The winter is around the corner, and you all must be looking forward to something cozy yet comfortable look. But apart from shoes, bags, clothes, us girls also have to choose the hairstyle that would match well with our winter outfits. For those with long hair, most would rather leave their hair open to avoid cold, but what about the short hairs? Don’t worry because we are here to give you some dope ideas to style your hair for this winter. However, every hairstyle requires certain lengths and volumes. Thus, having hair extensions with you might be the best choice of the season.

Why do we have to use hair extensions?

We have listed below some of the most common answers why girls find it important to have hair extensions. Let’s see if you are convinced enough!

  • Long and thick hair keeps you warm and goes well with hats
  • It shows off your winter style
  • You can dye your hair without damaging your natural hair
  • It allows you to try more styles
  • The more hair you have, the more feminine you look
  • It just casually boost confident!

How should I style my hair for winter?

Do it however you want, but if you still have no idea, we do have some suggestion for you to rock this year winter look.

  • Bouncy waves

Imagine walking in the cold weather with a warm beanie on your head, sipping a cup of hot chocolate, but the look won’t be completed without the bouncy touch. So put your hair extensions on and curl it gently, remember to curl your hair from the ends and let them fall to make it bouncier. There’s no need to worry because us APO hair will provide the all types of hair extensions that can be styled easily just like your natural hair.

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  • Dye your hair:

Want to get rid of this boring hairstyle you’ve been having the whole year? Want to try something new? Then dyeing your hair would be a great idea (who doesn’t love a little color in your hair?). Could it be a single streak, highlights, ombre, or any other styles, APO hair is here to take care of your experimental mind. With a great diversity of color and ombre hair extensions to choose from, we can ensure you to have the hair of your dream.

  • Classic straight hair

The first thing that comes to our mind when thinking of winter is a wood-color straight hairstyle. Straight hair has always been the classic hairstyle, and it seems that this hairstyle won’t go out of date. So what is it with this hairstyle? Well, we would say that it makes you look chic yet effortless. Just comb it gently, part it from the middle and you are done! It’s such a simple hairstyle yet it is more than enough to turns you into an elegant lady. Besides, what would be so hard to find straight hair extensions at APO hair?

  • Side-swept hair

If you are looking for a more feminine and sexier look for the party, you might want to try this side-swept hairstyle. Brush your hair into one side and curl it with an appropriate iron.

How to take care of your extensions?

Great hair doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by appointment, so invest in your hair as much as possible. Winter makes it more brittle and drier when feeling your hair, including your extensions, you have to make sure to have the right methods to take care of your extensions. We thought some of you may be clueless about how you can actually do it, so we are here to help you out.

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  • Reduce the heat

This method is used not only in winter but all seasons as heat from straightener or hair dryer would result in lots of damages and breakage to your hair and reducing the heat would keep your hair in better condition. A good tip is that after having shower, air-dry your hair in cool setting. By doing that, you will reduce the damage caused by hairdryers to your hair. Plus, it would add more glams to your hair.

  • Change your brushing routine

Hair extensions are very easy to get tangled, especially in winter. If you have not yet a fixed brushing routine, then it is time you made one. Loop brushes are our pick for you, especially if you have curly or wavy hair. For the right way to brush your hair, be as gentle as you can. Hold your hair roots with one hand and brush softly from the ends with your other hand, then work your way up toward the scalp. Don’t try to brush it any other ways but downward to preserve your hair’s natural direction. The best way to keep good condition of your hair extensions is to brush it twice a day.

  • Use hair care products

For hair extensions, it is important to supply enough moist to keep them fine. All you need to do is to use extra oils and nourishing creams so that the hair would stay soft and smooth.

You may also use a heat protectant to keep your hair away from the heat when you are straightening or curling hair.

To keep your hair extensions clean and nourished, shampoo them twice per week. And of course, you will have to brush them afterward to avoid the frazzled look.

Now that we have provided you everything you need to know for a nice hair look for winter, you should be able to make your own decision regarding which hair extensions are for you and how you will style it for the winter. Prepare your wallets and get ready to treat yourself with the hair extensions as soon as APO hair sales hit.