“Oh my god! I wish I haven’t had my hair chopped” or “Please, God! Please, give me long hair as soon as possible”. Definitely anyone of us used to deeply regret our haircut and every time going to bed we made this same prayer. Right? It can’t be denied that one’s hair is one of the most essential elements that represent the self-perception of beauty. This fact is right to women and men as well. We all spent many years growing the locks, and nurturing as if it was our own baby. Only by making a simple hair adjustment, you will be drastically overwhelmed by your new look. Unless you often update your hairstyle, you would be left behind. However, you might have a sharp drop in your self-esteem if unfortunately, you don’t have the hairstyle that you want.

Luckily, here’s the thing.  You can’t get out of this trouble within a few hours. So, the solution to get a quick beautiful long hair is hair extensions, of course.

It was reported that in 2018, over 16,000 tons of various hair products, ranging from human hair to wool, were exported for the preparation of wigs and hair extensions. That was roughly 4,000 tons higher than the year before. The total export value for the industry totals approximately $1 billion dollars annually. In that context, Apohair is proud of being one of the biggest wholesale vendors in Vietnam in the field of exporting hair to lots of countries around the world.

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Right here, let’s be with Apohair and have a look to approach the summer hair extensions trends for 2019.

Long lush curls

This is the first hair extensions hair for this summer. Did you know that because of curly hair’s natural swirl, it takes a long time for its natural oils to travel the length to the ends, which can leave it feeling dry and frizzy even after having a hair care routine?  Hence, if you still want to have this hairstyle, you can experiment with hair extensions. Don’t hesitate buying a long lush curls hair extensions because this style never goes out of fashion. Wearing this hair extensions make all the ladies more romantic and feminine. Familiar with many celebrities, this style is predicted to be with us through 2019 and beyond.

Extra-long hair extensions

Extra-long hair is the second hair extensions this summer.  Forget those 22-inch clip-in extensions you occasionally reach for on nights out. This year, hair extensions are being stretched to the limit. On the red carpet, celebrities are taking their length to extremes — to the butt and beyond. At the Met Gala, a number of celebrities started to wear extensions, wigs and weaves that cascaded down the back. Besides, you can sport a high ponytail instead of hiding in a hat or throwing your hair all back in a messy bun especially in this kind of weather. Use a fine tooth comb with a little gel or hairspray to tame any flyways then go.

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Big Natural Curls

The third hair extensions trend in 2019 is Big Natural Curls extensions hair. Want to become a rock singer or a fashionista, big natural curls hair is done for you. We have some tips for you to take care of this hair extension. Remember to avoid brushing your hair when styling to help preserve the shape of your natural curls.

Big volume

Another hair extension trend is big volume. As can be easily seen, almost all women all over the world are worried about the lack of volume. That’s also a reason why there are so many volumizing shampoo formulas on the market and a lot of women are ready to pay a large amount of money to have a treatment. You will have your great inspiration to try on hair extensions when you see the Versace pre-fall 2019 runaway. Stylists put big volume hair extensions to add gravity-defining height at the roots on the model’s hair. When looking at this picture, all of us can say that these models look so amazing and outstanding.

After listing some hair extensions trends for the 2019 summer, we highly recommend you to experiment with Apohair’s extensions. It would be a great thing if Apohair is here when you are on the way looking for a reliable human hair supplier. Being one of the most Vietnam prestigious leading companies Vietnam which exports various types of Vietnamese hair, we promise to try our best to meet all the demands for different kinds of customers from all over the world with the best quality and the quick delivery. So, why don’t you try it?