Secrets to successfully install your new blonde lace front wig

Lace front wig is one of the most common and also quickest methods for women to achieve a new appearance. If you aim at a brand new look with a dynamic, bright and outstanding hairstyle, choose blonde lace front wig. APOHAIR today will be with you right now to explore some secrets to perfectly install a new blonde lace front wig.

Something to know about blonde lace front wig

Blonde lace front wig, of course, is designed in the blonde shade. For girls who are too fed up with their old black or brown hairstyle, a blonde look will never let them down. The blonde hair color is a quite complicated shade because you have to bleach the hair before dying it.

You can choose to buy available blonde lace front wig or buy bundles deals (including weft bundles and closure or frontal) to create your own wig.

straight wig

It’s important for wig wearers to learn all the key steps to install a new blonde lace front wig into their head. Otherwise, the result cannot meet their expectation. APOHAIR suppose that you need to focus on two main parts: preparing your natural hair and choosing the right application.

Prepare hair for blonde lace front wig installation

Absolutely, the very first and important step in securing your new look is to get your natural hair ready for the installation. Methods to do this vary depending on various factors such as hair length, texture and thickness. However, the ultimate purpose is to make your hair as flat and smooth as possible.

straight blonde lace front wig

Regardless of which method you choose, remember to moisturize the hair and scalp. Make sure the forehead is dry so that your lace front can lay better.

We suggest here three common ways for you to prepare your hair. You can consult and choose any of them.



Braid is regarded as one of the most traditional methods to prepare your natural hair. Simple braids (also known as French braids) or back cornrows are a great way you can rely on. Braids work both on short and long hair. However, we recommend that short and fine hair is more suitable.



It seems many women would love to choose the cornrow methods for this preparation. Cornrow is just effective as this method can create the flattest surface for a blonde lace front wig install. It will be much more meaningful if your wig is sleek and fierce. Cornrow is a great choice for thick and long hair.

You can do it yourself or ask someone for help. Others’ support can ensure clean and tight braids. However, keep in mind that the braids shouldn’t be too tight or it will cause tension on your edges.

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Although the twist method is quite simple, it is not popular. Twists require less prep time as it is easy to achieve. However, with this choice, the hair tends to come out more quickly.

It’s your decision on what method to prepare your natural hair. And it’s also up to you which method to secure the wig to your head.

Which method to secure the blonde lace front wig?

There are various methods but APOHAIR decides to choose one that is popular for a large number of women today – apply blonde lace front wig human hair with glue.

glue in method

Firstly, you need to secure your hair with a stocking cap or clips. In case you choose a stocking cap, make sure to use hairspray or styling gel to secure the edges in place. Then, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Rubbing alcohol along hairline

Begin by dab rubbing alcohol along your hairline where you are going to place the wig glue. You should not forget this as alcohol helps remove oils and makeup that can interfere with the glue sticking the wig.

If you have sensitive skin, find some adhesive preparation products on the market. They will help clean the surface of your forehead and prep for a wig placement.

Step 2: Place the wig on you head

Take you blonde lace front wig and then place it on your head. Adjust where you want the wig to be secured. If you need extra help remembering where to place your lace, use an eyeliner. This eyeliner is effective as it will mark points to mimic your hairline.

Step 3: Cut the excess lace

After putting the wig on, use the long end of a comb, part the hair just above your ear. Now start to cut excess lace that’s around your ear and hairline. This can break your install because you never want your new wig to cover your ears.

Step 4: Get some wig glue

Prepare good quality wig glue to make sure a perfect installation. Use a specific amount of glue and place it along the edges of your stocking cap at your hairline. Avoid placing glue directly on your natural hair as some glue can damages it.

Use hairdryer on a cool setting to blow-dry the glue. Keep in mind that the glue shouldn’t be stringy or overly tacky.

Step 5: Remove excess glue and be ready to go

Pull the lace forward over the top of glue, ensuring that it’s in the desired spot before you press the lace into the glue.

Put a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a towel. Now carefully dab around the edge of hairline to remove excess glue on forehead. However, don’t wipe the glue on the lace.

That’s all about the application process. Let the wig sit for 10 -15 minutes before you style the hair. This will make sure that the adhesive is completely dry.

Pros and cons of the glue method


  • Using glue to apply a blonde lace front wig is quite convenient as the price of wig glue in the market is relatively inexpensive. You can easily buy it from different places.
  • No sewing is required. As you might know, the sewing is a quite long and complicated process, which needs a lot of patience. With wig glue, you will be able to stick-and-press with ease even if you lack skills with a needle and thread.
  • Compared to bobby pins, wig glue is incredibly secure and also less time-consuming.

blonde lace front wig


  • While clips and bobby pins are reusable, wig glue cannot. You have to continually buy more.
  • You should not remove your wig and reapply it several times over the course of the day. That could pull up your hair or irritate your scalp. If you intend to overheat in your wig, try to choose a method that allows you more flexibility for daily removal.
  • If you don’t wash off the glue at the end of the day (either with water of a gentle solution), glue may build up and irritate your skin.

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