The beauty of country princess Taylor Swift no makeup

Taylor Swift no makeup

Who loves Taylor Swifts and her sweet songs will probably know another name of this star “Country Princess”. This American singer is one of the artists who gain millions of followers at a very young age. She draws a lot of attention from the public not only with her excellent songs but also with her amazing looks. So, have you ever seen Taylor Swift no makeup? APOHAIR is now ready to lead you to the most shocking yet stunning pictures of this diva from her daily life. Let’s get started!

Music doesn’t need makeup

Taylor Swift no makeup

In this moment, Taylor Swift is photographed carrying a guitar case in her hand, wearing very casually but classy clothes. The “Safe and Sound” singer wears a semi-striped red and white top and teams it with a pair of maroon quarters. Her braided hairstyle looks quite simple but really attractive. Taylor Swift face looks still angelic even without makeup.

Enjoying ice-cream

enjoy ice cream

Wow, this is exactly one of the most casual looks of Taylor Swift. It is said that a smile is the best makeup one can wear. Yes! That’s all Taylor needs. Our singer doesn’t need to hide behind makeup. Here, a picture of her wearing a blue oversized shirt and carrying a bowl or vanilla and chocolate chipped ice cream expresses all. Taylor Swift no makeup is a natural beauty.

A makeup-less photoshoot

her natural beauty

In 2008, Taylor Swift decided to go makeup-free for People Magazine’s 100 most beautiful people issue. This photo showed her sitting in a garden with a white summer dress. Her wavy blonde hair was untied, falling on her shoulders. APOHAIR believes that you will absolutely feel the purity beauty in this picture. Taylor looked simply amazing and radiated an innocent glow, which steals thousands of hearts.

Taylor Swift casual look

casual look

A very dynamic look of Taylor Swift is perfectly expressed through this image. Her natural curly hair is flowing down her shoulder, which looks so romantic. This sporty avatar really makes her look magnificent, even this is absolutely Taylor Swift no makeup.

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At the beach

at the beach

Taylor Swift looks so radiant in this picture. She is having a sling bag and wearing a pretty floral patterned summer dress. All the gestures are so attractive. Carrying her shoes in one hand and wearing a pair of sunglasses, Taylor smiles in happiness. Taylor Swift without makeup is just perfect. It seems the blue sea with bright sunshine makes our princess even more outstanding.

Winter style

Taylor Swift no makeup

Here Taylor Swift is spotted wearing a polka dotted shirt with brown pants. She has on a red beanie and a navy blue blazer. Her body wavy hairstyle is so attractive. Taylor Swift hardly applies any makeup on her face but she is absolutely fabulous.

A day without sun

blonde hairstyle

Taylor Swift is confident walking on the street in her red coat and blue jeans. She is carrying a leather sling bag and was wearing oxfords. Taylor is wearing her earplugs, maybe for some music. If you pay a lot of attention to Taylor Swift hairstyle, you will see that she usually appears with her blonde hair. In the picture, her natural wavy blonde hair is down, giving her a casual and lovely look.

It is clear that Taylor Swift face has no makeup sign. Yet, she looks extremely charming and cute.


Taylor Swift without makeup

The country princess looks as perfect on screen as she does off it. The talent makes an adorable celeb on the stage but when she’s off it and not wearing makeup, she looks even better. In the picture, Taylor is wearing a black blazer and ready to shine white her wonderful curly hair. This is a perfect example of her natural beauty.

Signing autographs

braid hairstyle

A close up of Taylor Swift signing autographs lets us see how beautiful her face looks without makeup. We have to admit that not many celebrities would be as comfortable as she is with someone taking pictures at such a close range. Especially it’s when she puts no makeup on.

Taylor Swift no makeup of her teenage years

blonde curly hair

This is Taylor Swift when she was young. Even without makeup, the singer still looks so adorable. Her blonde curly hairstyle is so impressive, right?

Are you attracted by Taylor Swift no makeup? How do you think about the pictures above? Just feel free to share your feeling and APOHAIR is ready to receive all your comments. We wish you will be more confident in your natural beauty!