Planning on having a whole new look for this summer yet can’t get inspired? Then you are choosing the right site because we are here to cover you with some of the most inspiring hairstyles of celebrities.

This week, we’re giving you the hair history of a 37-year-old star. Not only her ‘Cinderella’ love story but also her beautiful sense of styles that has had the world in awe. The beauty has come far from her days of a normal actress and blossomed into a classic Duchess of Sussex. Friends, we are talking about Meghan Markle, who is definitely living out all of our beautiful hair fantasies. Following the ‘Meghan Markle’ effect, we decide to trace the hair evolution of our newest Royal Family’s member – Meghan Markle.


We can say that Meghan Markle is born lucky. Not because of her marrying a Prince but her confident aura and her glossy gorgeous hair. Her hair is actually what we’re living for since day one. If you hadn’t believed, look at this picture of the young prom queen Meghan. She looks like a real princess with a white dress and super sleek hairstyle. And let’s be honest, fresh face Meghan Markle is the prettiest thing ever!


Looking all laidback and chill wearing a baseball cap on her natural brown hair, young Markle has certainly shown her sensibility in beauty choices.


This is one of the most iconic moments of our Deal or No Deal’s briefcase girl. We can see that these voluminous, extensions-filled bouncy curls are for Markle. In fact, this regal look would perfectly fit for the palace, just as Meghan herself.


Seems like this was one of the first times Meghan experimented with a drastic color change. Adding copper and cinnamon highlights to her chestnut-hued hair helps complement her flawless bronze skin. In the attempt to refresh her look for 2010, Meghan went for a face framed layers haircut, flat-ironed and center-parted.


Still the face-framing layers cut but a bit longer, 2011’s Meghan Markle smoothly shifted her lock from chic straight hair to soft, undone texture waves. This off-center parted beach hair would be perfect for both your casual Insta post and your red-carpet appearance. And don’t forget about her signature glossy look cause her shiny bends are stunning.


Apparently, hair extensions are a girl’s best friend. Imagine having this super long ringlet curls without extensions, our hair would have been a complete mess.

A slicked-back ponytail is for Meghan’s May look. This is rightfully a masterpiece. We’re in love with the way she paired this lock with a pop purple eye color.

There we have Meghan Markle backing to her trademark style later in 2012. It is undeniable that Markle with natural brown hair tossed over one side looks the best.

Side note: Have you watched season 2 of Suits Meghan? Her long-layered hair and blunt bangs are adorable!


It seems that Meghan started to minimize putting her hair under heat or chemical styling process as we can see the star stepping out on the red carpet with updos multiple times. This loose, wispy low bun with plenty of fly-away gave off a very royal vibe as if she had already been a part of the Royal Family.

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This sophisticated retro bouffant, with plenty of volumes is also one of the most beautiful hairdos of Meghan.

This sleek, straight, center-parted hairstyle seems to be riding the end of the updo train. Markle rocked this lock as she looked like a proper Hollywood star.


Somehow our Duchess still fancied the updo style. This windswept bun with face-framing layers worn as loose tendrils is the proof. But we can’t say that Markle doesn’t look gorgeous here, can we?

Hitting up the 2014 MiuMiu event, Ms. Markle left us completely in shock as this was the first and only time we’ve seen her in a braid.


After all those years having long layers cut, Meghan finally chopped off her hair into blunt, chest-length waves.

Goddess Meghan Markle had returned at the CFDA awards. Look at how stunning she was with her signature texturized hair flip. A small tip for you is that you can recreate this look with a beveled straightener. All you need to do is twist and rotate your hair around your iron as you work your way down to the ends.


Deciding to level up her bedhead waves, Markle go-to hairstyle this year was sleek, polished Hollywood waves. Who knew that Meghan could look this good?


This was the year where Markle made her first public appearance with Prince Harry. The star was completely relaxed with her classic center-parted blowout and white button-down shirt.

We don’t think we could ever forget this iconic moment when they announce their official engagement. And did you notice how the soon-to-be royal’s hair looked so good (just as the occasion itself)? We are amused that someone could ever pull off such flawless hair.

Again, her simple side-swept bends are the best. They even looked better in her official engagement portrait.

Wearing hats could definitely end your hair game unless you are Meghan Markle. Seems that even this kind of hat couldn’t mess with this woman’s hair. Obviously, her straightened hair looked not at all bothered by that hat.


She wouldn’t be Meghan Markle if she didn’t wear her signature hairstyle. The fact that she was putting on a slight curl to frame her face shows her incredible fashion sense.

Imagine being this beautiful with just a simple undone bun.

Thank God! Here comes the wedding of the century. After months waiting, we can finally get to see the future Duchess’s wedding hair. it was a simple twisted chignon snaked down the neck. As usual, her layers were center-parted and tucked behind her ears, making it more polished yet very casual. And a tiara should not be missed at one’s wedding, right?

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There is nothing much to say about her 2019 hairstyles as Meghan has settled herself certain styles. This year, the Duchess of Sussex decided to stay loyal to her classic hair flip, only more polished.

A black cap isn’t enough to hide her soft, sophisticated waves as this was from her first time coming to New York since becoming a royal.

You must be dying to know what brand her hair spray is. So do we. on her visiting to the Bristol Old Vic, Markle looked pristine with her hair down in the snow.

Apart from the soft waves, Meghan also appears in buns and updos quite regularly. She pulled her hair all the way back into a high bun making it just as elegant yet effortless.

Instead of choosing the slicked-back look as always, Meghan went for a deep side part with her hair swept behind her ears. This look is absolutely refreshing to us, not to mention her makeup.

Lately, Meghan has been seen sporting noticeably longer hair several times, and it’s no secret that she is wearing hair extensions. This is understandable as post-partum hair loss is a very normal change that most new mums go through. Besides, Meghan looks radiant with her full volume waves. In fact, this bouncy style looks fabulous on her, making it millions of girls’ hair goal.

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Looking back at Meghan Markle’s hair history, we wish that our hair history was just as perfect as the new mother’s, but if nothing else we sure you are all inspired to master this at-home blow-dry! If you interested in posts like this, click here for more posts about celebrities’ hair.