Messy bun hair piece – A cool breeze for this summer

APO believes that if you pay a lot of attention to the hair market, you have at least once heard about weave, clip in, tape or keratin hair extensions. However, your options don’t just stop there. In today’s post, we are going to talk about one more great kind of hair extension – messy bun hair piece. What is it and how is it important in enhancing our look? Keep reading and you will understand more.

Messy bun hair piece for short hair

What will you do if you are having short hair but you still want to try bun hairstyle? Well, you might think that it’s hard but the fact is not. Today, in the hair market, you can easily find out thousands of messy bun hair piece products which are available in various colors and styles.

Messy bun hair piece – A cool breeze for this summer

While other types of hair extension help you get instant length and volume to your natural locks, messy bun hair piece is going to help you have a completely new bun style. In that way, workers in hair enterprises have proved that a messy bun style is now not just the story of girls with long hair.

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Why do you need to use messy bun hair piece?

Messy bun, in the past, was the hairstyle that only girls with long or medium hair length apply. Some girls admit that they feel quite sick of their long locks which irritates them much, especially in summer. Others choose it as they realize that this hairstyle can bring them a glamorous look. Regardless of the reason, we can’t deny that this is a very attractive hairstyle. It will certainly help you achieve a completely new look just in a short period of time.

As we have mentioned above, you are having short hair but sometimes you will still want to try messy bun style. Never think it’s too difficult to try that style as you can use a messy bun hair piece to create a new bun hairstyle for yourself. There are many different ways for you to style a messy bun and here we have investigated all the options and come up with the best choices for you. Check out what they are.

The best hairstyles to rock in this summer

Messy bun for long hair

Messy bun with bangs

Messy bun hair piece – A cool breeze for this summer

If you decide to choose a bold set of bangs as your hairstyle for this summer, just enhance your look with a messy high bun. When you pull your long hair up off the shoulders, this will allow those elegant bangs to frame your face. Now you can dress it down with a white tee and denim jeans for a casual and daily look. To be more attractive, turn up the heat with earrings and luscious red rips.

High messy bun

Messy bun hair piece – A cool breeze for this summer

If you are not confident in your height and want to improve this, we tell you a tip – creating high messy bun. Yes. For petite girls who want to add some extra height or taller ladies who’d love to elongate their figure further, high messy bun hairstyles have become their best partners. To achieve this look, you need to pull the hair slightly tighter than usual so we can ensure it remains fixed on our head. However, the result is worth it as wears of this look can instantly adopt the elegance and grace of a ballerina.

Half up messy bun

Messy bun hair piece – A cool breeze for this summer

You just need to take a small part of your hair to make this hairstyle. For girls with long hair, half up messy bun perfectly presents the best of both worlds as it gets the mane up off your face while showcasing your luscious locks.

Messy bun for short hair

Cute messy bun

Messy bun hair piece – A cool breeze for this summer

If you are sporting a long bob or shoulder-grazing hairstyle, don’t feel that you are missing out the beautiful trend. There are still a lot of gorgeous hairstyles you can try. The simple method we suggest here is that you pull the hair back into a simple knot positioned in the middle of the back of the head. Now, free a few wispy strands from the front to frame your face so that you can show this cute messy bun look.

Low messy bun

Messy bun hair piece – A cool breeze for this summer

Never think that you can’t try low messy bun in summer because the style can make you feel hot. In fact, low messy bun is cool enough as you’ve gathered all the hair to make this hairstyle. Now create an illusion of length with it. Low messy bun usually sits at the nape of the neck. This style allows short-haired girls to make the most out of their locks. If you are experiencing bangs with your bob, let these fall freely across your face to add a soft and delicate beauty to this simple style.

Messy bun for thin hair

Messy bun hair piece – A cool breeze for this summer

If you have naturally thin hair, messy bun can also a good option for you to add a little extra thickness. Because your hair is thin, make sure that you will keep your bun loose. That will also protect your hair, preventing possible breakage that could result from tightly pulling the hair back.

Messy bun hair piece is cool. However, if it’s not your choice, you can also choose other types of hair extensions to enhance your look. Many items of weave, clip in, tape, lace closure, frontal and wig are available in our stock. Visit our website Apohair for more information and receive our latest promotions for this summer.

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