Step by step guide: How to sew in a lace frontal?


Lace frontal is a hairpiece with great flexibility and has a flawless way to make the hair look like it grows out from your real scalp. In the world of hair extension, it is often considered as a half wig since it recreates the hairline from ear to ear. That’s why lace frontal is especially popular with women who have traction, alopecia, or thinning edges. Thanks to the wide area of hairline it covers, it allows users to try various partings and hairstyles. Not only does it help to complete your look, but it’s also a great item for styling your wigs, weaves, and natural hair extensions. And today, we will take a closure look at frontal sew in.

Why frontal sew in?

Just like lace closure, lace frontal generally a great protective hairstyle since it covers and shields the entire head of hair. At the same time, it gives your edges, nape, and hairline a break from severe tension. When you apply this weave using a sew-in method, it can finish off the install and eliminate the need to blend and leave out. A sew-in with lace frontal is a long-term and protective hairstyle. Therefore, you can save money in the long run and your hair can enjoy a break from harsh chemicals, heat styling, and hair dyes. You will also be able to experiment with your weave in so many different styles.


Alternatively, you can use your lace frontal with 3 human hair bundles to create a customized lace frontal wig. However, wig making will require some special technique. We will mention it in another update.

How many hair bundles do you need for a lace frontal sew in?

Before you make the sew-in, it’s important to decide how many hair bundles you need to have. If you want a weave with 10-14 inches, you should prepare 2 bundles. But if you want to have a fuller look with the length from 15-22 inches, 3 to 4 bundles are needed.

How to make a frontal sew in?

Things to prepare

Lace frontal 13×4 and weave hair bundles

Needles and thread

Wig cap

Hair protectant


How to make a lace frontal sew in?

Wash and condition your hair

You will sew in the hair bundles and lace frontal directly to your natural hair; hence, it’s a must to wash your hair using clarifying shampoo and condition it to add moisture. You can also wash your lace frontal and weave hair before starting.

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Make cornrow braids

To create the cornrow braids, firstly, you need to divide your hair into sections. Then, use your favorite technique to braid each section. Make sure you keep the braids small in order to form a flat foundation underneath the. As long as you can keep the foundation flat, your overall look after you apply the lace frontal will be more natural.


Sew in the lace frontal

Use 30 sec liquid hair protectant and put it around your hair edges to protect from the lace glue and make your hairline edges lay down flat. Then, put on your wig cap. Remember to choose the wig cap with the color matching your skin tone.

Place the lace frontal into your head. Keep the straight edge aligned with your front hairline.  It should overlap your front hairline less than 0.39 inches. And make sure you keep the lace frontal lay flat on your head so that there will be no space left between the lace frontal and your bio hair. Besides, some lace frontals have pre-made parts, so make sure the parting of your lace frontal matches that of your own hair.

And now, you will start sewing in the lace frontal. You will begin from the left side until sew until you reach the part. Then, sew back to the side edges and repeat the step for the right side. Make sure the stitches go through both the wig cap and the cornrow underneath it.


Apply adhesive

After you finish sewing in the lace frontal, you can trim the lace to the length you want. After that, apply some adhesive for the lace frontal to stay in place on your head.

Sew in the weft bundles

You can apply the same method as sew in with closure to add the bundles to your hair. You need to sew the first track at the bottom of your head then work your way up until you reach the lace frontal. When you reach the lace frontal, sew the final weft track over the lace frontal’s edge. And to keep the wefts stay in place, remember to make a tight knot with the first stitch.


And now you can finalize the look by making some styling to your sew-in weave hair.

Above is the tutorial on making a frontal sew in. We hope that you will rock your style with it. Thank you for reading.