The basic wig making tutorial for beginners

01 wig making

Today, instead of buying a ready-to-use wig, wig lovers and beauty followers like making their own wig from several bundles of hair. In this way, they can have the wig with the density and exact size they want. Wig making can be a little complicated, especially for beginners, but everything needs to have the first time. And today, we will bring you the basic steps on how to make a wig from our Galaxy Collection’s bundle deals.

A brief of Galaxy Collection and premium hair bundles

In July 2020, APOHAIR, the leading hair producer and exporter in Vietnam, has launched a new premium collection named GALAXY COLLECTION. The collection has two production lines, including ready-to-use wig and sets of weft bundles from high-quality human hair.

With the latter production line, each set of bundles is designed in a specific texture such as straight, natural wavy, deep curly, yaki straight, kinky curly, etc. to meet the demands of the customers. There are 3 options for each set of bundles, consisting bundle deals (3 weave hair extensions), a bundle deal with closure (3 weft hair extensions and a lace closure 4×4), a bundle deal with frontal (3 weft hair extensions and a lace frontal 13×4). All the hair bundles come with different length options.

02 wig making

Customers can use our Galaxy Collection’s set of bundles to make sew-in weave hair extensions or create a wig on their own. Below is the tutorial for the making process.

Wig making tutorial for Galaxy Collection’s set of bundle

What you need

If you can afford to buy a wig making kit, that’s will be great since it includes a full set for you to use. Yet, if you don’t have it now, prepare the following items and you can get started:

  • U-curved Needle
  • Scissors
  • Lace Closure 4×4/Lace frontal 13×4 from a premium set of Galaxy Collection
  • 3 weft bundles (each should weight 100 gram for sufficiency) from a premium set of Galaxy Collection
  • Stocking Cap (or elasticated wig cap)
  • A Mannequin Head
  • Pearl Headed Pins & Thread

03 wig making

Basic steps of wig making process

Step 1: Measuring your head size to get the right size of the cap

Use a cloth tape to measure around the hairline to behind your ear, go along to your nape and to the other ear and then back to the front hairline.

Step 2: Forming the foundation

At this stage, you should transfer your measurement in step 1 into the mannequin head for your wig outline. You can also try to use a cotton lace cap or another fine net cap that will fit your head.

Then, place the lace closure/frontal over the cap. Use some pearl headed pins to attach the lace in place before you start sewing. Use the U-curved needle to attach the lace closure/frontal into the cap.

04 wig making

Step 3: Preparing the hair

Use our weft bundles in the set to create the wig. If you want your wig to have a layered look, you can select the same length for the 3 weft bundles. If you want the overall hair consistent, use the different lengths for the weft bundles.

In Galaxy Collection, we already give some length options for the customers. The bundles and closure/frontal come in the same length or different length for each set.

Step 4: Creating the wig

Sew the weft hair under the edge of the lace cap. You should start with the bottom of the neckline and move to the two sides, then the crown of the head. Once you reach the crown, you need to mentally vary the directions and tie the strands of evenly for each direction.

After that, sew around the temples, neck, and forehead of the wig with some steel springs to make the hair lift more naturally. At this point, you can part your wig and make some styles as you want.

05 wig making

Step 5: Trim the extra lace. Then, try the wig on to see if there’s something wrong, so you can fix it right after.  You should also master how to wear a wig in order not to mess up with your wig the first time you try it.

Step 6 (optional): Restyle your new wigs

All the sets of bundles in Galaxy Collection are in #1B color. This enables you to bleach and dye the hair strands into the color you want. Also, our hair bundles are made from 100% human hair; therefore, you can make some styling like creating curls or waves if you have straight bundles. It depends on your creativeness to make a marvelous look for your wigs.

Wig making can take you some time. However, if you want to mix and match to create the style you want and perfectly fit your head, let follow the instruction above. Using our premium set, you will find it not too difficult to make a wig yourself. Thank you for reading.