The ultimate guide to different types of weave hair

Weave hair extensions are a type of hair extension favored by the wearers as no heat and no glue is used, which means minimal damage. There are several variations of how the weft is made, and here are three common types: Machine-made wefts, hand-tied wefts, and skin weft hair extensions, but what does it all mean? What is the difference among the three types of wefts available, anyway? Which type is the best for you? APOHAIR is here to give you an ultimate guide to different types of weave hair. Shall we start?

Three different types of weave hair

Machine weft hair extensions

As the name suggests, machine weave hair extensions (also known as machine weft extensions or machine wefts) are produced by a special sewing machine that attaches all the hair strands into one long weft. This type of weft is considered the most versatile since it can be cut to any length without unraveling and falling apart.

Machine weave hair extension
Different types of weave hair – Machine weft hair extensions

Machine weft hair extensions have two main types: single machine weft hair và double machine weft hair. By their appearance, you can easily distinguish which is a single machine weave hair extension and which is a double machine weave hair extension. 

Single machine weft hair has only one layer of hair; therefore, the weft is thinner than the double machine weft. Since each strand of hair of a single machine weft extension has a different length, it’s thickest at the top, tapering off towards the end which creates a natural look for the wearers. For example, if you purchase an APOHAIR single machine weft hair, it will contain around 50% full-length hair strands and 50% varied length hair strands. Due to the natural finish, it’s usually a popular choice of wearers who just want to add length and a sufficient thickness rather than add serious volume to their hair.

On the other hand, double machine weft hair has a full-bodied look, from roots to ends as it contains the same length hair strands (about 70-80% full-length hairs). As a result, it’s an ideal option if you want to have a thick and glamorous lock. 

Whether your choice is single machine weft hair or double machine weft hair, APOHAIR has got you covered. Weave hair extensions are one of the best-seller products at APOHAIR. All the hair products are made of 100% ethically-sourced Remy human hair which has top-notch quality. You can find a wide range of weft hair extensions with different options of lengths, colors, and standards, and pick out the one that fits your style and demand.

Hand-tied weft hair extensions

Hand-tied weave hair extensions are just what the name implies: hair has been sewn together by hands. Hand-tied wefts don’t require a lot of hair which ends up being thinner and less noticeable compared to machine wefts. It brings a natural look to your lock as the wefts lay flat to the head and are not detectable. However, it’s much harder to handle due to the fact that it can’t be cut into any desired length because of their nature and delicacy.

Instead, hand-tied wefts must be folded to fit the circumference of the clients’ head. In case there is no way that you have to cut a weave hair extension, it’s important to seal the ends with strong glue to avoid causing the weft to fall apart.

Hand-tied weave hair extensions
Different types of weave hair – Hand-tied wefts

Like any type of hair extension, hand-tied wefts certainly have some advantages that make them the top choice of many clients:

  • Hand-tied weft extensions are lightweight and slim and have no bulkiness. They are well hidden after installation. 
  • The application uses no heat or glue to keep weave hair in place.
  • Hand-tied weft extensions made of human hair can be bleached, dyed, and styled with heat.
  • Hand-tied weft extensions are reusable with proper maintenance.
  • Hand-tied weft extensions give the wearers options for various styles: updos, parting, braids, and more.

Besides supplying machine weave hair extensions along with other human hair products, APOHAIR does offer on-demand hand-tied weft extensions. Just contact us and send your requirements about the length, texture, and volume, and our highly skilled craftsmen and staff are always ready to take care of your order from the start to finish.

Skin weft hair extensions

Skin weave hair extensions (also known as injection-molded wefts or invisible tape extensions) are designed to imitate hair growing from the scalp. In fact, skin weft is a type of tape-in extension but it has its wefts covered with hair instead of silicone tabs like the regular tape-ins. The difference between them comes from the tape. Unlike the original tape, the front of the tape of the skin weft is injected with hair. The hair seems to grow straight from your scalp when you wear skin weft and blends seamlessly with your original hair, no knots can be seen, making them undetectable and natural-looking. You feel much more comfortable than any other hair extension as the wefts are lightweight. 

Skin weave hair extensions
Different types of weave hair – Skin weft hair extensions

Skin weave hair extensions can be easily applied and removed. It’s possible to cut them to size without the hair shedding. Considered to be the most invisible method among all hair extension application methods, skin weft extensions suit any type of hair, especially for those with fine tresses.

Which type of weave hair suits you most?

Each type of weave hair comes with some advantages and also disadvantages. How to determine which wefts to use depends on several factors. You need to consider your specific needs, your budget, and your type of hair. Do you want to add volume to your hair or add length, or both? How much are you willing to spend to buy a weave hair extension? Is your hair thin and weak, or strong and healthy?

Which type of weave hair suits you most?
Which type of weave hair suits you most?

When it comes to sew-in wefts, hand-tied weave hair extensions are typically better than machine wefts as they are lighter and much less bulky than machine wefts. They blend seamlessly into your natural hair and are barely visible. Then, this type of weave hair is great for a person who has very thin or fragile hair. Since you have been wearing hair extensions for quite a long time, comfort should be a top priority.

Machine weave hair extensions provide more thickness and have a little more weight due to their density that is the perfect choice for medium and thicker hair types. Besides, machine wefts have a more reasonable price than hand-tied wefts and skin wefts as they require less-intensive labor during manufacturing.

If you don’t like sew-in wefts and you have thin to medium hair type, no other weft option will be more ideal for you than skin wefts. It offers a flawless blend and natural look that nobody will know you’re wearing hair extensions.

In the case where you’re still unsure which type of weave hair is a perfect match to your natural hair, budget, and desired look, feel free to contact APOHAIR to get more information. We’re always here to assist you. In addition to weave hair extensions, we also offer many types of ethical and premium human hair products that you may want to check out.

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