Should I install sew in with leave out middle part to my hair?

One day you realize that your hair is lacking volume and length but you don’t know what to do and where to start. Here we have an answer for you – hair extensions. For a long time, women who are not satisfied with their current hairstyle, hair texture or hair thickness have looked for and considered hair extensions as their best partners. In today’s post, APO hair is going to provide you basic information about a very popular method of extensions these days – sew in with leave out middle part. Hope you find it useful.

middle part sew in with leave out

What is sew in with leave out middle part?

Well, the concept may be a little bit difficult to understand and some of you may find it too complicated. However, when going into detail, you can see that it is the combination of sew in middle part and leave out. Let us explain more.

Basically, the middle part sew in expresses a piece of hair which is often a lace closure. If you want so seamlessly cover your baby hairs or bleached ends, it’s important that you get high quality sew in hair extension.

middle part sew in

Sew in with leave middle part refers to the kind of sew-in hair in which a specific amount of hair in the middle part of your hairstyle is left out. Unlike other methods that require no leave out such as wig, the key feature in this way is the leave out. If you are considering adding length, volume to your natural hair or also changing your hairstyle, especially the style around the middle portion, middle part sew in hair with leave out will be the way to go!

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As its own definition, leave out is the hair to cover the tracks of sew in hair. The purpose of keeping a specific part of leave out is to make your natural hair blend with hair extensions. When the leave out (your natural hair) can blend well with hair extensions, the application of hair extensions is now successful.

Choosing good quality sew in hair extensions and successfully applying the suitable method (middle part sew in with leave out) will leave you with the same amount of volume on both sides of your head.

Why get a sew-in with leave out middle part?

sew in middle part

It is quite easy to understand why women choose sew in/ weave hair extensions. Many women have experienced weave hair method and they believe that sew in hair is easier to maintain than their real hair. What’s more, some full sew in weave such as lace closure or lace frontal will help protect your entire head while adding a lot more volume to your natural locks.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of closures and you can choose among free parts, middle part or even three-part closures. Regardless of the type you choose, you are going to get flawless hairstyles if you know how to make it blend well with your real hair.

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Leave out or no leave out?

This is one of the most common questions when it comes to applying sew in middle part method. Before getting to install your hair, you will stand among lots of options, which sometimes can make you a bit confused. Choosing leave out or not? No fear, please. Let us tell you about the key features of having leave out or no leave out. Pay more attention to what we are writing and we hope you can choose your proper method.

Middle part sew in with leave out

middle part with leave out

As we have mentioned above, “leave out” means you need to leave out some of your real hair in the middle part of your hairline to cover the hair extensions. The most important reason to choose leave out for middle part sew in is the blending purpose. The natural hair left out is used to blend your real hair with hair extensions.

With the smart choice and skillful application for middle part with leave out, you will have the most natural locks, which makes you more glamorous and confident. Because of its versatility, leave out method attracts a lot of women around the world. The main challenge we see in this method is that it is not really ideal for those with short hair due to blending purposes.

Middle part sew in with no leave out

middle part sew in with no leave out

Whatever type of hair extensions you are applying, sew in hair extensions, wig, quick weave, closure or frontal, having no leave out is a great way to protect all of your real hair. Sometimes, having leave out can lead to heat damage on the hair left hair due to excessive use of heat styling tools. Great as it might be, no leave out method is limited in versatility. The fact is that it is not natural as leave out. There is no blending in this way.

How to install sew in middle part sew in with leave out?

Sew in middle part hairstyles are not hard to achieve. With these right steps, you can get an incredible outcome:

Follow a specific pattern around the middle part of your head to braid your hair. Remember, leave the front hairline in the middle part and start braiding it first. You will use it as your guide on where you want to create part (hairline) to your hair. Invest time in trying to figure out how to split that part in half.

Next, braid the rest of your hair. In this step, just make small and tight braids on both sides and connect them down at the ends.

Add a mesh cap on the top of your hair and then cut it the right measurements along your hairline. Choose the mesh cap which has the same color as your extensions.

Sew the hair extensions at the sides and gradually until you get to the center of the head.

Finish off the process with some hair styling products, creams. Here, brush out your leave-out hair and cover the edges.

In our collection, there are many types of hair extensions that allow you to apply sew in with leave out middle part method. Contact us right now to get the best hair extensions and we will try our best to support you.

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