Peruvian Loose Wave Hair Extensions: Definition and Haircare

Virgin hairs are, indeed, extremely popular nowadays, and apparently, the market for human hair is growing more and more enormous. Yet, few acknowledge that from where do these lustrous locks come and how they’re delivered. If you go online and search for the keywords ‘hair extensions’ or ‘wigs’, high chances are that you’ll get a dizzying spectrum of choices, and the Peruvian loose wave hair extensions might be among the most presented suggestions. So what’re the Peruvian hair extensions and how do loose wave hairs look like? Make sure to keep scrolling down to find out the answer.

01 Wave Hair Extensions

What’re Peruvian Hair Extensions?

One of the biggest pluses about Peruvian hair extensions is the fact that they’re denser and coarser than most hairs in the market, which can blend more perfectly in your natural hair, especially with those having thick hair texture. Besides, thanks to it being coarse, Peruvian hair extensions are ideal for hairstyling such as coloring and holding curls. While it’s considered one of the thickest texture hair, Peruvian hairs are super lightweight and soft, thus remain their natural shines and smoothness.

02 Wave Hair Extensions

What’s more, the Peruvian hair extensions are very low-maintenance. Since they’re extremely sturdy yet free-flowing and opulent, the hairs can blend with your lock in the most natural and relaxed way. Peruvian hair extensions are usually found in wavy patterns as they can maintain their curly texture well even in the most extreme conditions. The hairs are also highly resistant to the heat and high intensity of the sun. Therefore, if you are looking for something that can add bounces and movements, Peruvian hair extensions are probably the perfect choice for you.

Peruvian Loose Wave Hair Extensions

03 Wave Hair Extensions

Consult the many online hair glossaries, blogs and tutorials and you’ll reliaze that if you’re hoping to add some texture and body to your lock, then the Peruvian loose waves may be exactly what you’re looking for. The loose waves are waves made into small and loose curls. Strands are wrapped around tight rollers and inserted with natural patterns so that your lock will look silky and shiny once you’re done. The strongest plus for the Peruvian loose waves is that they can expand your hair’s lifespan. This is because the Peruvian loose wave hair extensions offer you a lower-maintenance solution meanwhile, keep your lock in its best state.

Be that as it may, the lifespan of your loose wave hair extensions depends on how you look after them, so it’s crucial that you take great care of them. After a 3 months period, it’s best that you have a touch-up if you want to stay wavy. In other words, do keep your eyes on your loose wavy hair extensions to keep them in the best conditions.

04 Wave Hair Extensions

Side note

If your hair is wavy enough that the Peruvian waves can be a bit too much, you can consider having a set of Vietnamese human hair extensions. Unlike the Peruvian hair, Vietnamese hair extensions come in a rather straight pattern. And while the Peruvian hairs have much more luster, Vietnamese hair provides even thicker texture than Peruvian one. Thanks to their high-quality, the Vietnamese hair extensions are available on the market with higher prices than their counterparts yet still in extremely high demand.

05 Wave Hair Extensions

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How to Maintain the Peruvian Loose Wave Hair Extensions

Hair extensions, in most cases, come from human hair. For that reason, one should be extra meticulous when it comes to taking care of them.


Keep in mind that your hair extensions can be super vulnerable once no longer on a human’s scalp. The reason is that human hairs get the nutrient supply from the hosts, so once removed from the scalp, the hairs can no longer receive the nutrients they need to remain healthy. As a result, you should give the extensions enough moisture to keep it longer-lasting. What you should do is to wash and deep conditioning your hair once a week in minimum to keep the waves from getting straightened.


Use a lot of moisturizing conditioners as you wash your extensions. You should also be sure to be detailed as precise conditioning undertakes deep to the hair nurse, giving it the necessary compensatory nutrition and moisture. Repeat the routine every week should be ideal to help keep the hair smooth and shiny throughout its lifetime.

use moisturizing conditioners when washing hair extensions


Whatever hair extensions you possess, it’s best that you don’t wear them when you get home. Rubbing the hair against clothes, or sheets can lead to fizziness and breakages to the hair shafts. And while you’re taking your extensions off, bear in mind that you should brush them with a wide-tooth comb so that they can be ready the next morning.

Avoid heat-styling

Heat styling shouldn’t be on the list when you’re looking after your hair extensions. Instead, you should probably air-dry your hair. Since doing this allows the moisture to stay in your hair and thus strengthening it. Or, if you don’t have time to wait for your extensions to dry naturally, use the blow-dryer sparingly at the warm-setting.

avoid heat-styling when using hair extensions.

All in all, either type of human hairs deal with their own strengths and characteristics. It’s up to your own to decide which hair would be your match made in heaven. Whatever hair you opt for, Vietnamese or Peruvian loose wave hair extensions, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below. We hope to stumble across your stories soon. 

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