The hair is considered as an important factor which contributes to determining your look. Therefore, people tend to make their hair more beautiful and impressive, for example applying hair extensions. It can be said that hair care is as necessary as skin care. Women try to take care of their hair as well as possible to have shiny hair. However, have you ever wonder why your hair loss is serious in spite of comprehensive care? The fact is all your hair care is useless if you keep some bad habits that damage your hair and cause hair loss. In this post, we are going to find what these bad habits are to avoid hair loss problem.

Combing wet hair

Many people make this mistake when taking care of their hair. This is a bad habit you need to avoid. Your hair is more fragile and weaker when it is wet. Combing your hair when it is wet can lead to breakage and hair loss. Therefore, instead of doing this, you should dry your hair before combing it.

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Turning the heat up to high

It is common knowledge that women would like to style their hair in many ways to boost their look. Nonetheless, if you overdo it, your hair can be damaged seriously. Breakage can be caused by some styling tools such as hot rollers, curling and flat irons which are harsh on hair. It is said that your hair applying too much heat will make the scalp weak which leads to hair loss.

Over bleaching your hair

Coloring hair may be many people’s hobby, however; this hobby can damage your hair badly. Sometimes you do not satisfy with the hair color result and want to change it, bleaching is a way. Nonetheless, color and bleach, color and bleach, this process extremely harmful. Dr. Piliang – a hair expert said that bleaching color from hair can affect your cuticle badly. That is why hair loss issue is serious. Therefore, think carefully before making your decision about hair color.

Shampooing too frequently

Shampooing is a basic step in hair care, however; not shampooing frequently enough or shampooing too frequently is not good for hair. This habit is even more serious to people with dry or brittle hair. It is said that frequent shampooing, especially using drying shampoo, can make your hair tend to be fragile which cause breakage and hair loss.

Your hair is only great when you have a suitable haircare routine to avoid bad habits. Therefore, hope that through above information, you can consider your ways to maintain your hair and avoid these bad habits. Besides taking care of your hair, applying hair extensions also is a way to promote your hair look. It is necessary to look for an extensions brand that can support your hair well. You can try Apohair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand which supplies high-quality products in a variety of hair types and hair length. Keratin hair, weft hair, etc. are some of hair types for you to choose. Whether your hair is short or long, you still can be great with Apohair extensions.