Ocean Wave Crochet Hair: 5 Steps To Master Its Installation

There used to a short period of time people gradually forgot ocean crochet hair braids when they knew out there other attractive and new methods such as sew-in weave, tape hair, clip in hair or keratin hair extensions. However, with the great look it brings, crochet is turning back day by day and its newest versions deserve to be the perfect option for lots of women in modern life. Ocean wave crochet hair seems to be quite unfamiliar but today we are going to prove that this item is not as strange as you might think.

Ocean wave crochet hair

What Is Ocean Wave Crochet Hair?

Ocean wave crochet is now one of the most popular hair trends among women. The phrase “ocean wave” sounds quite mysterious, right? Actually, it describes the texture of the crochet hairstyle. If you have ever looked at some old versions of crochet hair, you might wonder as you barely see this item. Indeed, the ocean wave is regarded as one of the newest versions for crochet these days.

Ocean wave crochet hair
Ocean wave crochet hair

Today, you can find out many different types of crochet that give you diverse hairstyles. The most typical ones are straight, wavy, curly, already twisted or braided crochets. While twisted or braided crochets seem to be more popular with a large number of women, crochets of straight, wavy or curly textures are also good choices. That’s the way ocean wavy hair appears and draws much customer’s attention. There are many hair companies that produce and supply ocean wave crochet. One of the most famous hair brands in ocean wave crochet we recommend here is Kima Ocean Wave Crochet Hair.

How To Install Ocean Wave Crochet Hair?

Choose your favorite hair pattern to apply ocean crochet hair

If you haven’t decided what pattern to apply, you should update that there are lots of different braiding patterns out there. All of them will serve well as a foundation for your crochet hairstyle.

How to install ocean wave crochet hair
Choosing ocean wave crochet hair styles

The easiest and also the most common way is braiding your hair all the way back. However, some people would rather choose to have more cornrows in the front than in the back. To achieve this look, you can merge two rows halfway through the braiding process. This is also an effective way for you to part your hair any way you want. You can also try a vixen pattern which allows for maximum flexibility. With ocean wave crochet hair styled in vixen pattern, you can experience different updo hairstyles without revealing your rows.

5 Steps To Master The Installation of Ocean Wave Crochet Hair

Never think that the application is a complicated process as below are five basic steps you can easily follow to achieve a new hairstyle with a nice set of ocean weave crochet hair.

Steps to install ocean wave crochet hair
How to make crochet braids styles

Step 1: Choose your favorite style and braid your hair all the way back, then begin to slide the crochet needle underneath the cornrow.

Step 2: Now hook the hair onto the needle. Pull the hair through the cornrow, creating a medium-sized loop.

Step 3: Fold the ends over the cornrow and through the loop. Don’t be too hurry as now it’s not time to tighten yet.

Step 4: Use your finger to twist the loop and slide the long ends through the loop again. Repeat it one more time. Now it’s time to tighten the loop, securing the braid.

Step 5: Add strand by strand using four steps above until you reach the perfect look, meaning your whole head is complete. So you get the ocean wave crochet hair style as expected.

More Information About Crochet Hair

If you follow the constant development of the hair industry, it’s possible that you know something about ocean wave crochet hair. However, even this is a completely new concept to you, no problem, as we are here to support you, you know?

Crochet (also known as crochet braid) is a protective and chic hairstyle that is widely applied by women in different areas around the world. This method becomes popular when many people decide to give their hair some time to breathe. Similar to a weave, you need to braid your hair into cornrows first to prepare for the application. However, it’s important to know that you don’t need to make tight braids as this might put much tension on your scalp.

Ocean wave crochet hair
A picture of ocean wave crochet hair

Instead of being sewn in, the crochet is threaded through your braids with a crochet needle and secured via a twist and knot technique. There is no doubt that crochet braid pattern is incredibly versatile and stylish. The method is easy to DIY at home so you don’t need to worry that the application may cost you a lot of money.

How Long Does Ocean Wave Crochet Hair Last?

Actually there is no exact answer to this question because of the fact that how long you can wear your crochets depends on many factors. Those can be the complexity of the braiding pattern, the quality of the extensions installed and also your maintenance routine.

With proper hair care routine, your crochet hairstyle can last from four to eight weeks. Keep in mind that it’s never good if you try to keep your crochets in for longer than two months. Maintaining crochet in such a long time can put too much strain on your natural hair, leading to unwanted breakage.

How long does ocean wave crochet hair last
Ocean wave crochet hair last

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