Korea – the capital of beauty trends – we all know that Korea is so much farther ahead and way more experimental in the beauty industry. Thanks to the wave of Hallyu where K-pop idols become the role of many people around the world, K-beauty has now become one of the hugest trends around the world. However, have you ever wondered why those K-pop idols change their hair color from time to time, yet their hair still look flawless? Well, you’re on the right article because we are here to cover some of the coolest Korean hair tips.

  1. Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

This might sound too obvious that you have the shampoo and conditioner that are suitable for your hair type. Always make sure to check on the ingredients of the product in case you might react to some of those ingredients. Besides, depending on the problem you’re addressing, each type of shampoo and conditioner will function differently.

  1. Treat Your Hair with Different Hair Care Products

Not too much, however! One of the secrets hair hacks of Korean is that they use different products for their hair care routines. In fact, just like their famous 10-step skincare routine, the hair care routine as well has 10 steps. Shall we give it a try?

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  • Step 1: To grow healthier hair, it is important that your scalp stays clean and exfoliated. To accomplish that, you will need the help of scalp scalers. Scalp scalers are the salicylic acid-based treatments that help get rid of dead skin cells and excess sebum from your scalp. You just need to run through this step 1-2 times a month as your skin will become too dry if you overuse scalp scalers.
  • Step 2: After shampooing, use a brush to massage your scalp until you hit every spot on your head then rinse it thoroughly. Scalp massage will help maximize lather, boost circulation and provide the scalp deeper cleansing session. Using a brush would help remove the remaining dirt, hair products and dead skin cells.
  • Step 3: Make sure that you get rid of excess water but not dry before applying conditioner. Apply conditioner mainly over the bottom half of your hair then sit for around 5 minutes. Since it’s important that your conditioner completely absorbs to your hair, so you have to be very patient. After 5 minutes, you can rinse it off.
  • Step 4: Hair masks are actually very popular as a deeper treatment to nurture your hair. Thanks to the beneficial ingredients contained in its formula, hair masks strengthen your hair as well as recover it from the effects from the sun, weather extremes and environmental damages. You could use hair masks instead of conditioner once a week for a better result, no need to do more than that.
  • Step 5: It is compulsory that you are tracking the pH levels of your scalp. Too high or too low pH levels may cause dryness or itchiness to your head. To bring it back to normal, you will want to use some vinegar rinse. Just use vinegar rinse once a week after conditioning and it will do wonder to your hair. Vinegar balances scalps’ pH and brings brightness and health to your hair.
  • Step 6: Not only hair masks, scalp masks are pretty much an important step in your hair care routine. As scalps’ structure works differently than hair’s, you have to treat them in separate ways. In fact, you could do both simultaneously to save time as they’re designed for different hair sections.
  • Step 7: Just like skincare, scalps also need toner to balance its pH. Therefore, the 7thstep of this routine is to apply scalp tonic to prepare for the following steps.
  • Step 8: It is quite similar to skincare that you have to use scalp serum after applying toner. Scalp serums will help hydrate, heal and calm your scalp.
  • Step 9: Just as scalp serums deliver active ingredients to your scalp, hair serums do the same for your hair, hair serums will keep your hair stay hydrated and detangle the hair.
  • Step 10: The last step of your hair care routine should be covering your hair with a night time treatment and let it sit until dry. You may want to rinse it off the next morning or you just let it stay until your next time washing hair.
  1. Shield Your Hair from Sunlight

UV rays come from the sun and the inflow of harmful particles in the atmosphere could cause a lot of damages to your hair. Even if your hair hasn’t gone through any chemical or styling processes, it still needs to be protected from the sun. Exposing to sunlight might causing your hair brittle and lack moisture. To reduce exposure to the sun, you may use heat protectant creams or spays.

  1. Dry Hair with Cool Air

This hair hack of Korean is actually very popular as this is definitely the easiest to follow. High heat coming from hairdryers and straightener makes your hair brittle, sometimes even causes breakage for your hair. Cool air, on the other hand, retains the moisture and glams up your hair.

  1. Drink Colorless Liquors:

This actually sounds the weirdest to us as we study. The reason behind this hack is that colorless liquors lend superior shine to your locks. Ethanol has long been known for its hygroscopic properties: Science-speak for the way it sucks in moisture molecules from the air. By closing off hair cuticles, the strands become smoother, permitting lights to bounce off your locks. This effect is the reason why facial astringents and aerosol hair sprays contain so much alcohol – although there is, as always, a catch. Liquor could easily dehydrate your hair, so save it for special events only and not to overuse it.

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  1. Invest in Hair Extensions/Wigs

Some of the K-celebrities use wigs and hair extensions for chemical processes and styling instead of the natural hair. That way, they could revamp her lock naturally without damaging their hair. This is actually a brilliant hack for those who don’t want to use too many products on their hair. Hair extensions are not only protective towards hair, they also have high aesthetic values as you can have different hair colors and styles without being afraid of damaging your natural hair.

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What do you think about these hacks?  We literally can’t get enough of K-Beauty hair care tricks and they are all extremely easy to follow. We cannot wait to try this hacks out and see if they really work for healthier hair. In case you’re picking up the idea of having hair extensions, prepare your wallets and get ready to treat yourself some beautiful hair extensions at APO Hair.