The Best Natural Deodorants to Keep You Fresh All Day

It’s been a long way for the deodorants since the last time they reeked of issues. The world is going green, and so are deodorants (literally!). We’re saying this because the all-natural versions of the antiperspirant are having their moments these days. And guess what? We’re totally in love with it! As self-described beauty addicts, a very common question we always get is “What are the best natural deodorants to keep you fresh all day?” Well, we’re giving you the answer in this article, so make sure to keep scrolling down because you won’t want to miss it. 

What’re Natural Deodorants?

There’s, in fact, no such thing as aluminum-free antiperspirants, but the aluminum-free deodorant, on the other hand, is a whole different aspect. And those being called “aluminum-free deodorants” are, indeed, the natural deodorants we know. Rather than using active ingredients such as aluminum salts to block your body from sweating like the antiperspirants, a natural deodorant keeps your body odor and bacteria at bay, using ingredients like baking soda, clays, or zinc salts.

As it’s not the substitution for antiperspirant, deodorant can’t stop your sweat production. Therefore, don’t expect too much if you are to find a product that can keep you from perspiring. And keep in mind that these deodorants can also cause irritation and itchiness for certain types of skin, so make sure that you did some research before getting one for your own.

Why Use Natural Deodorants?

Apparently, the ingredients list is one of the strongest points when we talk about natural deodorants. Have you ever glanced at the bottom and be taken aback because of how harmful and toxic the ingredients are? We can assure you that it is not gonna happen when you take a natural deodorant. So, what are those toxic ingredients we’re talking about, let’s go through some:

  • Aluminum: Yes, the main ingredient of your go-to antiperspirant itself is incredibly harmful, and why is that? The aluminum, as what it’s used, clogs your pores and stops your body from sweating. Exposure to an excess amount of aluminum can also increase the risk of Alzheimer’s and estrogen buildup, which are linked to certain types of cancers.  
  • Parabens: If you read our other articles, in no way that one should use products containing parabens, either internal or external. This is because parabens can cause hormonal disruptions and also linked to the risk of dying from cancer.
  • Phthalates: The phthalates are usually in use when other ingredients need to be made flexible. The ingredients can also have adverse outcomes as they affect one’s endocrine system that can result in early puberty onset.

That are just some to name, yet with the natural deodorants, there’s little concern you will have to face. Considering that you will apply these deodorants on the most sensitive and vulnerable areas on your body, namely the underarms, it’s important that you look for a product that contains none of the above ingredients. If there are toxins accumulating in the lymph nodes, the lymph system will get clogged, and you will, possibly, have a hard time cleaning out harmful invaders. Imagine how terrible it’d be that your lymphatic system will not be doing its job when it’s constantly having the above ingredients applied directly to this area?

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The Best Natural Deodorants to Keep You Fresh All Day

As we stated, different natural deodorants can cause aggravation on different skin types. Therefore, it’s important that you find the best natural deodorants to keep you fresh all day without irritating your skin. Hard as it might be, you don’t have to sweat over testing natural deodorants because we’ve already done the hard work for you. Below are the best botanical options for your green beauty routine to keep you smelling delightful during the day.

#1 Meow Meow Tweet Grapefruit Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream

Baking soda has always been known as the most go-to active ingredient in natural deodorants. It could be healthier for your body, but it can also piss off your sensitive pits. In a Meow Meow Tweet Grapefruit Baking Soda Free deodorant cream, the baking soda will be swapped for an equally effective, less irritating ingredient – magnesium and arrowroot powder. Additionally, the product is also added with the smells of refreshing grapefruit essential oil.

#2 Native Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant

The Native natural deodorants are definitely one of our top picks because of how moisturizing and gentle the formulation is. The formula contains no paraben is one plus, and the fact that you won’t get clumpy on your underarms when using it is another.

#3 Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant

The first thing to notice about the Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant is that it does not sting. Some natural deodorants contain baking soda to absorb sweat, which can be irritating, while others use alcohol, which can burn a little if you have any nicks or abrasions from shaving, but Dove has neither. One big plus for Dove is that the creamy formula disappears once it’s on your skin. Besides, you won’t imagine how good the deodorizing is! Unless you’re doing hot yoga, the Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant is definitely a must-try.

#4 Freedom Natural Deodorant

Freedom Deodorant has been the best and only natural deodorant that has worked for us during the very first days of deodorant testing. After years of trying most options on the market, it’s the best one to keep us fresh for hours. 

#5 Piperwai Activated Charcoal Deodorant

The activated charcoal in this product can absorb all the sweats and thus eliminate your body odor. There’s also magnesium which is moisturizing and anti-inflammatory for your underarms. The Piperwai Activated Charcoal deodorant is the perfect option for those who are vegan as it won’t contain animal tallow. You may want to reapply this one on extra sweaty or hot days. However, for days you don’t have a whole lot going on this will do the trick. The best natural deodorant for women!

APOHair hopes that this list of the best natural deodorants can be of some helps for eliminating your annoying odor. Don’t worry as you will be more confident to be yourself with the support of these awesome products.



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