This type of weft hair extensions are perfect if you have thin hair issue

Apostore’s customers are very trend-aware. We learn so much from them and vice versa so that sometimes it becomes almost a natural thing for me to expect a few emails every other day from one of you guys. A lot of you are happy with our tape-in hair products and would not waste a minute singing the praise. However, lately, some of you have made me aware of a new type of weft hair extensions. These are called skin weft. How much do you know about these products? Can skin weft abdicate tape-in hair extensions and become your new favorite? Let’s see if my thought and opinions on skin weft tape hair extensions really align with you guys.

Skin weft: Tape extensions with seamless magic

Same way of application

If you see the definitions of these products, you might see the mechanism of it is not so different from tape-in hair extensions. Skin weft is manufactured in wide and long sections. These strips will then be attached to your bio-hair using glue or tape. In most scenarios, the strips will look almost identical to your reals hair and you don’t need to worry too much.

But with a little significant difference

Old-fashioned tape hair products would come with thin and long plastic strips while skin weft ones come with none of these. Instead, what you’ll find is real human hair running to the very top and threaded in a section that will be hidden. It’s exactly this seamlessness that skin weft win the love and attention of many girls. It is this difference that makes skin weft become a sought-after item amongst girls with thin hair.


Steps to get your skin weft done

Step 1: Get some clip ready

Draw an imaginary circle line through the back of your ears.  Use this line as a guide to separate the top of your hair from the bottom of your hair. Clip the hair from the top to the crown of the head. By doing this, you have the bottom section as a clear place to start working.

Step 2: Let’s make some sandwich

Reserve one inches of hair at the bottom as well, this is what my hairstylist friend usually does to make the hair lool believable. Once you have finished the sectioning, start applying the weft starting at the bottom. Peel off the tape cover and start applying the tape to the hair, be sure not to touch the tape portion. Gently rub your finger on top to secure your weft. After that, use the rat tail comb to make a clear line of all the hair that has attached to the skin weft, put another part of extensions underneath the tape. As you can imagine, we want to sandwich your bio hair between two skin wefts. This would give you a nice volume and your desired length.


Step 3: Repeat for other layers

Keep sandwiching your natural hair between the two skin weft, go from one section of the head to the next.  You can add between 2-4 layers of weft on your head. This largely depends on how thick you want your hair to be. Do the taping process from the start to finish of one horizontal line. Once you finish one line, start unclipping to create another part about ½ inch above the previous. The weft on the side of your ear should be smaller than the weft at the back of your head.

Step 4: Final touch

Add more styling/color to the hair and evaluate your own result.  Don’t be afraid to make mistake even when the tasks might seems so simple and easy.

Why skin weft hair extensions?


Are you a person who would like to try to work with hair extensions at home, you can start with these skin wefts. If your hair is thin and can easily show the tape near the root, these strips will be your life-saver. People who love to pull their hair into ponytails and updo would also get our approval to get these products. Skin weft is a clear winner for people who tend to expose the tape part of their hair extensions.

So have you got down all the steps? While tape in hair can satisfy most of our styling needs, skin weft offers some extra perks for someone who might be too self-aware and demand nothing but perfection and 100% realness. Both types have the same application and mechanism and your hairstylist will have no problem attaching them. Hell, you can even try it at home. Even though Apo Store doesn’t carry skin weft, you can check out our Remy human hair invisible tape products, they serve us girls well and can mostly act as a substitute. Any of you out there can’t wait to get your hands on these wefts. Do tell me more!

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