their quality is a lot better, right? You might think that high-cost synthetic hair is nearly the same as human hair extensions. This could be wrong. No matter how good they are, synthetic fibers cannot tolerate heat as well as human hair extensions.

Remy human hair extensions

Key differences between synthetic hair extensions vs human hair extensions

You can easily know that remy hair extensions are at higher prices. This is partly due to the complicated manufacturing process that ensures the highest quality. The higher price you purchase hair extensions, the better quality you get.

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Hair longevity

Synthetic hair extensions

Well, the life expectancy of synthetic hair is not so promising. Its average lifespan is from 2 to 3 months. This is easy to understand because this type of hair is never made to last long. The artificial fibers cannot cope with daily use. They will certainly tangle a lot and eventually turn into a huge mass-like bundle. If you want to choose hair with ideal longevity, synthetic hair is not an optional selection.

Human hair extensions

Remy hair extensions are very durable. This is the perfect option for anyone who wants hair that lasts for a considerably long amount of time. In general, you can expect to wear it for at least three months for some low-quality human hair. If you take good care of the extensions, the lifespan can be significantly extended. The best quality of human hair can last up to 24 months.

Can you dye synthetic hair extensions?

You wonder: “Can you dye synthetic hair extensions“. You heard somewhere that you can dye your synthetic hair extensions. Yes, some may provide you with methods for dying synthetic hair, including fabric dye, even sharpies. However, it’s important to know that the hair is more likely to be damaged in the dyeing process. In fact, they will probably be ruined and rendered unwearable.

Key differences between synthetic hair extensions vs human hair extensions

For the best results, we highly recommend that you should choose high-quality human hair for new hair color. You can style, curl, dye hair the way you want as long as you know how to find a really good hair supplier. In case you love synthetic with hair color, buy it in a ready-made form and try.

In APO hair, we only supply human hair extensions. If you are looking for high-quality human hair products, contact us. We are always ready to support you in the shortest time. Should you need any further information, please visit our website Apohair to update more. Thanks for your attention.

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