APO Import Export Joint Stock Company was established on October 9, 2011, “APO Group” is one of the leading companies in Vietnam operating in the field of exporting hair to the world market. Over 20 years of establishment and development, we are constantly improving our vision and mission in order to reach further in the future and become a leading hair export enterprise in the international arena. Therefore, “APO Group” needs to recruit more companions to join us in achieving the set goal.

Vacancy: Planning officer.
The planning department.
Working place: APOGROUP hair factory – Duong Hoi village, Yen Thang commune, Y Yen district, Nam Dinh province.

1. Planning/planning
– Receiving orders, checking information and analyzing, coding orders and building plans for approval
– Check inventory, raw materials, analyze production capacity, analyze risk of orders, make weekly production plan, issue daily production orders
– Receive new product information, plan to create product code
– Prepare inventory plan for semi-finished products
2. Implementation organization
– Deploy production orders by team, transfer to production department
– Deploying to create product codes based on shape, size, weight, color, volume, product image, ..
– Implement an inventory of actual inventory of semi-finished products with the quantity on the software
3. Inspection/Monitoring
– Check and monitor the production progress of orders
Control the failure rate, risk of the order
– Control the failure rate, risk of the order
4. Performance evaluation
– Evaluate production plan results in terms of quantity and delivery time of orders
– Evaluate new products upon production
– Evaluate the defective rate of semi-finished products of each order
5. Coordination, implementation
– Coordinate with departments to implement production plans, evaluate new products
– Support for departments in the company on related issues
6. Give your opinion
– Contributing to the Board of Directors on the type and quantity of inventory to meet the supply to the market
– Contributing to the Board of Directors on products with high failure rate and difficult orders
7. Report
Report directly to the Head of Department on the work within the scope of management.
1. Powers
– Enjoy the same regimes and benefits as all employees in the company, fully participate in social insurance
– Have the right to propose and contribute ideas to improve the work of the department and the company
– Solving problems related to professional training
– Have the right to propose the company to equip the necessary tools, tools, assets and labor protection to serve the job.
– Have the right to propose training courses to improve capacity in the specialty in charge.
– Have the right to refuse to do jobs that do not serve the company’s work or are contrary to ethics, fine customs and traditions, offend the honor of themselves or others.
2. Responsibility
– Take responsibility for work results related to the assigned scope of work
– Completing the plan to purchase materials on time of the orders in time to prevent waste, suitable for the price
– Perform other jobs in accordance with the functions and duties as agreed and not contrary to the law.
– To perform the assigned rights and duties honestly and diligently for the company’s reputation and legitimate interests.
– Not to abuse their position and power, use the company’s assets, disclose the company’s secrets for personal gain, for others (unless approved by the Board of Directors).
– Maintain the provided equipment, tools and tools, use them for the right purposes, according to the procedures and instructions for use.
– Comply with all company rules and policies.
– Working 6 days/week and working office hours
– Uniforms, stationery, computers, phones are provided by the factory
– Normal working environment is not toxic.
– Self-sufficient transportation, business trips will be supported by the company.
– Income: 7-12 million/month
– Participate in social insurance when officially entering
– Participating in tours, factory events
– Consider moving to a higher position if the employee demonstrates good quality and performance
– Enjoy holidays, Tet…
– Education level: College or above
– 2 years experience in equivalent position
– Experience in accounting is an advantage
– Have a need for money and a serious attitude when working
– Excellent communication, problem solving, and risk management skills
– Interested candidates send CV to email:
– For any questions, please contact Human Resources: 0383506121

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