Discovering the most stunning looks of Nicki Minaj no makeup

Nicki Minaj no makeup

Nicki Minaj – one of the most talented singers, is no longer a strange name to you, right? Famous for her beauty, style statement as well as her successful career, Nicki Minaj usually appears in her beautiful appearance. That’s why we always see the celeb so gorgeous on camera. However, did you ever see Nicki Minaj no makeup? Follow APOHAIR right now to discover all the best moments!

The without makeup look

without makeup look

If you are looking for some interesting moments of Nicki Minaj no makeup, then this may be the most popular one. In this picture, you can see the natural face of this woman. It looks like, she can draw a lot of attention, even when she is wearing no makeup. Her pout and the unique expression are so impressive. We believe that her natural and real face is hardly known by many people.

The close-up picture Nicki Minaj no makeup

Nicki Minaj no makeup

Well, you can see that the singer even choose no lipstick for her face, quite natural. This selfie picture of Nicki Minaj is still a good one. In this angle, Nicki Minaj no makeup looks still glamorous. She just applied bold eyeliner only. And we can still feel her natural face here. This is considered to be a great way for our singer to get much love from her fans. It is really wonderful.

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The pre-makeup selfie

no makeup selfie

It can be said that the one who takes this photo has got the perfect moment. Of course, that is no one but Nicki Minaj. The image shows the without makeup face of Nicki, just some minutes before she puts on some makeup. Here you can see that Nicki Minaj no makeup is flaunting her hair curls out with simple, bold eyes and no-makeup look. The famous singer still looks so cute and adorable in this one. It’s so exciting if you are searching for pictures of Nicki Minaj without makeup.

Cute Nicki Minaj no makeup

a cute look

We can tell that Nicki Minaj is among very few of those female rappers that have achieved such massive success in their career. She just makes a pathway for other female rappers. Truly, Nicki is an inspiration for those who want to do something great in their life. Seen here is Nicki flaunting her kiddish and bubby expression in front of the camera. She is seen to be so naughty self in this picture and this lovely moment will definitely steal many of her fans’ hearts. This is one of the most awesome Nicki Minaj no makeup angles.

Done with mascara

Nicki Minaj without makeup

This is among the very rare moments that can truly show Nicki’s real beauty. She has a nice face that highlights her natural beauty. Her gifted allure probably needs no support from beauty products. Given that Nicki is a selfie queen, we find it so interesting when her pics of Nicki Minaj are quite taking down the Internet with her bubbliness and chirpy nature.

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The no-makeup look

the no makeup look

Are you shocked by the way Nicki Minaj no makeup looks in this picture? Yes, Nicki doesn’t hesitate to wears any makeup. She still looks quite beautiful and this is considered to be one of the best looks for the star. The singer is so confident to avoid her beauty products for a while and reveal her true beauty. This picture is taken while she is going swimming. It’s her holiday and resting day after her hard-working time.

How do you think about Nicki Minaj no makeup? Do you find these pictures attractive? APOHAIR believes that her natural beauty draws a lot of attention from the public. Just tell us how you feel. We are happy to receive all your comments. Also, don’t forget to follow our website to get the best hair extensions and update your hairstyle. Our Galaxy Collection with a lot of bundles deals is waiting for you!

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