Purple Tones – Determine The Most Suitable For Your Skin Tone

It’s quite obvious that we girls would rather opt for some common hair tones as the safe picks. We always go for colors like brown, red, or brown when it comes to the most common hair colors. Purple, on the other hand, is not likely everyone’s choice because of its unnaturalness. However, embracing purple tones can be a game-changer. Having said that, purple hair can be super complimentary once you consider the full spectrum of the purple shades.

Purple Tones Determine The Most Suitable For Your Skin Tone

From lilac to indigo, there’re actually tons of purple shades for you when choosing a purple hair look to complement your skin undertone and texture type. You’ll never know will or when inspiration strikes, so instead of waiting, why not create a trend yourself? For that reason, on this post, we’ll dive into some of the most stylish wearable purple tones for hair and which tone fits you most.

Determine Your Skin Tone & Undertone

Some of you may not realize this but knowing what skin tone you have can completely change your hair color game. Skin tones can be classified into many shades, ranging from light to deep. The most common tones one can have are fair skin, which normally describes the White, medium tone (the Yellow), and brown skin for the Black. The darker your skin tone is the deeper the purple shade you should go for.

Skin tones can be classified into many shades
Skin tones can be classified into many shades

Apart from your original complexion color, you can also consider undertones to choose the right purple tones for your hair. Not only with makeup but your skin undertones are also associate with choosing hair shades, thus very helpful when you’re lost in this sea of lilac. So how do you know what undertone your skin is?

The simplest way to do this is by looking at the veins’ color. While green veins correspond to warm undertone, blue corresponds to cool, and purple, either blue or green, is somewhere between. We often call it the neutral undertone. Additionally, understanding your purple undertone skin can guide you towards finding the perfect purple hue that complements your natural complexion.

Remain the purple tones for your hair
Remain the purple tones for your hair

But what about the question: Purple color suits which skin tone? The fascinating thing about purple is its versatility. It’s not just about a specific shade of purple; it’s about finding the right one that complements your unique features. Purple can look good on various skin tones, spanning from warm to cool undertones. Its transformative power lies in how it interacts with different complexions.

So, whether you’re wondering what skin tone does purple look good on or what skin tone suits purple, rest assured that the world of purple offers a wide spectrum of options. It’s all about discovering the perfect purple shade that enhances your natural beauty and makes a bold statement.

Purple Tones for Hair

Once you determine your skin tones, you can start brainstorming how you would like to customize the purple tones for your hair.

Purple Tones for Warm Undertone and Light Skin Tone

Is purple good for warm skin tone? Once you determine your skin tones, you can start brainstorming how you would like to customize the purple tones for your hair.

Purple Tones for Warm Undertone and Light Skin Tone

If you have a warm undertone, then you’re lucky because the purple hue or warm toned purple for you is Rose Quartz – the hair color of the year. Rose quartz is rather a new hair color as it only became well-known after being worn by model Stella Lucia at the Alexander Wang S/S 18 show earlier this year.

Rose quartz is basically the amethyst mix with hues of pink layered with some shades of gray and titanium. The amethyst tone being mixed with pastel pink makes it much grungier than only amethyst itself, and it is wearable no matter what color your natural hair is. Purple on warm skin tone will make you highlight whatever you wear kind of cloths or colors of hair.

The interesting part of having this hairstyle is when you wash your hair after dyeing it. As rose quartz is quite an off-tone color as you expect the color to be slightly faded, creating the perfect balayage look. Purple hair on warm skin tone, like the exquisite Rose Quartz, can create a captivating and harmonious appearance that complements your undertones

Determine your skin tone
Determine your skin tone

As for white girls, it is not at all complicated for them to decide which purple shade they’ll have as it seems like there’s no tone under the purple umbrella could get them. Having said that, as we mentioned above, the fairer your skin the lighter shades you should go for. To be as natural as possible, a light skin tone should accompany a pastel periwinkle shade of purple. The combination of light purple and blue gives an illusion of the beautiful hydrangea, making your look even more feminine and lively.

Other than pastel purple, you can also opt for some deeper tones such as charcoal purple, red-violet, or hybrid colors like ombré or purple ash. All you need is to choose your favorite purple and enjoy the good wicket of having fair skin. Experimenting with various purple hair for warm skin tone and light skin tone can open up a world of delightful possibilities, allowing you to showcase your unique style with confidence

For Neutral Undertone & Medium Skin Tone

Most of us have neutral undertones, that’s why it’s best that we have neutral hues of purple. To what we would like to suggest, smoky purple suits neutral undertones perfectly. The reason we recommend the smoky purple-ish tones is because purple mixes with ash create extra shines to the hair. Besides, the color is super edgy yet lovely if you add some pink hues to it. The fusion between purple, pink and gray also makes it never grows out of style.

As for medium skin tones, indigo would be the wisest choice. Just like those with fair skin, blue-ish purple shades and medium skin tones are matches made in heaven. Still, try to scale up the color a few notches would make it perfect for yellow girls. Another option for you is the purple charcoal color. It is basically the same but in an even deeper shade.

Purple Tones for Cool Undertone & Deep Skin Tone

You have cool undertones and you’re looking for the righty purple for cool skin tone for your hair? Well, our answer to you is the whimsical orchid. The cool shades of pale pink or blue incorporated into purple hues enhance the cool base of your skin tone, creating a dreamy yet cool color-melt.

Purple tones for cool undertone and deep skin tone
Purple tones for cool undertone and deep skin tone

A fun tip for you is if you mix up the pink, indigo blue, and purple, you will the next level your whimsical tones. Besides, you can totally do it at home by yourself. In short, the whimsical orchid is not only a stunning color shade, but it is also super effortless to achieve. Anyway, cool undertone or fair skin tone or fair skin color will make you more gorgeous if you choose the right hair color.

Deeper skin tones are not as “easy-going” as the lighter. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have purple hair. In case you have dark skin or other words purple undertones skin, go for darker panels of purple. Red-ish purple, purple charcoal and really deep shades of purple are some tones you may want to try.

Remain The Purple Tones for Your Hair

Keep in mind that the more shades you take on, the more maintenance you need. That’s why it is important that you have a carefully planned hair care routine. To maintain the color, make sure you have moisturizer before exposing your hair to the chemicals. The moisturizer will keep the natural oils on your scalp without produces extra oil, making the lock smoother and shinier.

Shampoos are never good friends of dyed hair. For that reason, do make efforts keeping your hair away from wet washing, instead, go for dry shampoos and wet washing your hair only 1-2 times a week with protective shampoos to keep the color as long-lasting as possible. The final step is to care for your hair with the protective essence and cream to keep your tresses hydrated and avoid any damages and breakages caused during the chemical process.

Remain the purple tones for your hair
Remain the purple tones for your hair

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Final words

Now that we have provided you our most favorite purple tones for hair, it’s your turn to make the decision. Explore how purple looks good on what skin tone, including the captivating effects of purple hair warm skin tone. Make sure to share your story in the comment section below. We hope to stumble across your pictures as soon as possible. Should you’re interested in this post, go visit Apohair’s website for more articles like this.

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