On October 25th, Clara Sosa was officially crowned as Miss Grand International 2018. Clara Sosa was born in 1993. She owns a height of 175cm. she is a chef, a host of TV shows and also a model at ON Management Modeling Agency.

She is praised for her flawless face which is like the one of Greek goddess along with her toned body which is similar to the one of a female bodybuilder.

Additionally, she is highly appreciated for her confidence and her smart answer to go through the behavior contest.

Her stunning hairstyles also make others pay attention to.

Wavy hairstyle

Undeniably, Clara Sosa looks so seductive with her wavy hairstyle. That her black layered hair is styled into loose waves gives thickness to her hair. Such a voluminous hairstyle plays an important role in softening the angular features of her face to make it more tender.


Updo hairstyle

During the contest, the girl who comes from Paraguay chooses updo hairstyle more than 2 times. It is simply because this hairstyle is absolutely suitable for formal events, including contest or awards ceremony. As can be seen, updo hairstyle is somewhat classical, so Clara Sosa is likely to become a powerful and royal woman when she wears a glittering crown on the top of her head.

Because all her hair is pulled back neatly at the nape of her neck and her hair is parted in the middle, her flawless face is exposed.

Half-up, half-down hairstyle

Sometimes, Clare Sosa switches to half-up, half down hairstyle. Without bangs, her natural hair is pulled back, which contributes to brightening her face.

Straight layered hairstyle

Another hairstyle that Clara Sosa would like to go for when attending important events is straight layered hair which is worn down naturally. It can be said that center parting is her favorite choice. It is worth noting that it does not take her much time to get this hairstyle. Thanks to this simple hairstyle, her face is elongated to become much slimmer.

Furthermore, it is not hard to see that straight layered black hair helps to highlight Clara Sosa’s elegance and gentleness.

High ponytail hairstyle

In daily life, Clara Sosa is a kind of person who is fond of sports. To facilitate the movements when playing sports, she often opts for comfortable clothes and dynamic hairstyles. Among these dynamic hairstyles, high ponytail seems to be dominated by her.

High ponytail hairstyle represents a healthy beauty as well as the energy inside a person. Moreover, the image of a youthful and energetic girl which high ponytail gives her is totally different from the image of a gentle Miss. In other words, she is put into her right age thanks to high ponytail hairstyle.

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